Author's Note: Okay, so this is the first chapter of Fallen Blue Sky, a story that's slightly AU, despite it taking place several months after the anime. I was inspired to do this by a picture of B RS, Dead Master, Gold Saw, and STR in the air with a tall castle structure in the background with the ground below looking a bit like a close up spacial view of Earth. Also, the song Adrenaline by Shinedown is also an inspiration for this as well as it shows the development that going to be put on B RS, not just as an other self, but also as an individual. Also, this story has no relation to my current fic, The life of B RS, so that might be a big relief to all of you who wants to see me do something really serious. This fic will push the limits of its rating, and I wonder if I can keep it in that level without going overboard.

Black Rock Shooter and co. belongs to Huke.

Black Rock Shooter, the antithesis of the Otherworld, had no idea what happened within the last 24 hours, nor did she know how she got herself into a fight. At first, she was scourging through the Otherworld when she felt a certain pull before she passed out, and the next moment, she woke up inside a castle that she has never seen before. B RS knew she was still in the Otherworld due to the interior structure of the castle, but when she managed to get outside, she noticed that the world was entirely different from what she was used to. The sky wasn't checkered and the ground below was lush and vivid, quite unlike the barren ground that the Otherworld normally has. She decided that it was best to explore and figure out what was going on, so she dashed inside the castle, trying to find a way down while holding onto her Rock Cannon, in case there was any enemies that she will have to deal with.

She kept on running, trying to find any door that could lead the way down, but she was stopped at a large hall by a machine holding onto a giant broadsword. B RS figured the fight against the mysterious machine wasn't going to be easy, and she was right as it nearly sliced off her head. She fired her Rock Cannon, expecting it to do any damage, but all it managed to do was push it back only a bit. B RS tried a charged shot, and even though it managed to push the machine back even more, all there was as a sign of damage was a burn mark on the armor. It was as if the machine was invincible and it kept on coming towards her slowly, as if it was waiting for her to make a move.

B RS charged towards the machine and tried to bat it away, but it prevented the attack from working by stopping the Rock Cannon in mid-arc, surprising B RS, "..!"

A flicker of blue fire came out from the mouthpiece of the machine, "It seems you're rather... inexperienced despite your victories over your opponents..."

B RS eyes widened when she heard the machine speak, not through telepathy, but through an actual voice, even though it sounded robotic. She never heard anyone speak without the use of telepathy, except for Koutari Yuu when she was using STR's body as a way to escape her life in the real world. The machine pushed B RS back and tried to slice her in half with its broadsword, but she rolled out of the way before she could take any damage. B RS tried to dash past the machine as a way to buy some time to think of a plan, but the machine was one step ahead and grabbed her leg, slamming her against a pillar. A silent scream came from B RS as she fell to the ground, but she ignored the pain and continued to fight against the mechanical mammoth, her body healing itself as she fired away.

"It seems you can do more than this, but you chose not to..." The machine mused as it walked towards B RS, "Is it because you do not want to trouble Kuroi Mato?"

B RS narrowed her eyes, finding her voice for the first time, "How do you..?"

"My partner knows all, sees all," The machine told her, "But that won't really matter for you as she told me to kill you while keeping your dignity intact..."

B RS growled and changed her Rock Cannon into it's machine gun variant, firing away but she was only able to put dents into the armor. She decided that if she can't do much with her Rock Cannon, then she would have to use her Black Blade and handle the machine in close combat. She ran towards the machine and took it on, but she could feel the brute strength the machine has when their blades clashed together. Left, right, up, down; no matter where they clashed their blades together, B RS was feeling the monstrous strength and she had to lock in her position or else she would be blasted away by one swing. The machine backed away, allowing B RS some breathing room but she had to react quickly as it pulled out a knife out from nowhere, slashing along her stomach.

She could feel the blood trickling down her legs, but she remained focus on her target, "I have to kill you, otherwise, a creature of untold power will ruin this world..."

"I won't stop," B RS said.

"A shame, guess I'll have to kill you with no restraint..." The machine said as it cracked the ground with its broadsword.

B RS blinked, but in a second, she came to regret that action as she was slashed away without seeing where the machine was, the blades striking all around her body. She tried to defend herself to the best of her ability, even managing to deflect several slashes but it didn't matter as it was all a distraction. The machine appeared behind B RS and grabbed her by the hair, smacking her around so each part of her body was broken and unable to be used unless extensive healing occurred. The machine smashed her against a wall and grabbed both her arms pulling on them before it heard a loud snap, signaling it that it managed to dislocate B RS's arms. B RS screamed, feeling the pain course through her body all around, which was trying to figure out how to heal her completely as there was numerous damages to her body and she couldn't ignore it anymore, unlike when she was insane.

B RS opened her eyes and noticed a katana was pointed right at her heart, "No..."

"I was told to kill you so darkness doesn't befall the Otherworld, but not by your hands," The Machine told B RS, "You won't be forgotten at least, no one but one person will forget you..."

It was swift and painless, but B RS only had a moment to realize that it was how death felt when you're the person killed. She was sure that the machine would of won even if she invoked her flame, she just knew it as the last flicker of life disappeared from her eyes. The machine removed its katana from B RS's body and sheathed it, hearing a clatter of footsteps coming towards it. A young girl walked into the hall, her icy blue eyes staring at the corpse of B RS before looking up at her partner, knowing that it betrayed an order just to kill her, which was the intention. The girl walked up to B RS's body, bent down, and clasped her hands together in a silent prayer, her eyes closed as she gave her respect.

The girl got up and looked at the machine, "Mark this area in memento before we take her away..."

"Very well... Geshumaru," The machine said as it took B RS's sword.

The machine pointed at the wall before it carved a star shaped symbol right where it struck B RS down before in implanted the sword into the floor. It picked up B RS's body and walked away with the girl known as Geshumaru, leaving the battle torn area where B RS met her end. They didn't intend for this to happen, but they didn't have much of a choice as her death was the only thing that could prevent something far greater from awakening. They walked in silence, never looking at the slightly opened eyes of the lifeless body they were taking with them. It was best to not say a thing, but they should of been aware of a tiny flicker going through B RS's left eye.

A tiny, black flicker...

The reaction to B RS's death didn't come as quickly to everyone, but the news was still the same as a strange aura surrounded the Ohterworld, with various worlds reacting to her death. The first to hear was Black Gold Saw and STR, who wondered how she managed to die when it took a lot for her to be beaten. Chariot received the news as well, and started rushing as quickly as she could to Dead Master, who was far from where she was. The damage was already done as Dead Master felt it, and hoped that this doesn't affect the real world as well as the side effects could be disastrous. There was one thing that they knew and it was whenever an other self dies, in directly affects the real world and the damage it would cause will probably affect Yomi in the long run.

Dead Master gripped her scythe and hoped on top on one of her skulls, pointing towards the direction where she felt the aura come from. There was things that shouldn't happen, and B RS's death is one of them as that would change everything. There was no time to waste and she took off, hoping she would find to person who killed B RS and ruined everything in the real world. She knew that she wasn't the only one who felt it, and given the connection their real world selves have with each other, she knew Gold saw, STR, and Chariot will follow the same route to discover who destroyed the antithesis. Dead Master had to hope for the best, otherwise, everything is lost and nothing could change it as one an other self is killed, the effects that follow it is tremendous...

In the real world, a pair of blue eyes opened before they started looking around the room, wondering what it was that she felt. The pair of blue eyes belonged to one Kuroi Mato, who went through so much about several months ago when she had to deal with B RS and the Otherworld, something she never thought existed until STR, who was in the real world in place of Yuu, showed her. She got up and looked around her room, noting how it was still dark out since the sky was pitch black with no stars twinkling in the sky. She wondered what it was she felt and hoped it wasn't anything bad as she went through her memories, able to make out clear images of Yomi, Yuu, Kagari, and Saya. Nodding to herself, she plopped back down on her bed and tried to get some sleep, hoping that she doesn't suffer from sleep deprivation since is was getting close to summer break.

What Mato didn't know was that she had no clear memories of B RS, blurred by the actions of Geshumaru...

Author's Note: Yes, the chapter is short but it's meant to be like that as it's the stepping stone to something bigger and please don't complain about me killing off B RS as I had a good reason to. Plus, she's the main character, she isn't going anywhere as I said I want to develop B RS into something more than an other self who just fights. There's just something that I just want to work on with this as it's based on development, so don't worry if you're not going to get your worth. Next chapter will be longer, but I won't say anything on it as that's for all of you to think about and if you think Geshumaru (the machine) is overpowered, it's a machine with strong armor, it won't be able to go down that easily. Please review and I'll see you all later.