Emma watched as the woman, obviously Henry's mother, embraced him in a heart-clenching hug. How could this boy call his mother evil? Would an evil person have that pained look on his or her face, the one that you only get when you are afraid for someone you love? And wow, this person was really beautiful. Like stunningly so, too. The woman let go of her son, and Emma's eyes followed him as he ran off into the house, before directing her eyes at the woman whom now seemed to notice her presence. Emma's mouth went dry, and she had to lick her lips to try to relieve some of the dryness.

Regina turned slowly towards the blond woman standing in front of her. The woman who had just dropped her son off and she felt her heart skip a beat. Whether it was because this woman was, and Regina assumed, his birth mother, or if it was because the assumable birth mother was breathtakingly gorgeous, she didn't quite know. She just stood there staring at her as if she was trying to decide whether this was a dream or not. It had to be a dream, right? Because how would Henry be able to find her all on his own? And how in the name of god could anyone look that good in a leather jacket? She was pulled out of her thoughts when Graham retreated into the house to check up on Henry. Regina watched as the confused and frozen look on the blondes face softened, and took up a whole other expression. Was it awe?

Emma wasn't a 'believe in fairytales and love at first sight' kind of girl, but when this woman looked into her eyes, she felt like she had never really lived up until this moment. It was like she had been a ghost of some kind, and now, she had been brought back to life. They still didn't say anything. They just stood there eyeing each other, mapping each other out, as if they were old lovers who finally met after years of separation and they tried to remember, or as if they were new lovers and it was the last time they saw each other.

"Hi," Emma said, breaking the silence. Sad, confused eyes softened up as Emma gave the other woman a trying smile, and they both stood there smiling like idiots.

Regina felt her heart soar. How could it be that a simple smile and a simple 'hi' fro this person could make her feel so at home? She had never felt at home before, not even in her own house, because there had always been that thing missing. That one piece that would complete her life, and now that this woman appears at her front porch, everything falls into place; like they were destined to meet. Like they had this invisible bond between them, and everything that had happened up until this moment, were just signs and markers that said 'you're on your way, you'll get there one day'.

"Hi," Regina said, taking a breath and soaked in the beauty in front of her. It was like they were saying 'hi, wonderful, I'm home now,' and 'welcome home my love, where have you been all my life?'

"Regina Mills."

"Swan, Emma Swan."