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Light streamed through the office curtains, the weather was perfect, the birds were chirping happily in the garden. It was rather easy to say that this day in London was absolutely perfect. Ciel Phantomhive hated it. Whenever the weather was nice he was always nagged and nagged about going out and doing something. While most of the time when he told his fiancé that he had to work, he told the truth. However, this time, it was not necessarily true. He had absolutely NOTHING to do and it drove him mad. The young earl simply sat at his desk, bored out of his mind, thinking of all the different ways he could be spending his time, had he actually been willing to.

Ciel's train of thought was suddenly interrupted by a knock on the door. 'What the hell? It can't be noon already can it?' he thought.

"Come in." He said with the utmost nonchalance. Upon command, the godlike man in black walked in. His black hair contrasted from his pale skin, and the light bounced off the rubies in his eyes, causing them to glisten beautifully as he faced his master. The demon was truly a sight to see.

"Today's afternoon tea is Earl Grey, served with scones with lemon curd and clotted cream, crumpets, and for dessert we have gateau au chocolat." His smooth velvety voice chimed through the office as he served the earl's snack and tea.

"I'll take the crumpets." Ciel Phantomhive replied in monotone.

"Ah, not the scones today? What a surprise, you've been having them all week, my lord." Sebastian said with his naturally charming smirk.

"What are you smirking at? So I don't want scones today, I'm bored of them."

Sebastian sighed, "Nothing, young master. Is there anything else you need?"

"No, if I needed anything else I would have told you." Ciel snapped. Sebastian began walking toward the door. "Where are you going?" the little lord asked.

"I'm going to go fulfill the rest of my duties, if I am not needed here I'm needed elsewhere." The butler said.

"Just stay here." He ordered as he ate the crumpet.

'Interesting, why are you acting this way, bocchan, hm?'

"Did you say something?" Ciel turned to the raven.

"Nothing at all, bocchan." Sebastian replied as he moved behind his young lord.

Ciel continued eating and Sebastian stood faithfully behind his master, despite his slight annoyance at the boy. He had other things to do, people (or cat) to see, he was a busy man. He couldn't just stand there and watch his master eat, no matter how much he enjoyed the company.

Suddenly, a loud crash could be heard and the sound ricocheted off the walls. The earl flinched and Sebastian simply sighed. "It appears I'm needed elsewhere, my lord."

"Go, make sure they didn't screw up too bad." Ciel turned his chair toward the dastardly window.

"Yes, my lord." The butler bowed and left hurriedly for the sound of the incident.

Finally, the day had ended. The sun had set and darkness flooded the manor once more. Ciel enjoyed the dark, he found it comforting. He waited in his office for the butler to come get him and stared at the moon. That moon served a purpose, it meant something to Ciel. He didn't know why but looking at it gave him a sense of security, while at the same time showing him why he was still living.

"Young Master, are you ready to retire?" Sebastian finally entered the room, looking as flawless as ever.

"Yes. I am." Ciel replied bluntly. Without a moment of hesitation, Sebastian swept Ciel up from his chair and carried him to the master's bedroom. The earl had half a mind to argue, but he didn't feel he had the energy to put up with that. "So what happened earlier? How much will I pay for the repairs?" He finally broke the silence.

"Nothing. I couldn't find it. Bardroy was however about to have a little 'fun' with the flame thrower. I still have no idea why it's in the house." Sebastian sighed.

"What do you mean nothing? That crash was loud, how could that have been nothing?" Once the two entered the bedroom, their questions were immediately answered. All the pictures that were placed around the room had their frames shattered, the paintings were torn, and the glass of the window was scattered into bits on the floor. Sebastian snarled, he knew who did this, and he wasn't about to let them go easily. "Sebastian?" Ciel asked, his eyes wide at the sight.

"You shouldn't sleep here tonight." He practically growled the words. "I'll take you to a guest bedroom."

"What? Who did this?" Ciel asked, a little concerned at the sudden change in his butler's tone.

"Someone I know. Now you will sleep in a guest room and I will be standing outside the door all night to make sure they don't return." This was without a doubt the work of an angel. Sebastian knew exactly which one as well, it appears that someone was about to threaten their covenant once more.

"No." Ciel rejected the idea.

"Excuse me? Forgive my rudeness, but this is not your choice to make. My first priority is your life and I simply will not-"

"Stay with me." The earl interrupted.

"I will, I'll be right outside the door."

"That's not what I meant. Stay with me inside the room. In my bed…" Ciel's pride barely let him say the words but he knew exactly what he wanted.

"Yes, my lord…" Sebastian swallowed, suddenly his anger turned to shock. What did he mean by that? Just sitting next to him, laying with him? Or…more? God he hoped for more, Sebastian had only been fantasizing about those words for years now, but there was no way he could slip up. But if Ciel did mean…intimate relations…he would never say it out loud. Sebastian would have to make the first move. But what if he didn't want to? This was going to be one hell of a long night.