Ciel lay uncomfortably in the butler's bed, his mismatched eyes staring up into the scarlet orbs reflecting back at him. Due to the recent renovations the manor was undergoing, the only room available just happened to be in the servant's quarters.

"What?" the boy finally broke the silence.

'You are so tempting…' Sebastian thought, his mouth open for a moment before forming the words of his response. "Are you comfortable?" He asked, his voice sounding a bit less collected than he would have intended.

"No. I'd rather be in my bedroom." Ciel retorted flatly.

"I'm afraid I cannot allow that… However, young master, there is one room available…" The butler suggested.

"No. Not that room." The young earl was quick to dismiss the option. He was well aware of that other room, and he was just as well aware of the awful feelings that would come with even thinking of going in there. Once upon a time, that room was a safe haven. A comforting escape from the monsters beneath the bed, the trees and birds outside that in the night became the shadows of the beasts in the moonlight, and the terrors that haunted the dreams of the child during stormy nights. The bedroom of the late Vincent and Rachel Phantomhive, once so welcoming to Ciel, now brought nothing but painful memories. It had a taboo-like aura to it and the door had been locked since the manor had been rebuilt, it was never entered by anyone, not even the staff. Sebastian felt just a bit uneasy for even suggesting it, which was drastically unlike him. The entire tone of the room shifted from a simply awkward yet content. The young earl's expression changed as well, it went from a look of nonchalance to an expression of minutely distressed discontent as the façade faded. At this, the butler's brows furrowed ever so slightly with a hint of concern.

"My apologies, my young lord." He turned to Ciel and bowed formally, keeping his feet planted firmly on the floor near the foot of the bed and went back to facing the door.

"You can't just pretend to have forgotten my orders, Sebastian." The teen reminded him.

Sebastian swallowed, "I assure you my lord I have not forgotten. I am just making sure to keep you safe before…joining you." He replied coolly, making sure to carefully phrase his words.

"Very well." Ciel replied casually. 'How in the hell is this not the least bit uncomfortable for him?' Sebastian couldn't help but wonder. Finally, he put two and two together. Of course. Ciel didn't want him at all, or at least not in the way he had hoped.

"I'm going to reevaluate the damage done to your bedroom. I'll return shortly." The butler assured his master before taking his leave.

"Alright, and bring blankets, don't take long. This room is freezing." Ciel nestled himself further beneath the thin sheet of the servant's bed.

'I could warm you up~' Sebastian thought, his eyes threatening to flash that demonic glow. He immediately scolded himself for thinking such lewd thoughts, and especially in the presence of his master. Without another word, Sebastian dashed out of the room.

When nearing the master's bedroom, he scowled. The awful odor that was overpowering the room was unmistakable. He stepped into the attached bathroom and growled at the sight. Scratched into the mirror were the words 'Remember me?'. When Sebastian saw the culprit's face in the mirror he immediately slammed his fist into the reflection, growling beyond his control.

"Hello Adramelech~" The sweet melodic voice chimed.

"Hello…Angelina…" He spat.

"Oh please, that name is sooo last century~ I called you by your name, now you can call me by mine." The mysterious woman smiled charmingly. Before Sebastian stood the absolute embodiment of beauty. The woman had pale, flawless skin, and her long blonde hair was elegantly formed in an updo to match the trend of the era.

"I'd rather not gag by saying something so putrid." He growled again.

"Just say it, the Greeks had no issue with it when you made me fall, and from what I've seen, it seems they still don't~" She began walking toward him, her slender hips swinging with each graceful step. "Or will I have to make you?~" She purred.

"Aphrodite. Now tell me why you're here." He snarled more in absolute disgust.

"You. Hell is simply bored of a Queen ruling all by her lonesome since my dear husband died~" Her voice became somewhat seductive as the fallen angel's perfect lips formed into a vicious smirk.

"No. As you can see I'm busy here." Sebastian's tone didn't falter the slightest bit. He was confident and sure in his answer.

"Really? Waiting hand and foot for some pathetic human just for one soul? What is it about that little brat-" Before she could continue, her body was slammed into the wall behind her and she was pinned by her throat by the furious demon before her.

"Don't you dare call him a brat! You know absolutely nothing about the life I'm leading here or our contract. So unless you intend on apologizing for being such an intolerant, annoying little bitch then I suggest you leave." Rather than being intimidated or angered, the fallen simply laughed.

"Someone got a crush? You know damn well I could have you killed for this." Her lips kept the same perfect smirk and the grip on her throat was tightened. With a lustful yet innocent glance that only she could accomplish, Aphrodite kicked the demon off and sent him flying into the luxurious bed behind him, sending the shards of the shattered glass flying. "You are so feisty, where was this when you loved me?" She formed her lips into a small mock-pout.

"I never loved you." Sebastian growled.

With a little giggle, she replied, "I know~"

The butler flipped her onto her back in absolute fury and pinned her wrists above her head. Just as another threat was forming on his lips, she interjected, "Sebastian please stop the teasing, I just can't take it anymore~"

Sebastian's eyes widened. To his horror, he turned his head to see a shock and (had Sebastian not known any better) hurt Ciel frozen in the doorway.