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Mato went through the entire events of today in her head, wondering how it all led up to Kagari choking her to death as there was something missing from it all. She went to the city with her friends so that they can just get away from the issues that revolves around B RS and Geshumaru. They ate once they got there, with Yuu eating a bag of chips that caused a chain reaction within her, forcing her to rush to the restroom. They went to different stores, bought what they wanted, and got back before it really gotten too late. There was really something that was missing throughout the day, and it's proving to be quite troublesome to figure out when you have to worry about your life fading away right now.

"Guh... sorry Kagari..." Mato apologized.

Mato angled her right foot and kicked Kagari in the ankle hard, causing the blond haired girl to let go and back away. Mato got onto her knees and started coughing, trying to regain the air that she lost. She got up from the ground, rubbing her throat, as she tried to figure out what it was that was missing from all this. Mato noticed Kagari getting up as well and saw the blue flash within her friend's hollow eyes; everything piecing together as it just solved what happened. There were only two people that Mato knows that has blue eyes other than her, B RS who is different now and have black eyes and Geshumaru, who seems to have it out for both her and her other self.

"Great, and just when I had my break from it..." Mato groaned.

Karagi walked towards Mato, which prompted the raven-haired girl to back away towards the railing, leaving her with no opportunities to escape. Kagari will be able to catch up to her, so making a break for it would be a bad idea as it would lead to her getting choked again. Right now, Mato was left with a few choices and none of them are very favorable, so the only question that is left is what should she do now, which is defending herself. Mato snapped out of her thoughts and noticed Kagari was right before her, both hands on her chest as Kagari's hollow eyes looked behind the railing to the ground below before staring at Mato. Before Mato could even react and push Kagari away, she was shoved over the railing, her blue eyes now watching the sky pulling back as she fell.

Mato closed her eyes, "Damn it, why did this have to happen... help..!"

Mato was aware that she would hit the ground soon, so she closed her eyes, waiting for the moment her back hits the ground. She felt it happen in an instant, but she also felt wet and a bit heavy, two things that was impossible to feel right now. Mato opened her eyes and looked up, noticing the stars and the moon up above along with the vast darkness that was hers and B RS bridge of connection. She would of cared if it wasn't for two things; one being she was pulled straight into here from the real world since she was still wearing her day clothes and the other being she was inside the water right now. Opening her mouth in surprise she swam all the way up until she was out of the water, now standing on it like any normal platform made of one-way glass, which just seems like a crazy idea but that's what the water is like there.

"Geez, didn't expect that to happen..." Mato gasped, looking around.

Cupping her hands around her mouth, Mato took a deep breath before shouting, "Rock, can you hear, I'm in here!"

B RS's narrowed her eyes before she kicked Chariot in the ankle before she grabbed her shoulders and headbutted her assailant, trying to disorient her just so she can cover enough distance. Getting up, B RS picked up her ax and ran, managing to get several yards away from Chariot. The memories were just coming back but those were the least of her worries, especially since Chariot doesn't seem like herself from what B RS could make sense. It's like she's a doll that is just being used by someone, who it was that's manipulating her was the only thing she couldn't figure out. From what she could understand, the first time she attacked her was because of her hatred for Mato since she was getting too close to Yomi and the second time was because she thought she was a mere impostor. This time though, she's fighting for no reason at all, she was implanted one and when B RS thought to herself that when she finds out who did it, she was going to kill them, regardless of her promise to abstain from killing any other self.

"Well, best to save that for later..." B RS thought as she noticed Chariot getting up.

Chariot pointed at B RS, giving the silent command to her spider-like machine to hunt her down and kill her. B RS dashed forward, tightening her grip on her ax as she channeled her power through it, creating a phantasmal black fire. The machine opened its mouth and projectiles were being shot from it, all of them forming a wide spread attack with no way out. B RS grunted and slashed downward, carving a path through the projectiles as well as creating cover for herself. Chariot narrowed her eyes, trying to get a visualization of her target until something caught her eye, forcing her to move to the side. B RS's ax pierced the ground where Chariot was once standing while the person herself landed on top of the Chariot's robot, grabbing the top part of its head from the mouth while pulling it up and inward. The mechanism groaned and creaked before something snapped, prompting B RS to rip the head straight off the body.

"There, one down, one more to go," B RS mumbled as she tried to find Chariot.

A jolt of pain coursed through B RS's head, forcing her to clutch it as a voice was becoming audible to her. She paid close attention to it, recognizing to voice to be Mato's, which caused B RS's to worry a bit. There was no reason to be connected to her right now since she was too preoccupied with Chariot right now, plus the risk of her losing her life is greater than what it could be in the real world as B RS could possibly die while she's connected right now if she makes a false move. Snapping back to reality, B RS noticed Chariot was right before her, just about to cleave her head right off her shoulders with her sword, causing the white-haired other self to roll to the side to avoid the slash. B RS knew that she has to get away and hide from Chariot so she can figure out why Mato is connected to her right now; dealing with both of them at the same time is too problematic, even for someone like her.

Chariot rushed towards her, slashing away at B RS without stopping, allowing B RS to finally notice the hollowness inside Chariot's eyes. It was the same hollowness that was in Kagari's eyes, but B RS wasn't aware of that fact. Chariot thrust her sword forward, intending to stab B RS through her ribs but it was blocked before slammed down into the body of her machine. B RS followed up her attack by stabbing her ax into the body of the machine and twirling around it, kicking Chariot square in the face and sending her off a few yards. B RS took off after knocking Chariot away, taking advantage of the chance she was given to get away and hide before she recovers.

She looked around, trying to find a place that she could hide in and rest for a bit as she really has to talk to Mato as soon as possible. Entering the more internal parts of Chariot's home, there was many places that could serve as hiding spots since there were rocks, pillars, and ruined toys making up the structure. B RS turned right and entered a hole that she could crawl through, revealing a small room for her to stay in for a bit. Leaning up against a wall, B RS closed her eyes and focused on getting to the bridge between her and Mato. Reopening her eyes, she was in the familiar vast darkness, Mato shouting right in front of her with her back turned.

"Can you please stop shouting, I'm right here," B RS told her, surprising the girl.

"Ah, sorry..." Mato said bashfully.

B RS arched an eyebrow, "Why are you here, I'm in the middle of a fight with Chariot"

"Hun, you too?" Mato asked, shocked by something.

"What do you mean?" B RS inquired.

"Some time today, Geshumaru was in the real world and somehow brainwashed Kagari into attacking me," Mato explained, surprising B RS with the mention of Geshumaru's name, "She pushed me of the railing and I was falling, even though the grass could of cushioned my fall and I just wound up here"

"Geshumaru... does that mean that..?" B RS wondered before she put those thoughts aside, "Listen to me Mato, if... Geshumaru really brainwashed Kagari and it affected Chariot, then you must know that I can't hold back if I want them to snap out of it..."

Mato's eyes widened, "Don't kill them!"

"I'm not planning to, but I have to give it my all if they are to get back to normal," B RS stated.

"Is there no other way?" Mato asked.

B RS shook her head, "I'm not sure, but if there is, then let's hope it works"

The water around their feet started shaking, tiny waves forming around them as the moonlit sky above them started cracking. Two hands reached out of the water and grabbed both Mato and B RS's ankles before pulling them down into the water. They looked down and saw someone they didn't expect to see at a time like this: B RS's former incarnation. They weren't sure why they were being dragged down, but they knew that if it continues, they will suffocate in minutes. The density of the water around them was becoming heavy as they tried to shake her off but the former incarnation continued to pull them down, not letting them go.

B RS was about to kick her predecessor in the face with her other foot, but stopped when she noticed a light coming closer to them. The three of them were sucked inside the light and before B RS knew it, she was back in her body, the room falling apart for some reason. She sliced away with her ax, destroying the room and letting the scenery take her view. Several feet away from her was Chariot, holding the cannon that was a part of her spider-like machine, ready to fire more volleys of the macaroon-like projectiles. B RS rubbed her eyes in irritation before she noticed something about Chariot, something she didn't expect to see.

"Mato are you still here..?" B RS asked, staying calm.

'Yeah, what is it?' Mato responded.

B RS grimaced as her grip on the ax tightened, "I think I will be able to kill two birds with one stone..."

In B RS's vision, she could clearly see Chariot, but she vaguely make out Kagari being inside her other self as well. This either made B RS's plans easier to do or harder to complete as there was many risks to this fight now. Now there is no escape for B RS and she is fully aware of it, especially since she not only has to stop Chariot but she also has to save Kagari from Geshumaru's manipulation. B RS loosen her grip on her ax, letting it slide down until the blade was close to her hand. Chariot's game is mostly close combat if there's nothing else she could use but her sword, meaning B RS has to even the playing field.

"Well," B RS said, bending her knees, "Looks like I get to use this power of mine to its fullest extent in this fight"

B RS catapulted from where she once was, igniting the black fire within her left eye as she charged towards Chariot and - due to them being connected - Kagari...

Geshumaru sat around the fountain, watching the fight between B RS and Chariot with calculating eyes. She didn't expect for all this to happen, but then again, she wasn't specific with her command and that in itself caused the chain of events that led up to this. Mato and Kagari are connected to their respective other self and that was too troublesome. Other selves are expandable, they can either die or come back to life due to a certain requirement, but real people losing their lives isn't what Geshumaru wanted. In all possibility, she was probably going to get scolded for her action and she knows she deserves every last bit of it.

"Damn it, I didn't intent for this to occur..." Geshumaru mumbled.

She could hear the stomping and knew who it was already, "Geshumaru, what have you done?"

"I only wanted Mato attacked, not killed," Geshumaru explained to her partner.

"That's a fool's mistake, and what you did elevated that," Geshumaru's robot roared, "Attack in the real world means kill in the Otherworld, not to mention, your powers and thoughts overwhelmed Kagari's, so there's no turning back now!"

Geshumaru closed her eyes, "Other selves don't feel emotions, but I'm the exception... and so is B RS and STR..."

"Listen, can you revoke the command?" Her partner asked.

"I can but it probably won't matter," Geshumaru stated.

"Then there's no reason for you to watch," Her familiar told her, "Go to the real world, sleep, your 'family' might be worried about you..."

A faint smile appeared on Geshumaru's lips as she opened a portal, "I'll never get use to that..."

She went through the portal, leaving her partner to watch the batter between B RS and Chariot...

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