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B RS slowed down as she reached what appeared as an entrance to the ruined building, the artistic gateway broken apart and decayed from whatever caused it. She walked inside and examined the internal structure, gripping her ax tightly as a feeling of déjà vu filled up inside her. Walking through the hallway, she noticed the way the building schematics, noting that someone took their time to capture an artistic element to it. Reaching an open hallway with high arches acting as windows, she looked out and saw something that caught her eye, a platform with something placed there. Running at a neck-breaking pace, B RS rushed forward and made sharp turns where she needed to, reaching the platform within minutes of it lining up with her sight.

"A... fountain..?" B RS wondered out loud.

Walking up to the fountain, she questioned why it would be placed here or rather, why would it be made in a place like this. No water was flowing through it, but somehow, there was still water resting within the body of the fountain, reflecting B RS's face as she looked at it. B RS looked away from her reflection before spotting a gem resting on the top of the fountain, like an ornament or a sacred jewel being placed on top of something special. The jewel itself was clear, but B RS noticed the unusual blue spark within it. There was something about the jewel that drew B RS close to it; an unusual connection as B RS reached up to grab it.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you..."

B RS turned around and came face to face with someone she never knew before. The woman dressed in loose black dress with a black coat, a strap crossing over her chest with two more crossing her abdomen. Her black ankle boots crunched against the ground as the woman stared at B RS. There was something about her that seemed off, but the only thing B RS could match to the sensation that she was feeling was the differentiating eye color. Her left eye was yellow, while her right eye was completely green. Stopping right in front of B RS the woman moved a long bang to the side, staring at the white-haired anomaly before looking up at the jewel.

"Touching that jewel will scar you," The woman told her.

B RS narrowed her eyes, "Who are you... better yet, where are we?"

The woman looked to the side before gesturing all around her, "This is the Palace of the End"

"Palace of the End, what is that?" B RS asked, loosening up a bit.

"This is where things that fall apart dies off to," The woman explained, "This also serves as the gate between life and death"

B RS arched an eyebrow, "So am I dead?"

"No, you're very much alive, but how did you get here, only one person knows of the way to get here..?" The woman inquired.

"Dragon Slayer struck the ground and I fell into the abyss," B RS stated, disdain dripping from her words, "If I ever see her again, I'll kill her"

The woman's eyes widened a bit, "Dragon Slayer, what a coincidence..."

B RS stared at the woman, wondering what was with her since she reacted to Dragon Slayer's name with a sense of familiarity, which is unnerving to no end. The woman was more than B RS originally thought, and that in itself got her thinking who this woman could be. It was obvious she was an other self, but she didn't even state her name. Plus, heterochromatic eyes aren't exactly common in the Otherworld, they're nonexistent, which makes her identity even more vague. The woman turned to B RS, who snapped back to attention from her thoughts, and smiled.

A very familiar smile.

"It seems fate set up our meeting..." The woman said, her tone bearing similarities to Dragon Slayer.

B RS's eyes slowly widened, "Who the hell are you..?"

The woman's smile turned into a smirk, "Isn't it obvious, I'm Dragon Slayer"

B RS wasn't sure what came oven her in that moment, she just rushed forward and started attacking the so-called Dragon Slayer with full ferocity, pushing forward with everything she got. Dragon Slayer summoned a sword, a claymore, and blocked B RS's onslaught, parrying everything attack with precision. B RS tried to focus her power and transfer it to her ax, but when she tried to, Dragon Slayer would just slash at her when there was an opening. B RS pulled away and stared at the woman, trying to figure out how she could be Dragon Slayer when she already know who she is and how she looks like. She started back up as the woman neared her, the point of the claymore pointed right at her as if she was going to dash forward and stab B RS.

"Even if you are an Anomaly and I am an other self, the differences between our skill set is still large..." She stated to B RS.

B RS narrowed her eyes before a thought crossed her mind, "Wait, isn't Dragon Slayer an Anomaly?"

"Of course," Dragon Slayer stated.

B RS kept on backing up, trying to make sense of what she's been hearing from the woman before her. There is no possible way that there could be two Dragon Slayers' unless there was a predecessor, which B RS highly doubts. B RS wasn't aware that she was backing up towards the fountain, nor aware of the shocked expression on Dragon Slayer's face. Hitting the fountain, B RS toppled into the water as her head smacked against the pedestal, causing the jewel to fall from its resting place. Dragon Slayer rushed forward but stopped herself, watching B RS getting electrified by the jewel before she passed out, the spark in the jewel disappearing.

"Damn it..." Dragon Slayer mumbled.

"Well, it was going to happen either way," The woman heard from above.

Turning around, she saw Dragon Slayer sat on top of the entrance to the hall, "Well, I'm surprise you're still alive, normally dolls die off after a certain amount of time..."

"My time is coming, I'll probably die before the end," Dragon Slayer stated, "Did you come back to reminisce about what happen, remember the time where I was your body..?"

"Well, I prefer to use my real body instead of dolls," Dragon Slayer commented, "I'm now able to create an artificial soul, but they don't last long, only for a few hours"

Dragon Slayer narrowed her eyes before looking at the unconscious B RS, "Why did you bring her here?"

"Well, she wants to know about Geshumaru, so why not give her a first hand experience..?" Dragon Slayer commented, smirking.

Mato stared to her right, eyes widened in shock and confusion, "Uh... Yomi?"

"Hm, what is it Mato?" Yomi asked.

"Um, something has bugged me since this morning..."

"Really?" Yomi wondered out-loud.

Kagari cleared her throat before looking at Yomi, "Yeah, I'm feel the same way..."

"Just what is it..?" Yomi asked, curious.

Mato averted her eyes for a moment before looking back at Yomi, "Well... why are you wearing your glasses..?"

Yomi just blinked at the absurd question, wondering why it would really be an issue with her friends. She just went through hell and back yesterday, and that's all they could really come up with. Then again, it wasn't like she had any issues after getting back into her body, something within her snapped and reconstructed itself into a brand new identity. Sure, Mato knew that she was alright after she woke up, and Kagari knew when she called her when she got home. That just left Yuu out of the collective, who was just confused about her friends rambling about Yomi wearing her glasses.

How the two of them managed to hold it in up till lunch is beyond her.

"Well, I wore them all my life that it just feels weird not wearing them in the morning," Yomi explained, "But thanks to that whole incident, I just remove them when they start to hurt my eyes"

Kagari smacked her forehead, "Geez, why did this have to happen..."

"It's nice you guys are talking about something that I'm not grasping," Yuu sarcastically commented, "Care to explain to me what happened yesterday?"

"Short version: Yomi fought against a creature, talked with Dead Master, and now has some new-found courage," Mato said, "And we all already know about the vision thing..."

Yuu nodded a bit before staring at Yomi, "Got it"

"The fact that you three are worrying about me for nothing is discouraging," Yomi said, exasperated, "But enough about that, weren't you going to tell me about what happened with Dead Master yesterday?"

"Ah, yeah, I almost forgot!" Mato exclaimed, "So, while Dead Master was in your body, we had to guide her on how to act just like you..."

Kagari raked her hair with her fingers, "Yeah, I remember, I guess it was pretty funny"

Yomi frowned a bit, feeling an eerie sense of dread, "What happened..?"


Dead Master stared at Mato, slightly arching an eyebrow, "Can you please repeat that..?"

"You'll need to act like Yomi if we want to get through the rest of the school day without any problems," Mato told Dead Master, crossing her arms with a proud smile on her face, "Don't worry I'll guide you thro- OW!"

Kagari retracted her right hand from Mato's head, "Stop your perverted thoughts, I heard from Yuu about your lecherous thinking process..."

"And Yuu learned that from STR, who used it as a joke," Mato said, looking at Kagari, "Doesn't anyone ever stop to think that I'm not a pervert?!"

"Nope," Kagari smirked.

As Mato and Kagari started arguing about the former's possible perversion, Dead Master cupped her chin and started thinking. The interaction between her and Yomi has been minimum, they really haven't talked to each other much. Plus, real selves react differently to other selves, whose reaction is only one of two things: apathy or vengeance. Being placed in this position is completely alien to her; she couldn't help but wonder if this is how STR felt when she came into the real world.

Saya cleared her throat, "Can we please get back on topic?"

"Dead Master, can you try to act like Yomi?" Yuu asked.

"That would be quite impossible as other selves can't exactly express the same amount of emotions real selves can," Dead Master stated.

Kagari looked at her, "Can you at least pretend?"

Dead Master frowned, "I just said that I can't do that..."

Saya sighed before rubbing her temples, wondering why progress wasn't being made here as she watch Dead Master shooting down their ideas. It just seemed like nothing was happening and she was just viewing a poor comedy act. Mato watched everyone, analyzing their expressions as a small idea popped into her head. Walking up to Dead Master, Mato tapped her shoulder and whispered something in her ear, trying to keep herself steady and inconspicuous. The mood was worsening as time goes by, to the point where they won't have time to create a plan.

Dead Master blinked before staring at Kagari, "Excuse me... Kagari, correct?"

"What is it," Kagari huffed.

"Is it true that when you sleep, you wet the bed because of what you are dreaming about..?" Dead Master asked.

Kagari stared at Dead Master as her face heat up for two reasons: embarrassment and anger. Mato watch Kagari open and close her hand like she was squeezing a stress ball of some sort, struggling to keep a straight face. She looked to the left and watched Saya and Yuu eye Kagari as she still tried to calm down, thoughts going through their head about what Dead Master just said. As for the person in question, Dead Master was looking around the room, wondering what was going on and why Kagari was ready to explode. As for the girl in question, she took a couple of deep breaths and tried to smile like nothing happened, which was impossible as the left corner of her mouth was twitching.

"That... is a lie," Kagari told Dead Master, "What I dream about is personal and no one-"

Mato sighed, "Really Kagari, you can tell us, we won't tell..."

"Liar," Kagari shouted, pointing at Mato, "If I told you, you won't keep that big, damn mouth of yours shut!"

"Hey, can we please get back to the matter of things," Saya told them, raising her voice so she could catch their attention, "Anyways, Dead Master has to imitate Yomi so-"

Mato cupped her chin as she stared at the ceiling, interrupting Saya as she said, "You know, I find it weird how possessive you become when it comes to Yomi, maybe..?"

Kagari saw the Cheshire smirk gracing Mato's lips, and everything started clicking together like someone kicking you in the back because of a sign taped to it. There was no possible way for her to stop seeing red as she lunged towards Mato, intent on punishing her for the implications she was making. Watching the two girls running around the room forced Saya to get out of her chair and try to stop them along with Yuu. Dead Master watched the four of them interact with each other as Saya tried to cool Kagari down, while Yuu was berating Mato for what she did in the past few minutes. It felt weird not interacting with them- no, it felt weird not knowing how to interact with them because their emotions were different from the ones that she's accustomed to.

Overall, she felt... meek.

Mato stole a glance towards Dead Master and watched as she grimaced in confusion and uncertainty, "Well, if it earned me a beating from Kagari, then I guess it was worth it..."

"Oh yeah, I take it back," Kagari muttered before punching Mato's shoulder, "That's for implying things, you damn pervert..!"

Mato rubbed her left shoulder, chuckling slightly as she watch Yomi take off her glasses, rubbing her eyes in exasperation over her antics. Looks like she didn't approve of what Mato did either; Mato manipulating Dead Master while she was in Yomi's body just didn't seem right in any way. Staring at Mato, then at Kagari, Yomi was trying to sort out a certain type of mess called 'her mind'. After all she has been through, Yomi just wanted to relax and enjoy her lunch with her friends. Sighing, Yomi looked back at Mato, her new-found attitude taking a bit of control over her.

"Mato, just what were you thinking when you did that..?" Yomi asked, not trying to hide her exasperation.

Mato blinked in surprise before responding, "Ah, well... I thought that, since it's difficult to teach an other self emotions, that I would do something that would result in a bunch of emotions appearing..."

"Causing her to feel like she was the strange one," Yomi finished, nodding as she went over what Mato said.

"It's not exactly the most ingenious plan Yomi," Yuu stated, "But it did sort of work, Dead Master was just like you despite a couple of tiny slip-ups..."

Yomi looked at Yuu, arching an eyebrow, "What slip-ups?"

"Ah, there was the PE issue, but that just made you seem like you were slightly sick," Yuu told her, "The other one was Dead Master trying to paint and..."

Yomi raised her hand, signaling Yuu to stop as multiple ideas went through her head like firecrackers inside a tin pot. There was a tiny incident during PE, but as Yuu said, it was quite minor so it wasn't a problem. The painting issue, however, was a completely different story as she enjoyed painting and is very good at it. Everything on that was self-explanatory, so Yomi didn't have to hear anymore on that. Yomi flexed her left hand and reached out to the left side of the make-shift table from their desks...

And chopped Mato right on the head.

"Ow, what was that for?!" Mato cried.

"Please, if me and Dead Master ever switch places again, just bring Dead Master to my house," Yomi told Mato, fighting down the feeling of embarrassment.

Mato rubbed the top of her head as she slowly smiled, "Ah, sorry Yomi, but what could we do?"

"Just take me home," Yomi mumbled, looking away.

Kagari sighed, "Even though I didn't like how it all started and the couple of faults, it did work to a surprising degree"

"It just shows that Dead Master's devoted to making sure nothing seemed out of the ordinary," Yuu told Yomi, hoping her reaction to the truth change, "She did all that for you, so you shouldn't just blame Mato for her actions, you should thank her too..."

Yomi didn't say anything, but she did smile, and that was enough of a response.

Gold Saw dashed through the barren valley, her King Saw at the ready as she looked back and forth around the area, anticipating an attack to come from anywhere. The skeletal creature she killed several hours ago just placed her in a familiar territory within her mind, meaning that the feeling of being in danger was still surrounding her. Her red eyes danced around her before she caught something from the corner of her right eye, something far away, but is heading towards her. Stopping where she was, she prepared herself and got into a fighting stance as the object rushed towards her at an alarming speed. The object was now completely visible, and Gold Saw realized it was a skeletal hand, spinning like a drill as it tried to pierce her from above.

It didn't help that there were two other hand bones doing the same thing as well.

Gold Saw rolled to the side, but the bones kept following her like locked-on projectiles, hellbent on trying to stab right through her and make her bleed to death. Gripping her King Saw, Gold Saw started slashing away and bat the bones away from her so she can think of a plan. Sadly, she wasn't able to as more bones started popping from the ground and rush towards her, trying to grab a hold of her. A sense of déjà vu started coming back to her, causing Gold Saw to react in a familiar fashion to before, but with her breaking any bones that gets within two meters of her. Gold Saw felt a tugging on her left leg and noticed a couple of bones wrap around her, hold her in place as more bones wrapped themselves around her limbs.

"Damn it..." Gold Saw cursed silently as she heard footsteps coming her way.

Looking up, Gold Saw watched a girl dressed in a school uniform come up to her, the girl's right arm attached to the ground like a plant as it moved with her. Her pink eyes stared at Gold Saw with the typical apathy that other selves normally have when they weren't fighting. Watching her right arm twitch slightly, Gold Saw felt the bones moving around her as one of the makeshift drills punctured her in the gut. Red-tinted black blood leaked out of the wound and Gold Saw's mouth as she glared at the girl, her body tensing up as she neared. The girl stopped walking and locked stares with Gold Saw, retracting her right arm, only to show those three skeletal hands twisting and flexing like a regular arm.

"Who are you, what are you doing in my territory, and are you an Anomaly?" The girl inquired.

Gold Saw spit her blood on to the ground, her wound healing up steadily, "Gold Saw, and I'm looking for some answers behind attacks in different areas in the Otherworld"

"Are you an Anomaly?" The girl inquired.

"No, I don't know what you mean, but I'm not an Anomaly," Gold Saw stated, narrowing her eyes, "So, you are..?"

The girl frowned, "I believe my abilities speak for themselves"

With just a gesture from her skeletal hands, Gold Saw got tossed around, hitting the walls and the ground like she was just a mere doll attached to strings. Each smack just hurt more than the one before it, and Gold Saw wasn't going to put up with it anymore than she already dealt with. Struggling to move her right arm, she flipped King Saw and stabbed at the linked bones before slashing away at the others. The girl rushed forward and raised her right arm, her three skeletal arms linking together before spinning like a drill. Gold Saw saw the coming attack and blocked it with King Saw, holding her ground as she tried to push back with all her strength.

The girl jump away, the drill slowing down as she stared, "I can see why you're powerful in your own right, being able to bring down my creation..."

"Tsk, right... just sprouting bones all you want and making things like that," Gold Saw scoffed, "Pathetic if you ask me..."

"How annoying," The girl said as the drill picked up speed again.

The girl and Gold Saw charged towards each other, their weapons ready to strike at each other. The moment their weapons crossed each other, they started slashing away, the world around them drowning away into a sea of complete darkness. Gold Saw dashed backwards before launching herself, stabbing King Saw into the girl's chest as she continued to rush forward. Planting King Saw into the ground, Gold Saw started dragging the girl's body against it, cuts and skid marks forming with no stop. The girl tried stabbing at Gold Saw from her range, but the older other self lifting King Saw up and tossed her off the blade with a flick of her wrist, pink-tinted black blood flying along with her until she hit the ground a few meters ahead.

"Gah... curse you..." The girl coughed out.

Gold Saw rested King Saw on her shoulder, staring at the girl, "Even if you wanted to kill me, you can't the way you are now"

"I don't care..." The girl muttered, "Hate, destruction, collapse, the end... you're all alike..!"

Gold Saw prepared herself as she watch the girl get up from the ground, her arm digging into the ground again as bones sprouted from beneath them, waving around like tentacles. The bones locked on Gold Saw and came down upon her like white, decaying rain from the sky above them all. As they neared, a pure blue wave of energy struck them and the bones faded away like dust, surprising both Gold Saw and the girl as Geshumaru appeared from nowhere, her katana pointed at the girl. Gold Saw was about to move when Geshumaru looked at her and pointed, freezing her where she stood before looking back at the girl. Her blue eyes glowed as she twirled her katana in her right hand, gripping it tightly as she watch the other self's expression turn into shock.

"Bone Sprout, what is the meaning of your actions?" Geshumaru inquired, hints of venom in her voice.

Bone Sprout stopped moving as black lines started growing on the right side of her body, up her neck, "Anomaly... you're an... Anomaly..!"

More bones appeared from the ground and dived towards Geshumaru, who started running towards Bone Sprout while avoiding the tentacles. Geshumaru jumped over, slid under, and leaped in between everything that Bone Sprout set up for her; nothing was going to stop Geshumaru from reaching her goal. Bone Sprout pulled out her right arm from the ground, reconfiguring her skeletal arms into their drill structure. The feeling of fear that she once felt when she brought into this world was coming back as she saw Geshumaru's glowing, blue eyes. It was the feeling where there was no beginning and no end: oblivion, as Geshumaru was within a few feet of Bone Sprout.

"That's enough out of you," Geshumaru said as she shifted the katana into her left hand.

Gold Saw watched Bone Sprout scream in anger as Geshumaru closed the distance, her katana glowing an ethereal blue as flames danced on the blade. Bone Sprout slashed down, but she was too slow as Geshumaru sliced her from her right hip through her heart, stopping the attack an inch from Geshumaru's head. Gold Saw couldn't see Bone Sprout split in half, in fact, she couldn't see any marks of Geshumaru's attack. Geshumaru moved away as Bone Sprout fell to the ground, her eyes empty as the black markings receded from her into the ground in secrecy. Figuring that all was over, Geshumaru sheathed her katana and started to walk away until she saw a sword placed at her neck.

"I want answers... what did you do?" Gold Saw heaved out.

Geshumaru looked back at her, "What do you mean?"

"Did you kill her?" Gold Saw inquired.

Geshumaru looked down at Bone Sprout before looking up at Gold Saw, "I purged her corruption, she could be considered lucky to even stay alive after something like that..."

"Not surprising, since you want to kill B RS," Gold Saw mumbled.

Geshumaru turned around and unsheathed her katana, stabbing Gold Saw in her right shoulder, "That reminds me, you have connections with her, so where is she..?"

Gold Saw showed a slight smirk, "Even if I knew, I wouldn't tell you"

Geshumaru dug her katana further in Gold Saw's shoulder, "Cocky bitch..!"

Gold Saw noticed Geshumaru contemplating the thought of killing her now, just to shut her up and remove a possible nuisance in the Otherworld. She couldn't blame her, she followed a similar path before, and in turn, she had her arm cut off before the world restructured itself and she got it back. Geshumaru removed her katana from Gold Saw's shoulder and sheathed it before walking away, disappearing from the area. Cracking her back, Gold Saw turned around and looked back at Bone Sprout, walking up to her slowly for when another attack comes from nowhere. Reaching the girl, Gold Saw noticed the marking that was on her when she started going insane was gone.

She didn't like what that meant, or the possible implications behind them.

B RS opened her eyes slowly, noticing the vast grey clouds that covered the blue sky above her. Getting up slowly, she looked around and realized she was still in the palace, but it just looked different from before. It looked new, polished, like someone devoted their time into making it the greatest structure in existence. Now on her feet, B RS started walking back into the hallway, trying to figure out what happened to her in the past several minutes ever since she met that Dragon Slayer duplicate. She remember entering the Palace of the End and encountering the second Dragon Slayer and fighting against her, understanding what Dragon Slayer is, and the fountain.

The last thought caught B RS's attention as she remembered the blue jewel that rested upon it, the jewel that Dragon Slayer warned would scar her. She must have touched the jewel when she stumbled back into the fountain, causing her to wound up her. The only problem was that she wasn't sure why she was still in the Palace of the End, even though it looks new. Feeling the floor shake, B RS snapped out of her thoughts and took out her ax as she dashed through the palace, reaching an open entryway. The moment she entered, she saw how complex the palace is: the circular base, the various chains, and the pathways connecting from one area to another.

B RS felt pain and gripped her head for a moment as vague images flashed before her, but another quake caused her to reaffirm herself and jump down to one of the pathways. Looking up and down, B RS started heading down and entered the area where she felt the quakes at their strongest, dashing through the hallways and the tremors got stronger and stronger. As she dashed forward, B RS felt the air around her change and shift, forcing her to stop as a gigantic beam blasted the wall to her right, enveloping her. In that moment, B RS thought she was dead but the feeling of being completely attached removed the stray thought from her head. Looking to her right, she noticed the beam stretched and blasted both walls, letting the background outside viewable.

"What's going on here..?" B RS mumbled to herself as she entered the opened pathway, and discovered something she never expected to see, "No way..."

Geshumaru and her partner was fighting a giant, mechanical beast, one unlike the one she killed or the ones that resembled wolves. It resembled a dragon, but it was truly unnatural in every way possible for its internal structure looked like a dragon skeleton with gears connected to it. Black armor covered its body, from its head down to its tail with white marks placed all around it. Its neck had three rotating gear-like wheels, each one spinning in the opposite direction of the other as they exhaust blue fumes. That was the crucial thing, there were areas around it where it was glowing blue, a color that both Geshumaru and her partner have as their flames ignited.

"Geshumaru, don't lose focus," A voice shouted from above.

B RS looked up and saw the other Dragon Slayer, her sword drawn as she jump down to the machine, "Wait, what..?"

Geshumaru and her robot parried every fireball that came their way, "I know that..!"

"We can't keep going like this," Geshumaru's robot - which sounded slightly younger - stated, "If it fires another attack like that, we're through!"

The machine roared and started thrashing around, forcing Dragon Slayer off as she regrouped with the other two. B RS couldn't make sense of what she was watching, but she knew she wasn't in the present anymore, that was already guaranteed regardless of what she thought before. It explained why she was alive and unaffected by the beam or the debris a moment ago, she can't truly interact with the environment around her. She watched Geshumaru take off as her partner and Dragon Slayer hold off the machine; the Anomaly heading towards her. Geshumaru phased through her and skidded to a stop before dashing through the hall, trying to get away from the area.

B RS took off after her, figuring that whatever is going on now, it's connected the Geshumaru and that's the only way she will get her answers. Running up the familiar path, B RS trailed Geshumaru and took the same turns as she saw the machine burst through the hall into the cylindrical center of the palace, knocking Geshumaru's robot up while trying to remove Dragon Slayer from its neck. B RS reached the hallway that she used when entering the Palace of the End and ran after Geshumaru, watching her trying to reach the fountain. Making it to the linear route, B RS slowed down as Geshumaru was half way to the fountain when she floor burst close to where B RS stood. Geshumaru looked back and saw her partner leaning against the wall, its right arm missing and a hole the size of a head in its chest.

Geshumaru ran towards it, stopping to check on her partner, "Hey, please... don't die!"

"Damn it," The machine voiced, "I probably have several hours before I tax out... hurry, leave before it-"

Geshumaru's robot stopped talking as Dragon Slayer burst from the floor as well, hitting the ceiling before dropping to the floor with a sickening smack. Geshumaru didn't take warning and ran for the fountain, trying to reach it as quickly as she could. B RS was about to run towards her when saw the wall collapse and the dragon-like machine opened its mouth. The air got displaced and the machine took the displaced air; no, it was taking matter and turning it into a weapon. Geshumaru looked back as the machine fired another beam, enveloping both B RS and Geshumaru without any warning.

B RS uncovered her eyes and noticed she was in a different area, something more akin to the real world. She looked around and tried to find Geshumaru, but couldn't find any trace of her whatsoever, like she didn't even exist. B RS started running through the street, trying to figure out what was going on as she looked back and forth, making sure she wasn't missing out on anything possibly important. Reaching an intersection, B RS looked around, thinking which way was the best possible route to take, just like when she was in the palace. While she close her eyes and tried to think for a moment, B RS heard tire screeching against the road before everything went silent.

Turning to her left, B RS dashed forward, trying to figure out the exact location of the tire sounds. After running past two blocks, B RS turned to the right and stumbled across an unusual sight, one she didn't expect. The car was right up against the sidewalk, doors open as people gathered around talking, shouting for someone to call for an ambulance. B RS didn't know why she was walking toward the scene, probably because it must have been important and the feeling she was getting was one of dread. As she got closer, she heard distinct voice and someone crying, a little boy who was crying for someone to wake up.

B RS phased through the crowd and stared at who that 'someone' was, "No..."

She looked like Geshumaru, but she was just staring up into the sky with a blank essence in her eyes, as if her existence got knocked out of her body. There was a trickling of blood coming from her mouth as people were moving the boy away from the scene and checking on the girl. B RS just kept on staring at the girl, just like if the girl was staring back at her. A hand rested on B RS's shoulder and she turned around, only to meet Dragon Slayer face to face. This time, she didn't have those cunning smirks on her, nor was there the aura of a liar: she was nothing but a cold, melancholic version of herself.

"Didn't you get the warning..?" Dragon Slayer inquired as she watched the EMTs arrive.

B RS looked down, "I didn't expect any of this..."

Dragon Slayer looked at her before eying the girl on the stretcher, "You want to know the truth about Geshumaru and her action, then stay with me"

B RS stared at Dragon Slayer in shock as the EMTs drove away towards the hospital while the little boy continued to cry.

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