When Casavir's in charge…

NOTE: This is a little after the trial when Luskan accuse the Shardbearer of the murder of Ember. It's just an idea! (Excuse any mis spelled words .)

Raven smiles at the view of West Harbor. It's been a long time… She thought to herself. After the damnable trail, Raven decided to return to West Harbor for a short visit. Shandra was in a deep fever and didn't come with her but she didn't know either. Raven only brought along Bishop and Casavir, just in case they were ambushed or something. Trouble always seems to be on your heels. Shandra always warned. Raven rolled her eyes. I'll get used to it… She thought. Raven chuckled to herself.

"What's so funny?"

Raven turned around to be locked in a gaze of golden brown eyes.

"Uh… Nothin' Bishop…" She smirked and itched the back of her head. He starred hard at her and they locked eyes with each other for a while. Raven broke away. I swear he seems to study my every move… Raven thought. Casavir too…

Raven then turned around and began walking toward the small village.

"Don't be surprised if you see a lot of people around and drinking." Raven warned her two companions. "The Harvest Fair is already started."

"Harvest Fair?" Casavir asked.

"Yah." Raven turned around. "It's a fair about harvest that we throw every year. It's good fun!" She smiled. Casavir and Bishop glanced at each other then turned their focus back on Raven. She smiled back at them, over her shoulder, and turned her attention to the trail ahead. She could hear the music already.

Raven took longer stride trying to get there faster. Finally she began running. She ran til she hit the town entrance then stopped. Everyone was dancing or doing some sort of fair-like action. The attack on West Harbor a year ago seemed to have never have happened, except for less people than last year. She frowned, remembering that night. Georg caught her eye, and she caught hers. He smiled at her and gave a hand motion that he'll be there in a minute. Raven looked back to see Bishop and Casavir catching up to her.

"Slowpokes." She snorted at them. They looked around, curious of this 'Harvest Fair'. "You guys are so serious…" She whispered to herself.

"Well not if it ain't Raven Farlong!"

Raven turned to see Georg in front of her. He seem to be a mountain compared to her, with his shiny, bald head and brown eyes. He smiled at her. Some thing about his smiles always warmed her up.

"So the great hero returns – been watching out for danger like I said? And what about that Swamp Elf? See it yet?" He moved his eyes to Bishop. "Hmm. Looks like you picked up an admirer. Well met there, boy!" Georg moved past Raven and shook hands with Bishop. "You sweep her off your seat from some seedy tavern, did you?"

Bishop smirked. "Oh, yeah, she wasn't even conscious when we were married!"

Casavir scowled. "Mind your tongue, Bishop."

"As long as she's here to do it for me? Come now."

Georg chuckled. "Well put, well put." He turned his attention back to Raven. "Where did you find this bunch?" Raven shrugged, with red cheeks. "So… what can I do for you?" He asked.

Raven locked eyes on him. "I'm here to pick up some things and maybe brawl a little in the Harvest Brawl."

Georg nodded. "Well I better get back… Busy day, today."

Raven nodded then walked past him. She gazed at the little house barely outside of town. She sighed. If only I could be a kid again…

Raven's back smacked against the wooden fence of the Harvest Brawl fence line. Everyone was screaming at her, voices cheering. "Hit her in the face!" Someone from the crowd said. She peered up through her black bangs to see the full grown man charging after her with a clenched fist. She ducked just in time and the man missed hitting someone from the crowd in the face instead.

He collapsed while Raven yelled. "Sorry!" She then did a head-first roll under the man, between his legs and then quickly jumped back to her fighting stance. He charged at her again and swung with his left fist. She dodged it then quickly punched him with her right in the ribs, then in the left breast with her left. It looked a blurred as she flung her fist, powered from a year of fighting, a year of drawing her father's longbow she borrowed before she left. He then tried to kick her but instead she caught his leg and turned it, causing him to fall face first in the ground. He lay there, like a rock, not getting up. Someone from the crowd grabbed her arm and held it up while people cheered or cursed her for winning. She was drenched in sweat and was panting hard, her lungs burning.

She exited the brawling square and spotted Bishop and Casavir. Bishop sat there with his arms crossed while Casavir held out her daggers, bow, and quiver. She slung the bow and quiver around her shoulder and grabbed the daggers in their sheaths.

She headed for her home, to gather the clothes and personal items that she left behind. When she left West Harbor, she only brought two pairs of clothing and underwear, thinking she would return. What a disappointment that was… She thought.

Raven opened the door to the swamp house and smiled at the sweet swamp smell inside.

"Wait here." She said walking upstairs to her room. She grabbed her empty bag and messily filled it with clothes, underwear, and some person belongings. She searched for her picture of her mom. Then she remembered, it's downstairs. She returned downstairs to see Bishop holding it and showing it to Casavir. They looked up to her silent footsteps.

"Who's this?" He asked, holding it in her face.

"It's my mom." She said, trying to grab it. He moved it out of her reach and looked at again. Raven blushed.

"Give it back, Bishop." Casavir warned.

"Now, now, Paladin. No need to get your panties in a bunch, I was just looking." Bishop said handing it to Raven. She placed it into her bag and walked out the door. She stoped at the doorway, causing Casavir to bump into her.

"Dad." Raven said. Daughen stood infront of her. He peered at her then behind her.

"You've returned… and you've brought the shards." He studied. "Whatever business you have here do it quick, you're placing the village in danger."

Raven scowled. "As welcoming as ever!"

"Was that the sarcasm of humans I detect?" he said.

"Well, nice to see you too, but I was just leaving!" She walked past him and left him to his thoughts.

"What a charming father." Bishop said. Raven scowled at him and kept walking, she was already tired of her father and West Harbor…