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For anyone who followed the first story, New York was amazing. I fell in love with Broadway, and if I ever go back, it will be mostly for that.

For everyone that hasn't read 'It's Not Just Me', this is a sequel to that story. You don't necessarily have to read that one, but I strongly recommend it. However, if you chose not to, I'll give you a little back-story:

Kurt and Blaine never met in high school. In the show, Kurt had his briefly 'straight period' in season one. Set that to season two, and imagine it a lot heavier. Long story short, Kurt had sex with Brittany, she got pregnant, didn't want to keep the baby, but Kurt did. Luna was born in May 2010 and Kurt raised her on his own. Then, 5 years later he meets Blaine. They struggle a lot, because it's not just Kurt, it's also Luna. Blaine doesn't only start a relationship with Kurt, he also needs to learn how to be father for Luna. They work it out in the end, move to New York and get married. Skip ahead 6 years, and this is where we pick up again.

A little info about this story. It's 6 year after INJM; It's gonna be rated M again, although there won't be any M-rated scenes right away; I will try to update weekly, but I can't promise anything. If I don't update on a Wednesday, the reason will be on my tumblr (which you can find on my profile).

Disclaimer for the whole story: I don't own Kurt, Blaine (sadly) or anyone from this story, except the OC's I created.

My amazing, amazing, amazing beta is 'themuse19'. She will (hopefully) be my beta for the whole story. I love her as my beta, and I'll probably mention her quite a few times. Also, you should all check out her story 'Model Behavior' if you haven't already.

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Friday, July 14th, 2023

It was a regular, quiet Friday evening. Blaine and Kurt were laying all over each other on the couch. Kurt was trying to focus on the newest season of America's Next Topmodel while Blaine , whose legs were slung over Kurt's lap, was lazily sorting out his e-mail on his laptop that was resting on his stomach.

"I still can't believe your brother has reproduced."

"Hmm?" Kurt turned his head towards Blaine, but his eyes remained on the television screen.

"You are too addicted to that show."

"No, I'm trying to find inspiration."

"Kurt, you design children's clothes. How on earth will those starved models give you any inspiration?" Blaine rolled his eyes. "As I was saying, Finn sent me some photos of our little niece. Chloe is getting so big."

This time Kurt actually tore his gaze away from the television. "Show me!"

Blaine grinned smugly and turned the laptop around.

"Oh, she's so adorable." Kurt smiled at the one-year-old who was grinning at the camera lens, food smeared all over her face. "I remember when Luna started to eat on her own. Food went anywhere. I swear, I had to put her in a bath after every meal."

Blaine chuckled and turned the computer back. "We should go to Lima one of these weeks, before she forgets her favorite uncles."

"We're the only uncles she has." Kurt rolled his eyes. "Kate only has a 17 year old sister, remember?"

"Yeah… well…" Blaine shrugged.

"Aw, you just love kids, don't you?" Kurt smiled affectionately at his husband. He grabbed the laptop from his stomach.

"Hey! I was using that."

Kurt shook his head. "You were staring at the pictures of a one-year-old. You weren't doing anything that can't wait."

"Well, what do you propose I do? You were too busy watching America's Next Top Model to pay any attention to me."

"Aw, is my baby jealous of the television?" He put the laptop aside, positioning himself so he was lying on top of Blaine, and bumped their noses together.

Blaine wrapped his arms around Kurt's middle and pressed him flush against his body. "Just thinking we have the apartment to ourselves since Luna is at a sleepover with a friend."

Kurt hummed.

"And I haven't bottomed in ages."

"That's because you're a really loud bottom," Kurt murmured before closing the gap between them and pressing their lips together softly.

"Hence, the comment about the empty apartment."

Kurt chuckled and laid his head on Blaine's chest. "I love you."

"I love you, too." Blaine ran his hand gently through Kurt's hair, a habit he had picked up since they had moved to New York 6 years prior.

"I still can't believe Finn has a daughter, though."

Kurt snorted. "You keep saying that."

"I know, but still." Blaine shrugged. "I never imagined him as a father."

"Not everything turns out the way you imagine it." Kurt replied. "I hardly think you'd imagined living in New York, running a successful a music company, and having a twelve-year-old daughter at the age of 31."

"Touché. I imagined I'd at least be 35."

Kurt scolded and swatted him playfully on the chest.

"Hey!" Blaine mock pouted. "You know I always wanted a family."

"I know."

"I'm so happy I walked into that diner eight years ago."

Kurt smiled and pressed a kiss against Blaine's chest. "Me, too."

They lay in a comfortable silence for a few moments before Blaine spoke up again. "Kurt?"

"Hmm. Yeah?"

"Do you ever think of having another child?"

Kurt raised his head to look at Blaine. "Why?"

He shrugged in response. "I don't know. We used to talk about it when we just got married, and it came up a few times afterwards, but it was never quite the right time."

Kurt nodded thoughtfully. The first year they had moved to New York, Kurt had started working part-time, taking some fashion classes. He had taken the risk, and applied for Parsons the next year, surprising himself the most by getting in. The next three years had been hard, trying to combine his fashion studies and his family life, but they had managed it. He graduated at the top of his class and was offered a position at Vivienne Westwood, which he had taken eagerly.

Only, working for a designer label wasn't everything he had imagined. The hours were horrible, they didn't let him do his own thing, and he was treated more as a low assistant then an actual designer. So after talking it over with Blaine, he had resigned after a couple of months. He had sketchbooks full of designs, original pieces he had created during his studies, but never completed. They had rented a little boutique, not too far from 5th Avenue, and Kurt had started his own line. It had taken him a while, but after contacting one of his fellow students to help him make the clothes and many months of hard work, Hummel's Children's Boutique was born.

He had gotten a lot of attention from the start, thanks to some of Warbler Records more famous artists who had promoted the store and started coming in regularly. He had some original pieces in his store, but mostly there were sketches from which the customer could choose and then customize to their own liking.

Now, almost a year and a half later he was well known. He designed everything, but he had two assistants who helped making the pieces since he couldn't keep up with the demand. He had also hired Brittany to work at the boutique. She was surprisingly good working with the little kids. People never gave her enough credit.

Blaine, on the other hand, had has his hands full with Warbler Records. The company was running smoothly by now, but they had hit some rough patches for their support of LGTB rights. Right after Santana's album had been released, there had been a media storm about the appropriateness of singing openly about a girl kissing another girl. There had been tons of objections and negative publicity.

Blaine had handled it all fairly well. Kurt's favorite moment had been when he was interviewed and asked if he found it appropriate that his artist was so open about her sexual preference. Blaine had laughed loudly and commented that it would be a little hypocritical to forbid his artist to be open about her sexual orientation when he himself was happily married to a man. That had shut them up.

Luckily, it had also gotten them some good stuff. Some artists had signed with their label, the biggest one at the moment probably being Adam Lambert, who had claimed that he felt more at ease at a record label that supported him one hundred percent.

But still, between Kurt studying, the growth of the label, and Blaine taking a lot of the tasks at home upon himself, it had never been quite the right time.

Now, several years later, Hummel's Children's Boutique was running smoothly and Warbler Records had withstand all the negativity and made a name for itself, leaving both Kurt and Blaine with a lot more free time on their hands than in the beginning of their marriage.

"Do you think about it?" Kurt cocked his head and frowned.

Blaine shrugged. "Sometimes. When Finn sends us pics of his daughter, or when David's son accompanies him to work."

Kurt nodded and laid his head back on Blaine's chest, tracing an invisible pattern with his hand.

"Don't you want another?"

Kurt bit his lip. "It's gonna be difficult. We'll need to find a good doctor and a willing surrogate, one that agrees to keep away from the media. It's also going to be very expensive." Neither of the men was extremely famous, but both had been in the tabloids every now and then, Kurt for his clothes and Blaine with Warbler Records.

"I could ask Adam which doctor he and his husband had for their children, and I don't think we have to worry about the money, do we?"

Kurt nodded against Blaine's chest. "That might be a good idea. When do you see him?"

"He's coming in tomorrow to finish up his album."


Blaine grinned widely, and it was silent for a couple moments before he spoke up again. "We're going to do this?"

Kurt chuckled against his chest. "We always wanted another child, didn't we? It was just never the right time."


"Do you remember what I said when we talked about it for the first time, all those years ago?" Kurt looked up at Blaine again.

"Um, maybe?"

"I said I wanted our second child to be yours, because Luna is already mine by blood."

Blaine nodded, remembering now. "I really don't care which of us is the father, though. I couldn't possibly love Luna more if she was my own."

"I know, but I like the idea of having a child of yours."

"Me, too. We'd have one of each."

Kurt chuckled. "So we're really going to do this?"

"I'll talk to Adam first thing in the morning." Blaine grinned broadly.

"I love you!" Kurt said before pressing their lips together in a fierce kiss. "Now, what were you talking about earlier?"

"Hmm, I don't know. I think I have to be reminded."

Kurt swatted him playfully and pulled Blaine off the couch, leading him to their bedroom.