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Characters: Xros Wars cast

Warning: N/A

Genre: General/Friendship

-Life was hard but worthwhile. Part 2 of 2.

13. Concepts

51. Troubling Thoughts

Whenever his mind grew dark and weary, his eyes became thunderclouds, making him think of horrible what ifs.

52. Stirring of the Wind

Nene knew a plane was nothing like Sparrowmon's back.

53. Future

"A kind of future where everything was born of corpses… who the hell is that for?"

54. Health and Healing

They spent little time resting, leaving scars on their backs.

55. Separation

"Then you'll become king right?"

56. Everything For You

"If you're going to fight, you'd better make it a good one," Shoutmon informed his apprentice, spinning his mic to almost crack against the dragon's head.

57. Slow Down

"Hold on a second Tagiru," was a typical cry across DigiQuartz.

58. Heartfelt Apology

Taiki never needed to hear the word sorry.

59. Challenged

There were plenty competing for the throne but Shoutmon could knock them all down.

60. Exhaustion

"You idiot," Akari murmured with a smile, watching him sleep.

61. Accuracy

Yuu smirked to himself at the sound of his book hitting Tagiru's head.

62. Irregular Orbit

"That Watchmaker irks me," Taiki muttered in an oddly dangerous voice.

63. Cold Embrace

"Let's finish this Lillithmon."

64. Frost

Nene wasn't going to stop believing in Kiriha, even though the blonde had stopped believing in himself.

65. A Moment in Time

"Time Shift!"

66. Dangerous Territory

"The guy who created DigiQuartz was tripping the shit out of something," the King commented to his partner.

67. Boundaries

Kiriha threw Taiki's hug off, grumbling about personal space.

68. Unsettling Revelations

"The Lopmon you used… they aren't around anymore!"

69. Shattered

He's not dead… he can't be.

70. Bitter Silence

It was strange that they never argued and stranger that Taiki didn't press anything.

71. The True You

"Would you be honest with us for once?"

72. Pretense

"I'm in the middle of trying to remember to care," Ren informed him.

73. Patience

"You are a saint," Nene informed Akari later with a small giggle.

74. Midnight

"Sleep is for the humane," Taiki reminded himself for the fifth night in a row.

75. Shadows

Yuu kept his nightmares to himself, until at least his sister forced them out of him.

76. Summer Haze

"Should not be this hot," grumbled Ren as he took off his sweater.

77. Memories

Those days, fun and harrowing, are things we will never forget.

78. Change in the Weather

"Why did the Death General decide to live in a snow globe?"

79. Illogical

"There's no logic to faith you morons," Shoutmon tells the younger group with disdain.

80. Only Human

Those words stopped applying to any of them the day they fought their first battle.

81. A Place to Belong

"That is the kind of world I am creating!"

82. Advantage

Kiriha realized his experience meant nothing when those didn't change him.

83. Breakfast

"I'm not sure that's healthy…" Yuu murmured as Tagiru and Hideaki ran across the city after the Upamon.

84. Echoes

"Nostalgia sucks huh," Kiriha joked.

85. Falling

They both smirked, raising their Xros Loaders like beacons.

86. Picking up the Pieces

"I'm just doing what's right."

87. Gunshot

"Hellfire!" was their only warning.

88. Possession

"That freak was in my head…" he muttered, scowling.

89. Twilight

The moment between day and night, that grey line which encompassed everything, that was the name she had thought of.

90. Nowhere and Nothing

He had wound up in a place where he was alone and for once, Taiki felt okay with that.

91. Answers

"Don't look for answers you won't understand."

92. Innocence

"I just want a world of second chances."

93. Simplicity

"You really thought there was a victory without consequences."

94. Reality

"I made people suffer," Yuu whispered "And even nearly killed my friends."

95. Acceptance

"Don't apologize," Kiriha ordered the other Hunter before he could open his mouth "Because Taiki already forgave you."

96. Lesson

"You just never learn," Yuu grumbled, dragging Tagiru away from the food stand.

97. Enthusiasm

Ren sighed, looking irritably at the health hazard that was standing in front of him.

98. Game

"It's not a game," Yuu reminded himself when Gumdramon laughed.

99. Friendship

"I wouldn't be standing here without them… so screw D-5!"

100. Endings

"As long as he's around, it's not over yet."