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Rating: T

Characters: Taiki, Nene, Yuu, Kiriha, hints of rest of cast

Warnings: None

Genre: Friendship/Romance

-They were tranquil, willing to be in these peaceful moments.

War and Peace

10. Ease

1. 2 a.m.

He climbed into her window, hugging the tears from her eyes before she could speak.

2. Metaphor

There was nothing she could compare him too, nothing that felt right.

3. Sky

Her vision was dotted red and for a long time Nene feared she would never see his sunlight again.

4. lost scene

The kiss was her most well-kept secret, even from the boy himself.

5. Degrees

"Take your coat back," she tried to demand as he shivered gently in the winter air.

6. seize the day

"This song is for you," she whispered, gently cradling his sleeping head as she sang.

7. Opposite

Taiki smiled nervously as she appraised him, the picture of gentlemanly through the café window.

8. passions run

"Stop waiting," Nene soothed, wishing to feel his lips on hers for just one moment of bliss.

9. Connection

He swore to save Yuu… and that devoted her to him forever.

10. lull and storm

His emotions were so quiet sometimes that seeing his face bright red and scared at the thought of losing her made her heart spin.

11. Animal

"Do you love that cat more than me," she joked.

12. Children

"I haven't played that game since I was…" she trailed off, giggling at his small smile.

13. we all float on

He was leaving her… and that was the opposite of what he wanted.

14. chess

"Check," he said softly, pulling her away from the burning bodies to Kiriha's arms.

15. Duty

"We're going together," she told him firmly, watching the old goggles slip around his neck without a hitch.

16. Rip

Callused fingers stroked her fingers as the ambulance whisked him anywhere but this hell.

17. missing time

She didn't realize how long they had been in that other world until she realized how haunted he looked at her side.

18. crest

In the wake of reality, she gasped euphorically at the sound of his voice in her crowd.

19. Itch

Their three hands over each other soothed a burn that had no fire.

20. Explode

Nene sighed, realizing he would always smell like smoke and the crisp wind of fall.

21. Rise

"Come on now, don't give up here," he encouraged, holding out his hand.

22. Crumble

He broke right before her eyes… and she hadn't been the one who could fix him.

23. Range

First class flights were always nice when your boyfriend was polite enough to be your pillow.

24. fight/flight

Instincts never died, Nene realized as she backflipped to fight at his side, completely unconcerned by the hole in her apartment window or that she was only in her nightgown.

25. Acid

That whole "don't do drugs" message was complete crap after you went to the Digital World and visited the Sphinx, Mayan ruins, and stars in three hours.

26. Color

The red color he gave off was almost overpowering, until it cleared into a soothing prism that ensnared them all.

27. Give

He gave her a solemn apology, looking at the cake he couldn't eat.

28. Needle

"I'm not so delicate," he commented sleepily, ignoring her gentle laughter.

29. Locks

Who would have thought there would be so many locked doors in his heart?

30. Slope

"Shoutmon, you broke the sled," she giggled, watching Taiki look amusedly at the splintered wood.

31. Correspondence

His emails told her he was still alive and hadn't broken down trying to remember how to be a kid.

32. Linger

"Sometimes I hate having to breathe," she admitted, trying to slow down her heartbeat from lack of air.

33. Charm

"I'm usually not the type to use these," he admitted, pressing the object to her palm. (1)

34. Roads

Robert Frost had never been more right.

35. Hunger

His stomach growled mid-shoot, making her laugh and demand a lunch break.

36. Reciprocity

"Who would think you would be too shy for a love letter?"

37. Kind

That was the only description that she ever found accurate about him.

38. Fruity

"I wish I could make you orange bunnies,(2)" Taiki admitted, fiddling with the knife.

39. half-life

There was nothing like seeing you geography teacher off dating to remind you of the girl sitting next to you.

40. comedy of errors

Meeting Tagiru was fun, but she did see why Taiki preferred that he didn't come along.

41. Tragedy

There was nothing she could tell him that could soothe the blow to his heart.

42. hope is the thing with feathers

"I don't have angel wings," he protested halfheartedly at her curious examination.

43. Empire

Bagramon gave her something to fight but he gave her something to fight for.

44. turpentine kisses and mistaken blows

Akari could get dangerous when she had misunderstandings.

45. Rings

"We have to jump through so many hoops just to break a lock," he muttered in her ear.

46. Dust

He sneezed, knocking enough microorganisms out the window for an army.

47. every you, every me

Even if they weren't in love, they would always be close.

48. Project

He threw a wrench into everything.

49. Adore

Nene would not admit that she had missed him too.

50. Murmur

Over the years, his voice had gotten so quiet but never any less strong.

51. Above

It was nice to not have to look down at him all the time anymore.

52. Below

There was a chasm below and a fight above, which seemed like good fighting conditions to her.

53. Incalculable

"There are no calculations for friends," she hissed at DarkKnightmon, cradling his head.

54. Wire

Tripwire was the most fun of her protective traps.

55. Landslide

"Those were the least frightening health hazards," she informed the younger Hunters, much to Taiki's amusement.

56. the beginning is the end is the beginning

He always ended up going full circle around her feelings.

57. Door

"Doors aren't meant for hitting people in the face, despite how much that happens," he scolded mildly.

58. enemy gate

"The enemy's gate is below the stomach," she commented and he winced appreciatively.

59. Stone

"Ow," he said simply and she agreed, watching the meteor shower fly by.

60. Bright

"Speechless," she informed Taiki, watching Omegamon proceed to blind the army in front of them.

61. Stories

He told so many tales of so many different people he knew and made her envious of the world he had thrown himself into.

62. Chime

The sound pulled her from the microphone and to the delightful sound of two familiar voices at her dressing room door.

63. Laugh

Laughter turned to hysteria, bitter tears in memoriam on shoulders and in quiet, peaceful embraces.

64. Hold

"I want you to accomplish your dream, even if I'm not with you," he told her firmly, placing the plane ticket in her hands.

(1) You know those little charms that people give out to ward off evil in anime? That was what that was.

(2) There is this custom people have for those in the hospital where they cut apple slices to look like rabbits. It wouldn't work well with oranges.