Author's Note
(Edited 11/4/13)

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who has read and reviewed this story the first time it was published about 5 years ago.

The reason why I took it down was because while it was still on the site, I had received a review from a user that told me that this story had potential to be a very good piece of work. However, it was written like I sped through the process and butchered it beyond repair.

That got my attention. I came to realize that I was losing my passion for the story. Thus, I took the fic down, changed the plot line, tweaked some personality traits in my OCs, and spent more time on my personal narrative.
Now, it is here to stay on FanFiction. I can't believe how popular it got the first time I posted it.

I named this story A Murderer's Miracle because regarding the murderer of the story (Scar)… it is going to take divine, almost miraculous power on Simba's part to ever forgive him for what he's done.

I want to thank you all again who read, faved, and reviewed the story when it first came out. I still have some of the old reviews I'd like to show everyone. Hehe… you didn't think I forgot about them, did you? *Ahem…*

"I love this story! And there's only twelve chapters! Please write the next chapter as fast as you can!"
Kira michi

"This is the best TLK story I've ever read! When I found it, I got so stuck in TLK that I had to start writing a story of my own!"

"I wish I had found this sooner!"

"Continue the story! It's such a good one!"

"I am so, I repeat, so loving this story! It's so brilliant and different… it's just amazing! Very well-written… awesome job! So detailed!"

"This is definitely one of the better Scar survival fics I've seen."

"It's rare to find a FanFiction of such superior quality on this site, and I laud you for that. You've got me eagerly awaiting the next chapter."

"You're such a great and compelling writer! I can't wait for the next chapter!"

"You, have talent. Scar is very IC, and I can picture what is going on in my head. Good work, keep at it."

Awww… I love my readers, too. Actually, I enjoy entertaining people with stories, and I enjoy the movie The Lion King very much. It just never gets old. So, now, here is the revamped, revised version of A Murderer's Miracle.

Enjoy. ;)

~Lavender Springwood.