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This sends shivers down Link's spine and to the tips of his golden hairs. Now he's more speechless than ever as Pipit lightly kisses under his ear, traversing with sweet kisses down to Link's neck. The young boy's breath, wavering, barely makes an audible sound.

"You…" He says, a blissful whisper leaving his mouth. His eyes closed in dreaminess.

Pipit leaves Link's collarbone to look to his lover and hold his chin delicately.

"That's all I needed to hear." Pipit says to Link, and then moves in for a deep, warm kiss, their lips and tongues colliding in a dance. A quiet moan escapes Link's throat, but Pipit feels its vibrations resonate within his mouth, only making him want to explore deeper within Link. Now, Pipit's hands encircle Link's waist, while Link's rest on Pipit's chest. With a little bit more force, causing Link to be squeezed between the door and Pipit, the older knight pushes into Link's mouth, forcing a louder sound from the rookie.

Link, burning with passion, feels a projection from Pipit's beltline jabbing him on the leg. Repositioning his leg, the golden-haired boy moves it out of alignment, causing an irrepressibly delighted moan to reverberate inside their kiss. Link doesn't know what he did to urge such a noise from Pipit, but he's glad it happened.

Pipit breaks the kiss, their tongues slightly lolling out of their mouths, wanting more. Their eyes dreamy and their breaths heavy. The older knight blushes, glancing down at the projection.

Only then does Link realize what it was that he shifted, and why it caused Pipit to moan in satisfaction. Glancing in the direction Pipit did, his cheeks begin to burn with embarrassment.

"S—sorry…" He splutters, not knowing what to say. "I didn't mean to—" But Pipit cuts him off by snickering.

"It's okay." The freckled boy smiles, and leaves it at that, returning to the kiss with even more passion.

Closing his eyes, Link wraps his arms around the other boy's neck lovingly. Their bodies pressed together, Link can now feel Pipit's "friend" prodding him even more. This brings blood to Pipit's cheeks rapidly, but he's too busy with their affectionate embrace to care.

The cozy room is quiet, save for the boys' amorous kisses and breaths, the dim light of the sunset filtering through Pipit's blinds. Their loving caresses on each other's bodies. Link's hands, coursing through Pipit's mahogany hair, can't quite get enough of it. Pipit lusts to fill Link with his tongue, desperately sweeping every inch of the younger boy's mouth. Their moans permeating through the room.

Pipit breaks the kiss to ask a question, both of their breaths long and heavy.

"Link…?" The older knight looks into Link's eyes.

"Hmm?" The younger boy barely gets out the sound in his state.

"Do you want…"Pipit starts "To…go…further?" He looks at Link expectantly, not unlike a remlit would when it begs for something, grasping the side of Link's tunic in anticipation.

Link would be a liar if he said he wasn't scared. But wouldn't anybody be? He can see the crimson roses bloom on Pipit's cheeks as he shifts his eyes from Link's gaze, breathing heavily. He knows that Pipit loves him unconditionally. How could Link not give Pipit what he wanted?

"No, never mind," Pipit says "forget I asked. I didn't mean to rush you." He says apologetically. He leans in for another kiss before Link brings a finger to his lips.

"I thought you'd never ask…" Link says, brushing Pipit's upper thigh ever so slightly with his knee, causing shivers to run up the older boy's back, and reinvigorating his old "friend". "Goddess, you're slow…" Link teasingly says, working his hand roughly through Pipit's coarse hair, bringing him in for a kiss, exciting the older boy to the brink. Link doesn't know where this newfound confidence came from, but it feels warm and energizing, coursing through his body.

All while within a passionate embrace, Pipit slowly brings Link back and to his bed, stumbling a few times along the way, but regaining footing, and finally dropping Link down on his back, who bounces slightly on the bed.

And, leaning over a seductively cute lying Link, intrudes within the blonde boy's mouth. A moan forces its way out of Link's throat as he inserts his hands within Pipit's shirt to explore the underlying muscles, mouth still fixated upon Pipit's. When he reaches Pipit's pectorals, and gropes them, the older boy could do nothing to suppress the content moan that followed.

"Mgh…" He noises, his mouth connected to Link's.

"Hit your soft spot, didn't I?" Link teases Pipit, barely breaking the kiss they share. Pipit stops for a moment to remove his shirt, baring all his masculine glory. Link almost drools over himself.

"Keep going…" Pipit practically begs him to continue his movements, returning to the steamy kiss.

Obeying the older boy, Link continues feeling Pipit, which apparently makes Pipit want to melt in his pants. "Isn't it your turn?" He looks to Link seductively "Off. Now." He commands, but resorts to pulling off Link's tunic himself, revealing an absolutely cute, nosebleed-inducing Link, blushing mad and lying right in front of Pipit, just waiting to be ravished. Pipit feels the blood not only rush up to his cheeks, but farther down to another area of importance.

"Wow…" Pipit gawks at Link, making the boy even more uncomfortable.

Link mumbles something and shyly smiles, suddenly interested in a lamp to the side.

Pipit shakes his head away from some very dirty thoughts and apologizes, getting Link's attention back with a kiss to the cheek. Then the jaw. Then the neck. Down and down, causing Link's skin to tingle with every caress.

Down to his abdomen, and, annoyed of stupid pants, pulls Link's off briskly. Under is a singular pair of blue boxers, complimenting Link's eyes, and contrasting well with his erratic blush.

"That's not fair!" Link yelps, angered at the injustice. "Off with the pants." He tells Pipit.

Pipit, being the better man, humbly removes his trousers in the sexiest way possible. Right in front of Link's face, Pipit's "friend" finally has a little bit more room without the constricting pants.

After the little show that left Link slobbering over himself, Pipit, wearing nothing but dark blue briefs, pushes Link down flat on his back.

"Just relax…" He says calmly to the obviously nervous boy, placing his lips softly on every imaginable spot on his torso. He can't quite get enough of Link, relishing every kiss.

Link squirms in his very vulnerable position. Pipit can do anything he pleases to him. But strangely enough, this also excites Link.

Now, Pipit reaches for Link's boxers, this makes Link's heart race. His breathing rate increases, and before he knows it, he's…growing…down there.

Pipit, casting an upwards glance at the golden-haired boy, removes Link's undergarments nice and easily. Then, sizes Link's already lengthening member up, raising an impressed eyebrow. Scrutinizing it agonizingly close, his breath is cold upon Link.

"Oh, the Goddess," Link says "You're such a tease." Sitting up with his knees close to his chest, hands shielding whatever dignity he has left.

"Come on," Pipit says playfully, almost lunging towards Link "Can you imagine how long I had to wait to get to this point?" He smiles at Link, in close proximity to his face.

"Sorry…" The blonde boy mumbles, looking straight at him.

"It's okay." He says, lightly chuckling. Then he passionately kisses Link, pushing him down on his back, moans escaping both of them.

Pipit ravages Link's mouth, tasting every part of him like a beast. As if he was addicted to him, and couldn't get enough. Link wraps his arms around Pipit's muscular neck. Eyes closed shut in emotion, they both relish each other amorously.

Then suddenly, Pipit brings a cold hand upon Link's erection, causing Link to shudder. But the older knight's hand soon warms up while thrusting it, making Link's breathing rapid. He'd never felt like this before, and knowing Pipit is making him feel this way is amazing.

"Pipit…" He barely gets out with his shallow breath, eyes closed and mouth agape in intense feeling.

"Yeah?" Pipit asks his lover, kissing the nape of Link's neck with his eyes closed.

"Stop…" He asks Pipit to cease with a shaky sigh.

"Why?" Pipit whines "I don't wanna."

"It's my turn…" Link says, smiling shyly. This makes Pipit excited, and suddenly interested in stopping his actions.

"Well, if you insist." Pipit says, and then Link switches places with him. Link on top, Pipit on bottom.

The younger boy starts with trepidation, hesitantly bringing his hands to Pipit's briefs, forgetting all about the foreplay in between.

Slowly, Link moves the briefs off of Pipit's legs, finally letting Pipit's member breathe.

It's larger than Link's, and obviously more impressive, for Link couldn't stop staring at it. Pipit brings a hand to his eyes in embarrassment.

Link breaks out of his trance by shaking his head, and then proceeds to grasp it. He notices it's slightly pulsating when he begins to do what Pipit did to him, and instantly, Pipit's face relaxes into bliss.

Tiny sounds of pleasure give Link a confidence boost. He thrusts faster, more vigorously. Pipit seems to really enjoy this. Then, Link takes it up a notch.

He tentatively licks the head, and quickly desists when Pipit notices, blushing.

"Aww. Why'd you stop that?" He asks Link playfully. Link just embarrassedly looks to the side, smiling. "But it still feels really good…" Pipit says, not expecting an answer.

And, after a few moments of contemplation, Link decides to lick Pipit's erection, again. But this time, with a longer, sexier stroke.

"Ahh…" Pipit moans, clearly liking it. Link's filled with joy he can bring Pipit happiness.

Taking it to the next level, the blonde boy engulfs Pipit's member whole. The only response to this was a euphoric moan from Pipit. His breathing becomes shallow as Link traverses up, and then descends. His breaths become louder as Link takes in more.

"Link…!" Pipit needs to stop him before it's too late. The blonde boy sits up, suddenly, not aware of what he did.

"What's wrong…?" He says, abashed, blushing like a maniac, a funny taste lingering in his mouth.

"N—nothing!" Pipit says, cupping the cute boy's face in his hands "You were amazing!" He gets in before he pulls Link's face in for a deep kiss. This dissolves any embarrassment Link had before.

A few moments in to the kiss, Pipit asks something.

"But…umm…" He starts off, large hands still holding Link's delicately adorable face. "Can I…" Pipit's redness increasing in intensity "Uhh…" Now, he just sounds like an idiot. "Y'know…"

"Oh, shut up." Link says playfully. "Yeah, you can." Looking at a grateful Pipit, Link can't help but wonder if it was the right decision to let Pipit do what he is about to.

"Thanks…" He says to Link, absolutely elated. He gives the blonde boy a quick kiss before getting up and opening his bedside drawer, bringing out a clear tube. The sight unnerves Link a bit, but excites him as well.

Grinning joyfully, Pipit walks over to Link, placing a teaspoon of the gel on his fingertips. He leans in for another sweet kiss, hand propping him up over Link.

"Are you ready?" Pipit asks him in between the kiss.

Ready as I'll ever be…Link nervously thinks but a "Yeah…" is all that comes out.

"Okay, lean back." Pipit tenderly says to his lover, gently pushing Link's chest down so that he lies on his back, one knee held skyward by Pipit's hand.

The older knight tentatively brings one gelled fingertip to Link. The touch sends shivers up Link's spine, causing him to blush crimson, his hands strongly grasping the bed sheets.

After glancing at an exposed Link, Pipit gently inserts. A sound comes from the younger boy, whether good or bad, Pipit does not know. Still, he proceeds deeper, casting glances at Link every other moment to make sure he's okay.

It is neither pleasurable nor painful for Link, simply a bit uncomfortable. His eyes closed, he tries to relax, but with a gorgeous Pipit lusting over him, he fails miserably.

But then, with a tiny stroke from Pipit's finger, a pang of exhilaration fills Link instantaneously. The younger boy grunts in euphoria, tensing all of his muscles, Pipit clearly notices. The older boy palpates the spot, giving Link full satisfaction, forcing the golden-haired boy to arch his back in delight, a moan escaping his mouth.

"You like that?" Pipit asks seductively, bringing his face tantalizingly close to Link's, the ecstatic boy's chest rising and falling dramatically.

"Yes…" He breathes out deeply, looking at Pipit with dreamy eyes. Then, he grasps Pipit's hair from both sides and pulls his face in for a passionate kiss, eventually breaking it to let out another lustfully loud moan.

"Pipit," Link tries to say between his deep breaths "I'm ready." He looks into Pipit's eyes, which suddenly begin to brighten up. A smile forming on his lips.

"Ar—are you sure?" He hesitantly asks Link, although elated. He gradually slows down his movements.

"Yeah…" Link definitively says, catching his breath.

"Okay." Pipit complies gladly. Placing Link's knees upward to get a better vantage point. Holding his lover's ankle in one hand, while holding another, throbbing, extremity of his own in the other, he directs it forward. Link's heart begins to race.

And then, Pipit enters, but barely, into the blushing boy. Slowly, he gains confidence and explores deeper within, giving him instant gratification.

Link, so exposed, hides his scarlet face with his hands in embarrassment, his eyes closed shut. Pipit, taking notice, bends down to move those hands tenderly to the side, revealing an almost frightened Link.

"Hey…" Pipit says consolingly. "Don't be scared…" Affection resonates within his voice, his worried expression etched on his face. He lovingly kisses the nervous boy in a passionate embrace, coordinated with his thrusts.

Link, once rigid and uncertain, melts into Pipit's warm caresses, wrapping his arms around his lover, ecstasy filling him.

"Ahh…" Link moans, Pipit's actions exciting more and more sounds out of him. "Don't stop, Pipit." Link barely gets out before a noise of pleasure forces its way out of him, encouraging Pipit to confidently advance within the golden-haired boy.

Lips locked, and euphoria coursing through them, the two knights relish each other's every movement. Every kiss. Every sensation.

Pipit's motions become more unstable and aquiver. Feeling Link's skin in every conceivable way, he breathes loudly on the younger boy's lips.

"Link!" He yelps to him, ready to release, every thrust increasing in velocity. "I'm…" He inhales shakily, "Gonna…" his breaths louder and louder.

Link can barely contain his emotions, a new pang of wonderful sensations hitting him with every one of Pipit's movements. He lies, grasping Pipit's back desperately for something to keep him on this world with.

And with a shudder, Pipit lets out a scream of pleasure, bringing Link over the brink of sexual ecstasy. Pipit collapses on top of Link's chest, both panting.

Then the brunette inches close to Link's neck. Delicately placing a kiss up and up, until softly planting one on his lover's lips. They look contently at one another, Pipit resting his chin upon Link's chest.

The older knight playfully licks Link's right nipple, causing a grin to form on the younger knight's face. They laugh warmly.

"You might as well have just broadcasted to the whole sky how good I made you feel." Pipit says cockily, a sly grin on his face.

"Shut up." Link says playfully, smiling as well, "I wasn't that loud…" slight uncertainty in his voice.

"Wanna go get cleaned up?" Pipit asks Link. "We can lock the bath room…only us." He says seductively, an eyebrow cocked at a satisfied and blushing Link.

"Yeah," The blonde boy replies "That'll be good." They kiss quickly and get up from their positions, picking up their scattered clothes and tentatively peaking out the door for any signs of life.

"Coast is clear." Pipit nonchalantly says, walking out and up the stairs baring all. On the other hand, Link cautiously tiptoes across the hall, looking back and forth, following Pipit with his clothes bundled in front of his crotch.

As they traverse the stairs and walk down the hallway stark naked, Link can't help but muse over how his life has changed. Pipit and he are now intimate, and Link wouldn't have it any other way.

Caught staring at Pipit's muscular butt, he gets a sexy look from Pipit, who decides to give Link the best show he can, winking at him after a flex of his gluteus maximus.

Rolling his eyes, Link catches up to Pipit at the bath room door.

"What are you waiting for?" Link asks why Pipit doesn't open the door, he doesn't like being so exposed in public.

Then Pipit grabs his waist and brings him close, kissing him with closed eyes. After a few seconds of bliss, he breaks it.

"Nothing…" He answers Link, making him slightly annoyed, but warm inside all the same.

The older knight then opens the door and proceeds inside, the younger knight following, to do Goddess knows what inside.

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