Natsu and Gray continued on their journey, mostly in silence but Gray seemed cheerful. Natsu had spent the last two or three hours trying to forget what he saw this morning. No, not forget. Just block out, it embarressed him thoroughly. Why would Gray want to hold him like that... and just how exactly did it come to that... 'waking up that way.'he thought. Natsu scratched the back of his head in frustration. "Stupid Gray." Natsu whispered under his breath.

Gray was smiling and almost skipping with each step. He was almost acting cheerful, very much like Natsu would on a normal day. Especially because of the mission they were on. When did they switch places?

'Huh, wasn't Natsu's birthday coming up?' Gray's thoughts were wandering. He looked over to Natsu who was blushing slightly, walking with his head down. 'Natsu is so cute, waking up all worked up over something like that!' Yes. Those thoughts went through Gray's head. Don't worry though, because a very shocked expression came over him as he stopped mid step, realizing what had just crossed his mind. Natsu looked over to him with a raised eyebrow, wondering what was wrong with him. A new expression came over Gray's face this time. It was definately a blush and, if possible, an even more shocked exspression than before.

'Eh, Natsu!' Gray whined in his head.'Don't look at me when I'm thinking things like that. Geez...'

Just then, Gray heard a loud rumbling noise, almost like thunder. Gray knew that it was Natsu's stomach growling but jumped back away from Natsu, pretending to be scared.

"Gah, Natsu! What do you keep in there?" He pointed towards the fire mage's stomach, Natsu's face a slight blush.

"A dragon, don't you know? No, no, wait, a salamander!" Natsu said smiling and raising his hands to the air as he spoke.

Both Natsu and Gray laughed for a moment before Natsu spoke again.

"Nah, but really. I'm hungry."

"Haha, geez, I already figured that one out."

Natsu stayed silent as Gray started to walk with determination. He saw how cheery the raven headed boy was acting and just chalked it up to be excitement about the mission.

"It won't be too much longer. There is a town up ahead and then after that we'll be taking a boat towards Jellal's location."

Natsu's eyes widened in horror, throwing all hunger aside. 'Did he just say boat?'

"You're kidding, right?" He looked over to Gray, basically begging for him to be joking.

Gray wasn't really thinking about Natsu's little 'problem' with trasportation when he said it. "Sorry, I'm not kidding. It is on an island, you know."

Natsu was now feeling very upset. Why did he always have to ride on these things that would cause him to be sick and even possibly make him want Gray for comfort. As the thoughts went through his mind a serious blush came over him and Gray didn't miss it.

The raven haired boy let out a chuckle before speaking. "What's the matter, Natsu? Don't want to ride in my lap again?" He teased the boy before realizing that he had kept it a secret that he was awake during that time.

"EHHHH?" Natsu's face was just horrificly terrified. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN!" His voice sounded very nervous and he was trying so hard to pretend he had no idea what the Ice mage was saying.

But with out thinking, the raven haired boy stetched out his hand and planted it on Natsu's head, ruffling his hair. Natsu instantly became calm. His head feeling that cold sensation that made him just want to fall in place and succumb to it. He had to resist. His face was a harsh blush, but when he looked up, the hand left him. Gray turned and continued to walk in silence a head of Natsu silently cursing himself for making such a movement without thinking.

They arrived at the town and searched for a restaurant. The only place they could find was a small cafe. They ate quickly and left on their way through the town and on the road again. They had walked so far and Gray had already gotten over his little gesture earlier. He had been thinking since it had been silent the ENTIRE time. Not a word was spoken.

'Yep, so I guess I like him. What the fuck is wrong with me?' Gray slapped a palm to his face and hid his blush and slight annoyance. 'Oh, well. This is how it is.' What could he really do about it? He gave in to his thoughts. At this point there was no way to suppress them and this is where things started to roll south.

They walked for sometime, Natsu shiverred a bit from the cold. Before long, it began to snow but Natsu was so lost in thought that he didn't realize it. The cold was only making him think about it more, but this did not compare to Gray's cold at all. Natsu ran a hand through his hair and and blushed at the ground.

Even though it had stopped snowing, they were now treading through snow and everything was painfully silent. It seemed like they were on a totally different continent than before. There was nothing but snow and trees and they had lost the path, everything seemed mostly white. The raven haired boy was less worried about the cold, of course, as much as the silence. When was Natsu ever this quiet? Gray looked to the sky and then back down to find that he didn't have a shirt on. 'Gahh, where did I throw it this time?'he looked back at Natsu.

The fire mage held Gray's shirt out to the side of him. "Looking for this?"

"Haha, So, there it is."

Natsu just looked away and kept walking forward. This irritated Gray. Why the hell couldn't they act like they normally did? 'So what if I'm in love with him.' he thought. Gray couldn't take the silence anymore or this new Natsu who didn't want to pick on him. He looked over to the fire mage but all he saw was a face a blush and arms crossed. 'Wait, I'm the one who's realized it, so what's wrong with him?' Gray had enough of this.

"What the fuck are you pouting over? Are you missing happy and the others? Mad you have to get on the boat? Pissed about what I said earlier?" Gray's mouth puffed little white mists of fog as he spoke, staring Natsu in the eyes. Natsu didn't move an inch, he stared at Gray blankly until he heard that last part, in which his eyes narrowed.

"Tch." Natsu stared directly into the ice mage's eyes. "I'm pissed about the last 2 hours of walking in silence! I'm pissed about it being cold! I'm pissed about my fucking thoughts! My head is killing me!" Natsu was starting to get angry instead of lost, now. He balled his fists as he spoke a gain. "And this is all YOUR FAULT." As he finished his sentence his fists filled with fire and he looked up at Gray with a familiar grin.

"Eh?" Gray smiled a bit before dodging the first fiery punch thrown at him. Gray came back with a punch, that was dodged as well. Natsu swung again, this time to the chest. The ice mage flew back a bit but stayed on his feet. It went on back and forth but the only damage that was done was to their stamina. They were getting tired.

Before long Natsu was out of breath, already having formed scales and his cheeks and outer forearms. Gray took this moment to eat some ice cicles hanging from a tree branch and turned to Natsu.

"That's cheating." Natsu said as his fist connected with Gray's face, causing the raven haired boy to fall to the snow. Natsu climbed on top of him and threw more punches but Gray's head kept dodging them side to side. All the Ice Mage could feel was the warmth on top of him. Before Natsu had the chance to try another punch, Gray reached his hand up and grabbed Natsu's wrist and pulled him down to the side.

Using the momentum of Natsu's loss of balance, Gray rolled his body over on top of him, using his arms to support him. He looked down at Natsu, who seemed to be a bit surprised but determined to win. Leaving Natsu no time to make any other moves, the raven haired boy quickly pressed his lips to Natsu's.

Natsu froze. 'Wha...? Gray on top of me, his lips...? The cold...'

Gray pushed his tongue in to the fire mage's mouth. He could feel Natsu heating up more than his normal body heat. Natsu made a small attempt to push the ice mage off of him but Gray wasn't allowing that. Never breaking the kiss, Gray grabbed the fire mage's hands and held them above his head with one of his own. Gray could feel Natsu blush and that's when a very hot tongue met his.

Natsu moaned into Gray's mouth as he felt that cold. He wanted more of it. The kiss was becoming sloppy and Natsu could taste the blood from Gray's lip. Soon their tongues were battling for dominence, very much like they did before with their stregnth. They were still competing, as always, just not the same way.

Natsu was about to break one of his arms free to be on top but Gray broke the kiss and started planting smaller ones down his jawline, moving down to his neck. He slowly kissed and nipped his neck before biting down hard.


Natsu was losing himself in the lust. He could feel the hand beneath his shirt and the pressure Gray was putting between his legs. The hand was wandering aimlessly over his chest. Touching lightly on the skin, the hand created small flutters of cold that sent pleasent shivers throughout his whole body. Even though he had tried to stop Gray, Natsu didn't want to stop at all. In fact, he had been thinking about these types of thoughts the whole time. He had tried so hard to get rid of them the whole time they had walked but it didn't really change much.

Gray's mouth left the fire mage's neck and moved a bit lower to his chest. He lightly bit and sucked on the center of the fire mage's chest, letting go of his arms. Natsu didn't even notice that his hands were free. He was just allowing himself to get lost in Gray's actions. The ice mage felt as if he had been waiting his whole life to what he was doing this very moment. As if he had surpressed it the entire time he had known Natsu. He was very surprised that Natsu was responding so well to his touch.

'Natsu feels so hot, his skin, his touch, his lips.' Gray reached a hand up and placed the very tips of his fingers to Natsu's lips just brushing lightly. The lip quivered a bit, Gray could feel Natsu's breath, he was breathing hard. He pushed a little more pressure between the fire mage's legs and licked on his neck once more.

Natsu moaned at the pressure but he was feeling painfully hard and Gray could tell. He reached a hand down to Natsu's waist while the other hand pulled him into a kiss. This time, Gray moaned as he touched Natsu's V lines. Natsu was losing himself and he felt like he was losing this game. He pushed his hands against Gray's chest pushing him backwards and crawling over him. Natsu undid the pants that Gray had still somehow had on and took him in his mouth.

"Ah! ..hah...hah...Whoa...hah...Natsu, You got...really... brave all of a sudden."

Natsu stopped what he was doing and looked up to Gray. "Haha, I can't let you win." He winked at the ice mage before licking circles around the tip with his tongue.

In obvious pleasure, Gray laid his head back placing his forearm over his eyes, he spoke in a soft tone. "For once, I could stand to lose."

Gray was getting close and didn't want it to end here. He sat up causing the fire mage to stop. "Something wrong?" Gray's face was a blush and his bangs were covering his eyes. Leaning back, putting the weight on an arm, he lifted Natsu's head with a finger, bringing it level with his. He kissed Natsu slowly, trying to tell him what he feared he couldn't say in words. He ran his tongue slowly accrossed the fire mages heated one and back again.

This kiss didn't seem like a battle at all. Natsu was completely losing himself. A tear rolled down his cheek as he followed the ice mages movements. Gray broke the kiss, putting his hand on the fire mages cheek. He tried to speak, stuttering a bit, but it seemed in vain. Natsu pressed his forehead to Gray's, smiling but still streaming another tear.

"I know, me too." Natsu said, reassuring Gray that he didn't need to continue. Natsu's cheeks were heating up and his heart was racing. So many different emotions and thoughts racing through him. He melted in Gray as their lips connected again in another heated battle.

Gray leaned the fire mage back gently and slid the pants off of him. Climbing between the fire mage's legs, he looked at Natsu's blushing face.

"You okay?"

Natsu didn't respond but pulled Gray's face to his instead.

Gray could feel his tip brushing Natsu's entrance which was earning sweet moans from both mages. Natsu stopped the kiss, looking deep into Gray's eyes. He gently pushed the ice mage back and bent over taking him in his mouth again. He was being very sloppy, saliva streaming from his lips as he left it. Natsu laid back and pulled Gray forward, in which the ice mage complied with a mischevious smile.

Gray pushed forward earning a deep moan from both of them, Natsu's sounding slightly pained. The ice mage was drunk on the intense heat of Natsu surrounding his member but tried to wait patiently for him to get used to the feeling so that he could move. He stayed still pressing little kisses to the other's neck and colar bone.

All the fire mage could feel was cold all over him, on his legs, on his chest, on his neck, and even inside him. He felt a small amount of pain but he didn't even pay it any mind, he wanted more.

Gray bit Natsu's neck and sucked lightly leaving a small mark just above his colar bone. He heard Natsu's sweet moan and took this as a sign it was okay to move.

He started out at a slow pace but began to speed up as they went. He was losing his mind and becoming desperate. All he could think about was Natsu's heat. He looked down at his lover to see a blushing face with eyes glazed over. What had he gotten himself into?

Nastu's moans were coming quicker now and Gray knew he couldn't hold out much longer. As both of them reached their limit, Gray felt hands frantically grasp his back and a swirl of fire and ice climbing towards the sky covered them. The loud moans escaping from their lips were drowned by the sound of fire and ice swirling around them leaving them in the middle of this magic orb.

In the morning they awoke feeling exhausted and slightly awkward. How would they act around eachother now? Natsu leaned up and poked at Gray's back a couple of times, wondering how he could sleep shirtless in the snow. The ice mage's eyes opened slowly and he smiled when he saw Natsu with his normal clothes on and small marks down his neck and chest.

It was time to get back on the road and they both knew it. Gray stood up, grabbing his shirt and putting it on. Natsu tried to stand but it was in vein and he fell awkwardly back to the snow. He was still tired and his body was aching. Gray leaned back down and squatted infront of Natsu. What was he doing?

"Hop on, I doubt you'll be able to walk this distance after last night."

Natsu blushed as he climbed onto Gray's back. How was he going to fight Jellal in this condition. He cursed himsle funder his breath but being right next Gray's ear, he heard it.


"Ugh, How am I going to fight now?"

Gray smiled and continued to walk on. "I'll take care of it. Don't worry, after all, it's my fault, right?"

"Hmm... true but I doubt an ice block like you can do it all by yourself."

Gray chuckled a bit, seems Natsu wasn't tired enough to forget to insult him.

They walked along the path seeming normal but they both knew they weren't. Natsu blushed heavily as he placed a light kiss on the back of Gray's neck. The ice mage smiled, he was surprised but happy that the fire mage had give him some affection all by himself.

Once they arrived to the town with the dock they climbed aboard a boat and sailed off into the direction of Jellal's second tower. Natsu layed his head in Gray's lap even though they had enough seats and didn't need to share one.

When they arrived at the island, a blonde girl with painted tattoos greeted Natsu placing a red lay over his head and around his neck. She did the same to Gray but his was blue. Natsu stared at the girl for a few moments, she looked familiar. Gray looked further up on the beach to see a festival of some sort going on, he didn't see any towers of any sort at all. Had they gone to the wrong island?

That's when Natsu saw a girl with red hair looking embarressed in a hula outfit.

"Oh my god, that's Erza." Natsu said lowly in Gray's ear as he was still being piggy backed accrossed the beach. Then that was when it hit him, the blonde was definitly Lucy.

'What is going on?' Natsu thought as Gray ran over to Erza.

"Wow, you two are looking friendlier than ever." Erza said as the boys approached her.

"What is this?" Gray asked as he looked over the beach. The whole guild was here and they were dressed up and having a good time.

"It's Natsu's birthday party. Happy Birthday, Natsu!" Natsu climbed off of Gray's back feeling very excited but a little bitter after he thought about the trip he just got through.

"This is what I had to take a boat ride and a train ride for?" Natsu was only slightly mad because the island was beautiful and he couldn't deny that the events that took place on the way there wasn't... bad.

Gray sat down in front of Erza and grabbed a drink from the tray that was between them. Natsu stood next to Gray and patted his head.

"Thanks guys, but I already got the best present of all."

Gray's face was more than a blush if possible and everyone stared at him and Natsu. Noticing the marks on his chest and neck, they understood what he meant.

Okay, it's a finished story now. I hope I didn't dissapoint you too much with the absence of the Jellal fight.