TARDIS joined Facebook.

Amy Pond: I've just found out the strangest thing about the Doc!

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Melody River Song Pond: Please tell me! ;D

Amy Pond: I'll inbox you : 3

Melody River Song Pond: Kk :)

The Doctor joined Facebook.

The Doctor is now friends with Amy Pond, Rory Williams, and 2 more.

The Doctor: Is this thing on?

Amy Pond: Oh, give me strength!

Rory Williams: I love TARDIS!

Rory Williams: Frape! How can the tardis join fb anyways? lol

The Doctor is now friends with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth Windsor

Amy Pond: how do u find the right queen?

The Doctor: TARDIS did it for me.

The Doctor to Amy Pond

The Doctor: Amy!What in the name of Rassilon does this :) mean? It's just random placing of human punctuation!

Amy Pond: For F_CK sake Doctor it's a smiley face! Look at it sideways! Jeez!

Amy Pond: I hate The Doctor!

The Doctor: I love you too, Amelia :)

The Doctor: Hey! I'm starting to understand the random punctuation placing!

Amy Pond: Fantastic.

The Doctor is now friends with Dalek 5A and The Dream Lord.

Amy Pond: He's just lonely and looking for friends.

Amy Pond changed their name to Amelia Williams Pond.

The Doctor: I am SOOO angry at Amelia Williams Pond right now! I'm never telling her any of my secrets ever again! She's so... EVIL that she can't keep one itsy bitsy secret! One more move like that, Pond, and you and Big Nose are out of the TARDIS!


The Doctor: I agree, Ol' Girl.

The Doctor: STILL no apology from Amy. It's been a full night! I still can't believe you told the whole world! Why is it I always choose the wrong friends? Some friend you are, Amy.

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Amelia Williams Pond: Has sat in her room for two nights running crying her eyes out not letting anyone in. I can't eat, drink or sleep. I'm so sorry Doctor! I know it was the worst thing to do but getting right in my face and screaming about it! IT BROKE MY HEART! Will you forgive me, my Raggedy Doctor? :'( Please?

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The Doctor: I owe you a sincere apology, Amelia Pond. I over-reacted. NOTHING I will do can repay you. Of course I forgive you! :') Come along, Pond. We've got things to sort out.

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Amelia Williams Pond changed their name to Amelia Raggedy Doctor Williams Pond.

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Melody River Song Pond: Sigh... Back to the Storm Cage after a brilliant birthday thanks to Mummy, Daddy and Hubby Dr in the TARDIS!

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A/N Sorry it's not that good, hopefully I'll find some time soon to make it humorous. :D