Yosh minna! Here is the first oneshot! I have another finished but I'll leave this open for requests now! Saa minna!Iku ze!

Characters: Taiki, Ryouma (main), Yuu, Ren, Airu

Pairings: Fluffy TaikiXRyouma

Warning: OOC. Forgive it.

Genre: Comfort

-Sometimes you just have a bad day. But there's always tomorrow.

War and Peace

1. Tomorrows

School was horrible.

Ryouma reflected on that fact as he sat in the grass shivering from fall cold and full-on humiliation, bag resting against one leg. Damn Ren for catching a cold today. It was easier to deal with when the guy was around, what with his reflexive habit of smiling as he punched someone into a wall. That just didn't interest him. If he really had to fight anyone, he'd unnerve them to the point of submission. He was a wordsmith like that. And now that he couldn't Hunt anymore, fighting was definitely never going to be an option. God forbid Father heard about that. He was just too delicate. Dear lord…

He didn't like to cry but somehow he always did by the end of the day. Teenagers, the most horrible creature in existence.

Tears made their way down his face and he wiped at them with his sleeve. Being alone sucked. Dealing with the teasing just got more troublesome and less worth it when you were. He reflected that he had probably brought it on himself, what with drawing the Digimon as they had been a year ago, Taiki charging forward with all his strength and glory. Geez he already knew his homosexuality, way to broadcast it you idiot. Couldn't people just let things go?

"Why don't you marry him you stupid freak? Just leave us alone already."

Apparently not.

His day would have been fine if he could have found Airu. But she wasn't hiding in the drama room or even the home ec class that she usually sat in with her phone. She was surrounded by admirers and he knew trying to save her from that was like sitting in a wolf's den with a steak at your throat. Ryouma instead had sat in the library, reading about various topics like he usually did. It never got rid of the people in the class room but of course making them disappear was next to impossible.

At least they hadn't gotten his desk again.

Nameless scribbles and his textbooks almost ripped apart. Wonderful. Again.

It'd probably be better if school was where he excelled. But it took more work than people considered. And he always had to think of tomorrow then, didn't he? He always had to work towards that tomorrow, towards getting stronger. The Hunting had been so much fun. He could vent, grow stronger in a way he wanted to, and best of all, his partner wasn't just throwing him around like a ragdoll.

Until he was. And it was all a lie.

The sound of voices jerked him from his reverie and he shrank, settling further against the tree, trying to cover his sobs into no more than the wind. He doubted it was working but…

"Taiki-san… you care about everybody too much." That was… Amano Yuu?

Taiki-san? Ryouma suppressed a groan. As if today couldn't get any worse. No dignity and his hero was walking past without a care in the world. God was trying to convince him toward suicide.

"Maa maa Airu sounded worried you know? And she didn't ask you and all so it must be a problem. I can't just turn my back on people like that. Hope he's okay…" The older boy's tone was mellow but still concerned. What was it about Kudou Taiki's voice that warmed him in the coldest places? He flushed a little where he sat, shuffling anxiously.

"Taiki-san, you really need to stop saying you're not a superman," Yuu scolded playfully.

"I'm not!" the other half-shouted and the two of them laughed. Ryouma felt a burst of envy for Yuu, being so close and friendly with someone like that. Of course, they had fought together, against each other so… what was the term? Fire-forged bonds? "Really Yuu, quit calling me that! I'm no better than anyone else."

"I'll believe that when you stop jumping into everyone else's problems and getting good out of it," Yuu told him with a smile. "I need to get home before Nee-san anyway. She said she's cooking."

Taiki winced, or had to have. "Good luck!" The sound of footsteps departing made Ryouma relax a little, exhaling as softly as he dared. He debated standing up until a gentle voice startled him. "Why are you crying?"

Crap. Taiki was staring at him with a quiet frown on his face. To his credit, Ryouma didn't jump in surprise. "Ta-Taiki-san…"

"Are you all right? Why are you crying?" Ryouma just kept staring at him, hopelessly confused. "Oh… I heard you moving earlier. Airu asked me to find you since she couldn't talk to you today. You guys go to a rather strict school I heard… ah here we go." Taiki pulled a napkin from his pocket and gently wiped Ryouma's face. "There!" Ryouma blinked slowly and felt his cheeks heat up. Ducking his head, he remained quiet.


"Cause you needed it," was the general's cheerful reply. "Airu said you had a bad day so I couldn't just leave you to be depressed! After all, you're my friend too!"

Ryouma looked at him for a moment before chuckling miserably. "Taiki-san… you really are a strange person."

Taiki blinked at him, then chuckled. "I've been told that a lot. But we shouldn't be talking about me. What we should be doing is cheering you up."

"But I'm-"

"You shouldn't lie Ryouma," Taiki told him with playful seriousness. "Your hands shake." Smiling, the older boy looked at his phone. "Well I've got time so… I'm going to show you something I think you'll like." Taiki stretched out from his kneeling position and held out a hand. "Come on now! I decided to help you feel better and turning my back on you wouldn't do that very well."

Ryouma sighed. He wasn't going to leave was he? Despite the urge to go home and forgo piano practice for a cup of soup, he smiled a little. The fact that Taiki-san was stopping to help him was enough to make his gloomy day a little brighter. He pulled himself up to his feet and Taiki grinned gently. "So… where are we going?"

Taiki returned his hands to his side and hummed. "To hear some music~"

Ryouma blinked and stared in wide-eyed confusion as the older boy began to walk. I-Is this like a date?

He would have to ask Airu tomorrow… after he set Ren on her for the sheer embarrassment value.


"Ryouma… your face is going to get stuck like that." They were exiting the orchestra house and Ryouma still seemed perpetually excited, almost innocently so.

"It- I don't know what you're talking about." He schooled his expression to a normal one of a cool politeness and narrowed teal eyes, inwardly bouncing up and down like a child at the candy store. Taiki smiled at him and Ryouma found himself slowly returning the favor. It was amazing what kind of connection you could have with him in only a short period of time. He was just… likable, kind, unable to be dissuaded from whatever he chose.

"If you say so." Taiki stretched. "Lucky Okaa-san got me those tickets…. How she got that close was beyond me." Ryouma snuck glances at the older boy as they walked. "So… you seem better now. That's a relief. I'm glad."

"Ah…" His cheeks turned a dusty pink and Ryouma looked away, trying to school his emotions into some semblance of normalcy. It was more difficult than he thought, what with his heart thumping in his chest the way it was… "Thank you so much Taiki-san. I'm grateful for your kindness."

"Don't be so formal," Taiki chided lightly. "It was really fun anyway! I never really listen to classical at home… definitely going to change that."

"Ah… you can burn some of my CDs if you'd like," Ryouma offered. It wasn't a particular generous offer; he could play most of the music on them blindfolded.

"Actually…" Taiki began, stopping in his stride and turning to face him. "I think I'd like to hear you play again."

"Eh?" He swore his blood pressure just broke the meter, face turning a deep red.

His hero tilted his head ever so slightly. "You seemed to have fun playing that one time and I thought you were really good. So… would it be all right if you played for me again?"

I'm not sure whether to be thrilled or terrified. "S-Sure," he finally stuttered out, damning himself to some serious condemnation. "When?"

Taiki frowned, pondering it. "Well… I have practice before school… and I really don't want to go hunting this week… how about tomorrow afternoon? Then in return you can come meet my mom with your friends. She's been real curious about you three since you never dropped by."

"…All right." Well he was in for it now. Whatever happened though, he could always blame Airu. He was pretty sure he would actually.

"Great!" Taiki clapped his hands. "Then let's get you home before it gets dark. Okaa-san knows how I am but it's better to be safe than sorry."

"A-Ah…" In truth his mother was likely so absorbed in her designs he likely wouldn't be missed. It was hard to go against Taiki's subtle bubbliness though. It was fainter than Tagiru but definitely there, warm like a bath.

"Okay then just one more thing!" Ryouma raised an eyebrow before suddenly finding Taiki kissing him. He stood there blankly as the older boy pulled him slightly closer, likely preventing him from falling over. Ryouma didn't think about it, couldn't really think about it. There was nothing in his brain. Taiki pulled away. blinking brightly. "Wow that was interesting," Taiki remarked gently. Ryouma lost all sense of self-control and his face turned red. Slowly he placed two fingers over his lips, clearly in shock. Taiki-san… just kissed him? What had just happened? "You okay?"

"Ah… I…" Okay brain this was probably the time to work.

"Hmm… maybe I jumped the gun…" There was a sigh. "Kiriha's right: I've been hanging out with Tagiru too lo-" Ryouma pressed his lips against Taiki's, hugging him closer. There was no going back now, he realized. Rumor or not, Taiki had become someone distantly important to him and now the distance was closing too quickly to even think of closing the door.

Ryouma wasn't even sure if he wanted to.

"So you're fine now."

"Yes Taiki-san thank you." Ryouma stood on the steps of his house, smiling a little with schoolbag in one hand. The senior grinned.

"Good. I'd hate to think I made today worse."

Ryouma eased his shoulders and smiled a little more. "On the contrary Taiki-san, I think you made tomorrow something to look forward to."

"Good!" The other boy smiled again. "If you need anything, just call okay? That goes for the rest of you as well."

"I'll remember that." Taiki chuckled and left, heading down his own path home. Ryouma watched him go before heading inside.

Sometimes you just have a bad day. But there's always tomorrow. He cared for Taiki-san all the more now, because he had given him a reason to hope for that tomorrow.