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Chapter 1

"Hey Flame head! When you gonna grow some muscles?" Gray asked while walking on the path with Erza and Natsu. Natsu looks annoyed and irritated.

"Hey Ice block!" The pink haired boy said sarcastically,rolling his eyes. "Why are you starting shit this early on in the trip?" His voice turned a little excited, with a smirk.

"Not that I would mind burning you to a crisp!" He wrapped a flame around his fist which was now close to Gray's face as he threatened him.

Gray leaned over and blew a cool breeze to his flame, putting it out as he walked away as if extremely bored.

"As if you could." He walked ahead of Natsu, now, only wearing boxers.

Erza steps in with a hard hand to the back of both of their heads. Natsu looks at her as he rubs the back of his head, Gray looks at the ground confused. Erza stares at both of them with a stern glare and lectures them.

"Why do you guys have to do that constantly?" She sighs and continues as she pulls her luggage along.

"Gray! Clothes on! Natsu! Remember that you're still going to have to ride the train to get there!"

"Whaaat?" Natsu now protesting. "I thought you said this path was a straight shot."

"Nope." Gray said with an evil grin, now pulling his shirt back over his head. "And it looks like I get to be the one to knock you out this time."

Natsu gave him a confused look. "...And why would you think that?"

Erza gives a concerned gaze to the ground.

"I said this path was a straight shot for me, you guys are going to stop Jellal from building the second tower all by yourselves."

The more she spoke the bigger Natsu's smile grew.

"Something came up, there are some things I need to take care of and where I'm going, you can't. It's going to take some time to get to there." She paused. "So I hope you guys got some sleep."

Natsu, now with a full smile, starting to get excited.

"Going on an S-class mission without Erza or any of the S-class wizards... is soooo worth dealing with the train ride. "

Erza now looking troubled stops the cart as Natsu skips on ahead. Gray turned and leaned towards Erza whispering. "Don't worry, I'll keep him in check."
Erza turned to him, Gray couldn't figure out if she was annoyed or angry.

She spoke in a low but stern tone. "And what about you? You're just as bad. Do you realize what will happen if you two fight with out someone to break it up?"

Realization hit Gray like a slap in the face, yet part of him wanted to find out.
They walked in silence for a little bit as Natsu bounced along, both Gray and Erza deep in thought.

After a while they came to a fork in the road and Erza raised her voice speaking to all.
"Well, this is it, do your best or I'll have to punish you when I get back or you might have to go through THAT, again."

Both Gray and Natsu's eyes widened in shock.
Gray opened his mouth, "THAT?"

Natsu and Gray started grabbing their heads running in circles, panicking.
Natsu, now on the ground covering his eyes, muttered to himself. His voice rose.
"Anything but that!"

Erza smiled as she turned to leave, both boys collect themselves and say their goodbyes. Natsu noticed her concern but chose not to speak of it.

Gray and Natsu walk along the path, Gray making an actual effort not to piss Natsu off. Gray thought for a moment. 'What would happen if no one broke up our fight? She's thinking we might end up dead...? or we'd probably destroy a whole town..Ehh, I think she's thinking to much into it. After all, we've known eachother forever.' Natsu still chattering on about things in the guild, Gray is now letting it all go through one ear and out the other. Zoning out on the trees and the way the wind blew through them, the dirt and the rocks that were kicked as they walked along the path, he thought. 'Then again it could be a total disaster.'

Natsu changed the subject back to his excitement.
"Woo hoo, We're going to kick Jellal's ass and with out an S-class wizard. Haha, I bet Lucy and Happy are going to be so jealous!"

And with that, realization hit Natsu, he wasn't going to see Happy for a while.
He stopped, staring at the ground. He seemed to have a depressing aura now.
"Umm...Gray? How long exactly is it going to take us to get there?"

Gray noticed Natsu's sadness, already knowing what it is about.
"We probably won't get there till the day after tomorrow or tomorrow night."

Natsu did the math in his head and then began to prepare himself not to see him for a little less than a week. Gray, still walking, caught up to Natsu. He put a hand on Natsu's head and ruffled his hair as he spoke in a low tone."Don't worry, He'll be alright. Lucy needed his help for the job she went on. He likes helping out, you know that. Plus, Lucy wouldn't let anything happen to him."
Natsu looked up, seeing Gray walk passed him.

"I know." He took a step but stared back at the ground as if debating if he should take another.
Gray turned to Natsu, still walking ahead.

"Well, come on, the mood is getting depressing. Remember we're on our way to stop Jellal."

Natsu, with a fake smile, tried to push the thoughts out of his head. He really does miss Happy. This is the first time they will be apart this long.
"Right! This should be fun, I'll finally be able to prove that I'm S-class material."
His smile now real.

"Well, as far as I know, this is supposed to be a secret that we're doing this job by ourselves. Erza was supposed to go with us but apparently something came up so she left it to us." Gray said, uncertain of Natsu will feel about that fact.
Natsu looked disappointed.

"So, G-Chan doesn't know, huh?" He took a deep sigh, "Well, that makes more sense, since I know G-Chan would have keeled over if he knew."
Gray chuckled,"Yeah, you got that right."

Gray and Natsu continued chatting on as they came up to a small town. The town seemed to be a little behind in development. Cobble stone roads and shops set up on the roadsides rather than in stores like modern towns are. They could see the train station from the entrance, it seemed so out of place. Natsu's pace decreased as they walked through the town. Getting closer to the train, he began looking all around him. Finally he grabbed an apple standing in front of one of the stands. Gray walked on, not noticing that Natsu had stopped.

Natsu yelled to him, "Oi, Gray, do you have any money?"

Gray stopped and looked at Natsu, who is now tossing the apple up into the air and catching it with one hand. Natsu tried his best not to make eye contact with him.

"I want to buy this apple." Gray started to walk back towards Natsu with a blank expression. Natsu not sure what to think, still tossing the apple. Gray gets up to Natsu and whops him on the head.

"Are you really trying to stall? Do you want this mission to take even longer?"

Gray puffed his chest out, crossed his arms and looked down at Natsu like a disappointed father.
Natsu looked down and blushed a little, embarrassed that Gray saw right through him.

"Alright, I'm coming."

He started walking toward the train, decreasing his pace behind Gray.

They reached the train and attempted to board. Gray spoke with the clerk to find out that all that was available was a small half booth in the back of the train. They agreed to take it as they were doing their best, not to prolong their journey. Of course, Natsu wanted to protest but he thought about not seeing Happy and the others for even longer and came to his senses. They walked to the back of the train to find their seats. When they said small, they weren't lying. This booth was one bench with a window unlike the full booth that had a bench and window on both sides facing each other. The bench was actually longer than any of the others and on the other side, where the other bench should have been, there was just a wall. Natsu thought it looked like this is where they would put a poor man to sleep for the night on the train. Natsu groaned in a disappointing deep sigh.

"Ugh..Train ride and on top of it I have to be share a seat with you."

Natsu slid passed Gray, who was already sitting, to make his way toward the window. He sat down near the window putting one foot up on the bench and resting his arm on it. There was still enough room to fit one or two more passengers between them.

"You better not throw up on me, Natsu."

Gray shuttered in disgust as he thought about it.

"You want me to go ahead and knock you out?"

Natsu shot him a glare and answered. "Nah, no thanks, I'll try to ride it out. I have the window so it should be fine. Plus, I plan on taking a nap."
Gray looked around trying to figure out the best way to get comfortable. He stared at the shoe prints on the wall until he understood what they were from. He sunk down in his seat then propped his feet up on the wall and crossed them. Now feeling relaxed, he crossed his arms.
"I agree, nap time."Gray said quietly as he closed his eyes and leaned his head back on the wall.

As the train began to move, Natsu's face turned white as a ghost, he threw his head out the window. Gray peeked one eye open to check on Natsu, as he heard him throw up. With the train at full speed now, Natsu pulled his head back from the window and laid his head on the window sill. Gray closed his eyes, he tried to focus on something to block out the weird moaning noises that Natsu was making trying to calm his stomach. He listened as the train pressed on, letting the vibrations and rocking put him to sleep.

Natsu continued to throw up out the window between naps of 20 minutes or so. Miserably, he watched Gray sleep as if nothing bothered him.
"How can you sleep through me throwing up?" Speaking to Gray but not expecting an answer. "I guess he's used to it by now," Natsu said softly to himself. He watched as Gray's hair blew around in the wind, periodically stopping to throw up out the window. After about an hour, Natsu finally fell asleep on the windowsill.

Two hours later, Gray's eyes popped open. He saw the night outside and thought to himself, 'It's night already and probably another three hours to go.' Gray Looked over at Natsu to find him still pale and sleeping unsoundly on the window sill. His hair dancing around as it was brushed by the wind coming in through the open window. 'I must be the only one in the world who thinks he's slightly feminine,' he thought. It didn't take long for Gray to realize what he was thinking, before he blushed and shook his head, trying to shake away the thoughts. Now refusing to look at Natsu, he figured he ought to sleep the rest of the train ride away, nothing else to do. He closed his eyes and listened for all the things that put him to sleep the time before. He felt for the vibrations and rocking of the train as he started to drift into dreamland. But before he could reach it, the train took a sharp turn and something heavy and very hot fell in his lap. Startled, Gray's eyes came open and once he saw what it was, they widened in shock. He saw Natsu's head laying in his lap. His first thought was to push him off but as he went to do that, Natsu started moving around. Natsu flipped himself over on his right side facing Gray's legs, making himself comfortable. Gray watched him for a while not moving at all. Natsu's face regained it's natural color and he was finally sleeping soundly.