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Characters: Xros Wars cast

Warning: N/A

Genre: General/Friendship

-Time was a rather silly mistress. Part 1 of 2.

12. Character

1. Introduction

"This is not the best way to explain this to my mom," Taiki muttered with a lazy grin at their disheveled appearances.

2. Complicated

Nene giggled at her parents' faces while the two boys looked on, knowing they couldn't tell which one was her date.

3. Making History

We won, were the first words of their new age.

4. Rivalry

"You'll understand later," Taiki assured Tagiru, walking to talk to the other Hunters.

5. Unbreakable

Shoutmon snarled at the younger teenagers, eyes burning with the utter refusal to leave their former enemy behind.

6. Obsession

Akari sighed, knowing if the other boy turned his back on anything ever it would start a worse habit.

7. Eternity

"Our souls are eternal," Wisemon concurred. "But they would mean nothing if you humans hadn't changed our lives."

8. Gateway

"The gate will open again," he said simply at the sight of their downtrodden faces.

9. Death

Nene slapped him and Kiriha winced, still letting her scream obscenities at him while he sat on the bed.
10. Opportunities

Akari's parents separated them as soon as possible, but it was too late for the Digital World to not have a hold on them.

11. 33%

"You kids are too young to appreciate the hell they went through," the Watchmaker informed the Hunters as a Digimon bled in X7s arms.

12. Dead Wrong

Kiriha cursed enough to spit, scrambling into the safety of the alley to avoid the monster's claw.

13. Running Away

"You guys hate to lose pride," Shoutmon said quietly. "But have you ever had to run away and leave someone to die?"

14. Judgment

"What right do you have to destroy the humans or call them imperfect?"

15. Seeking Solace

When the two of them sat together, Taiki stood apart, knowing he didn't deserve their warmth.

16. Excuses

"Never say you hate each other!" Yuu screamed before bolting in a rare burst of utter loathing.

17. Vengeance

Beelzebumon wasn't sure who had won in the end, but Angemon-sama was not asking for such a thing.

18. Love

"They were your friends," he whispered "And you just KILLED THEM?"

19. Tears

"There is no way to make this right," they thought as the rain poured on.

20. My Inspiration

He drew on, hoping everyone would realize where these came from after he died.

21. Never Again

"That was so gross," Akari declared with a laugh, wiping DigiQuartz moss off of her uniform.

22. Online

"I declare the right to be a hermit," Yuu proclaimed with at the sign of the video game flashing on the billboard.

23. Failure

"Hey Taiki," Shoutmon quipped. "At least when we lose this time we're the only ones who can facepalm about it."

24. Rebirth

I want everyone to live, he had thought on that day.

25. Breaking Away

"Tagiru, get back here!"

26. Forever and a day

"Bonds last longer than love."

27. Lost and Found

Kotone was everything her sister wasn't and just was incapable of patching that hole.

28. Light

"As long as we have him, we still have a chance."

29. Dark

They were two sides of the same coin and that was the only reason Taiki beat the old man.

30. Faith

"Don't give up as long as there's something to fight for!" Yuu declared, holding out his Xros Loader in his childish defiance.

31. Colors

"Final Xros!" was a cry that would echo through time and space long after their departure.

32. Exploration

"What does your world look like?"

33. Seeing Red

When his friend was that mad, Kiriha ultimately decided to just let him go.

34. Shades of Grey

"No regrets ne," Nene mused as they watched the sun set.

35. Forgotten

There was a tiny cemetery in his backyard, for the days when the world was just too real.

36. Dreamer

"I am the Digimon King because of them."

37. Mist

"We don't have to understand to realize this is important."

38. Burning

The power of a heart was stronger than any of their strategies.

39. Out of Time

It was time and space itself and… well, he hadn't exactly run away had he?

40. Knowing How

Knowing about and knowing how to fight were two different things, Tagiru realized.

41. Fork in the road

"We didn't run and we never will."

42. Start

"I need to repair my world now… so until next time!"

43. Nature's Fury

"Well shit," Ren muttered as the tornado proceeded to throw Arresterdramon like a leaf.

44. At Peace

"Remember… remember your promise…"

45. Heart Song

Shoutmon let out a roar, refusing to ignore the song that was pulsing his soul into action.

46. Reflection

"He and I were the same…" Tagiru thought to himself, standing alone.

47. Perfection

"I'm not a superman!" he exclaimed for the thousandth time.

48. Everyday Magic

Yuu winced at the sound of the door slamming before smiling at his hard work.

49. Umbrella

The other took the umbrella, watching in befuddlement as his idol proceeded to jump through the puddles.

50. Party

"No fanfare," Kiriha instructed firmly, glaring at the more exuberant of the group.