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Don need's to see his daughter know she's alright this is just a bad dream , that wen he wake's up shell be ok
but he knows this is not a dream his only daughter is dying and he may never get to tell her she's sorry.

Shella need to be with her daughter needs to see her child she know Abby is dying , and some how
she knows her daughter isn't coming back with her , a mother knows wen her child is dying and she knows.

Donny need's to see his only little sister, he has to tell her he's sorry he won't be able to get over it
if he can't.

Richie can't believe it that this has happened to his family , Abby he thinks you have to make
it this family will fall a part if you don't I'll fall a part if I lose you because I love you little sister.

Stevie why is this happening to Abby why dos this have to happen to my little sister.

Brody oh Abby he thought why dos this have to happen to you.

Abby knows her time is up theirs know one who can help her now,

not the Docters, not her family , not God . Shes doom to die tonight

and just because of a drunk decided to drive a million miles an hour .

Abby needs to see her Father though needs to know all is right between

them but she knows she can't it's over her pain is over.

In a Chicago hospital a docter's telling a family their angel is dead, and a family is torn apart.

Good bye Abby.