Bella's Hidden Secrets

By moonrose221

Disclaimer: I do not own twilight, care bears, any music, movie, book, or pop culture references in this fanfic. Also I DO NOT OWN Clarinda Bennett! She Belongs to Kessie-Louise. All I own is Rainbows End High School, Moon Lilly Bear, Dream Star Bear, Spirit Heart Horse, and the layout of the guardian immortals. Please do not use any of these things without my permission.

Chapter 1: Bella's Past

Years ago my mother told me stories of the multi colored immortals that live to aid others to share their feelings. She also told me of my destiny as a guardian immortal. I would have the power of light, wind, fire, healing, shields, and add the fact that all this power would get stronger depending on my emotions. My mother always would tell me to watch my temper. I always did. I should tell you about my self now. My name is Kikyo Isabella Marie Kagome Swan. But for short I go by Bella Swan. Currently I'm fifteen years old living on Thunderbird Road in Phoenix, Arizona. Let me tell you a little about Phoenix. Phoenix has as many supernatural beings as humans. In fact remember In Halloweentown there was talk of the dark times? Well Phoenix is a shining example of humans and creatures from spooky stories and bad monster movies able to live in peace with each other. I go to school at Rainbows End High School. It's a special school for teens with magical powers, where we learn how to use them for the sake of peace. I was never aware all the different training I would need. Battle Spells 101, Magical Defense, Healing Herbs: Growing, Use Of and Development, Healer's Hand: Spells For Minor To Life Threatening Injuries, Protective and Defensive Barriers, Magical Creature Anatomy, Psychic Offense and Defense, Elemental Manipulation, and Spiritual Healing. That's Just Freshman Year. Now when I first met a Care Bear I was ten. I remember it was Funshine. He was so fragile looking with all those cuts and injuries. I felt so sorry for him. It was Four-Fifteen in the morning. I just got up for my paper route and patrol. James, Laurent, and Victoria came and brought the newspapers for me. When I sensed an animal with a human-ish aura. Not even two seconds later we all heard a crash. "Lady Bella should we see what caused That crash?", James asked me. "Yes James. We have to. As a Guardian Immortal In Training it is my responsibility to see to these matters. As a Hunter Vampire Coven it is your responsibility to aid me in my obligations until I turn eight-teen." I answered. "You are quite correct Mistress Kikyo."Laurent replied. "Victoria grab my flashlight from the top of my desk." "Yes My lady." After we go out to the back yard we split up and search. My back yard is huge. I found HIM. "James, Laurent, Victoria! Come here look at what made such a loud crash!" "What is it Miss?" "A Care Bear!" (Funshine POV) Oh no. Vampires! Three! Possibly four if the brown eyed girl is… wait vampires don't usually have brown eyes! Where am I? "Who are you? Where in the world am I?" "My name is Bella. These are My Protectors James, Laurent, and Victoria. I'm a Guardian Immortal in training. Specifically your in a Blueberry bush in my backyard. City wise you're in Phoenix, Arizona." Bella as she says is very nice for a young Guardian. (Bella POV) I gently picked up Funshine and carried him inside. When I got inside however I found I had an email from a fellow guardian Claire Bennett. She and I are supposed to protect Care-A-Lot when we get older. She spends most of our Patrols talking about her care bear affection Oopsy. Now I'm thinking about that and I realize I see Funshine sitting on my front porch. I still can't believe it has been five years since we met. And a year since well lets just say Claire and Oopsy weren't the only ones liking what Grizzle did to the Care Bears. "Hey there Heavens Angel." "You know you are the only one I ever let call me that." "Really? Tell me I'm the only one who can call you Heavens Angel." "Simple my furry little goof. We imprinted A year ago." Now let me explain Imprinting. It's a whole different thing than shape shifters, or a vampyres imprinting from House of Night. This is a special thing. It's an extremely power and passionate act. With the one being who can make the light of you heart shine. Only if the two lights join in a shining orb can a Guardian Immortal take her true powers and form.