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Who's an Addams's cousin?

The soothing sounds of several quills scratching on the parchments, which would soon become the most anticipated letter of a young witch or wizard life. It was the quiet before the storm of new Hogwarts student and old. While the quills scratched away, a tall, rather severe-looking woman, with black hair typically drawn into a tight bun and always has a very prim expression was checking over the list of muggle families that would get the shocking news that one of their children were magical. Miss McGonagall would write these letters herself, those and the transfer letters. For either she or one of the other teachers would have to delivering these letters.

She had just finished writing to a young Miss Paterson. She sighed and reached for a clean piece of parchment and looked down at her list for the next name. Finding her place she wrote:

Dear Miss Wednesday Addams,

My name is Miss McGonagall, (deputy headmistress of Hogwarts School of Wizardry) I am pleased to inform you that your transfer had been...

She paused and gently tapped the end of her quill against her lip in thought. Addams she mused. Why did that name seem familiar? Addams… Addams! She shot back from her desk and stared at the letter like it was on fire. "Not an Addams!" she quietly moaned aloud. The school had barely survived the last time and that was a hundreds of years ago. She needed to tell the headmaster. Of course it had to happen during the year that Hogwarts were hosting the tri-wizard tournament! Her body shimmered for a minute and shrunk until to the size of a large house cat or small dog. When the shimmer had dissipated a gray tabby cat sat in its place. With a cry of distress the tabby streaked out of the room.

************Same time in Ottery St. Catchpole in Devon, England****************

Three young teens stood on a rough stone porch of a rather odd looking house, it looked like part of an old castle tower, but shorter. A tall, thin and gangling boy with freckles and shockingly red hair glared at a bushy brown haired girl.

"Ron, don't you dare glare at me. It was you who wanted to get away from Mrs. Weasley and her nagging about cleaning up from the World Cup!" she glare back

Ron made a face. "But why did it have to be the Lovegoods? Luna's father talks on and on and the food is nasty. "

The black hair boy with green eyes ignore his two best friend and knocked with a knocker shaped like an eagle on the thick and black, studded with iron nails door.

The door opens to a pale girl with straggly, waist-length, dirty blonde hair and protuberant eyes that gave her a permanently surprised look.

A soft dreamy voice called "Hello Harry." She pulled the door wide and gestured them in.

Harry walked into a perfectly circular room, with stove, sinks, and cupboards curved to fit the walls. All of these items had been painted in bright primary colors with flowers, insects, and birds possibly all painted by Luna. It being a rather enclosed space the effect of these paintings was slightly overwhelming. He knew that his friends would follow without even seeing the strange beauty.

"Hello Luna." He smiled at his friend warmly.

"Father is gone to the paper today….. "A sweet smile plastered her face. Luna danced to the yellow cupboards and pulled out five cups and started to pour the tea as the torrent of arguing voices intensified.

Harry raised an eyebrow at the extra cup. Before he could make a comment…..

A loud pop broke the normal sounds of his friends and a silence descended. Harry, Hermione and Ron looked around uneasily gripping their wands.

"Ah… Neville is here." Luna stated calmly.

Neville tripped into the room. A light blush crossed the round-face; he blew his light brown hair out of his eyes."Hiya, Harry, Ron, Miome, Luna. That was rather nasty ride. I heard about the World Cup. Crazy things that was."

Luna's voice lost its dreamy quality as she cut in." I need your guys help."

"Blimey Luna, No need to get serious on us." Ron yelped as Hermione back handed the back of his red locks.

Hermione looked questionably at Luna, her normally brash voice soft with concern. "What is it, Luna?" she walked across the dusty floor to her friend.

Luna's tone returned to its normal dreamy quality. "Daddy has signed me up for survival training. The muggle kind, which the SAS do. Whoever those people are?" Luna answered Ron's unasked question. "Father thought that it would help when the war started again."

Hermione looked from Luna to the rest in confusion at Luna's personality switch. "What war?" She raised an eyebrow before she went on."I'm not sure what you need us for." She said hesitantly.

"Oh…, I was hoping you would be my team. All the people involve have a team and since I live so far off…." Luna's voice trailed off. But all the rest of the rooms were thinking the same thing. Because she is a wizard and kind of loopy... nobody wants to work with her.

It was Neville that spoke first. "We would love to be part of your team." There was a slight pause before he continued. "Right guys!" Harry and Hermione nodded with enthusiasm. After an elbow from Hermione to Ron's gut. He nodded as well.

"Good, I'm glad the nargles didn't mess up your thinking." Luna gestured at their cups, which were filled with tea and there was suddenly a contract in the center of the table. Harry didn't remember Luna putting it on the table earlier. "Drink up your tea first!" Luna watched suddenly sharp eyed until all the liquid was gone. She then smiled sweetly and sang, "Harry, Neville could you both please sign first."

After Neville had finished signing with a flourish, Luna gestured at Ron to sign next. Which he answered in a grumble about "They didn't even know what we are signing, she could have us signing away our souls." They missed Luna's small smile the flitted across her face before it was gone again.

Ron's comment, Which of course made Hermione pissed enough to push Ron out of the way and quick scratch out her name. "Really, Ronald! It's Luna for heaven sake! "

After a few glares from Hermione, Neville and Harry, Ron grimaced as he wrote his name on the contract too.

With a flash of golden light and a line of golden text peeled off the paper and wrapped around each of them until it form a golden chain that connected them together. A sound of a gong cause the text to brighten until their eyes watered before it disappeared.

The grouped looked around until all eyes landed on Luna. Who gave a small smile.

"It's supposed to do that." Her tone sound calm. "Does everyone have our family crest?" She pointed to a gold tattoo that ran around her wrist. The other four looked at wrist, but only Neville had it there.

Luna looked over the other three. Luna pointed to Hermione's middle finger that looked like have had a ring on it. "There is yours." She said with a smile.

"Neville, why don't you take the boys to the bathroom so they can find theirs?"

While the boys were gone, Hermione was trying to determine what the crest on her finger was, as Luna wrote a note on an almost black parchment and whistle for a raven. Which caused Hermione to jump and wonder about why Luna was sending a letter with a raven rather than an owl.

With a rush of wings the raven left, just as the boys walked in with huge grins. Ron imminently started bragging that his was tattooed across his chest. Hermione roll her eyes, but Luna saw the small smile that was tucked at the corner of her mouth. Luna nodded at Ron before turning to Harry, her question evident in her eyes. Harry blushed and looked down and coughed quietly. "Bicep."

Luna seemed to glow with pleasure. "Now, we will meet here every day for about six minutes, we can work up to long time if you want to later and you have to trust me. Ok?"

Hermione opened her mouth to ask a question, only for Ron to elbow her, while silently mouthing 'It's Luna for heaven's sake' at her and then he nodded to Luna. The rest seemed to follow his lead.

"Ok, everyone come here." Luna pulled an old tarnished locket from under her butter beer cap necklace. Hermione wondered if her friend had always had that locket. Why hadn't she ever seen it before?

"Put one finger on it and hold on." Once everyone was settled, they were surprised when Luna said in a low dark voice."Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc!" Everyone felt the power rise.

That caused Hermione to squeak in surprise. She thought that there wasn't anything Luna could do to surprise her anymore, but today seem to be full of surprises. She didn't know what the words had meant, but could feel the power in them and the boys to look at her questionably. Hermione ignored them and watched Luna's face. With a sigh, Luna closed her eyes in happiness as she felt the usual pull on her navel and the comfortable rush of silence. They were off and she couldn't wait.

With a jolt, five pairs of shoe hit the ground, but only one stayed on her feet. Luna looked around mildly at her friends sprawled around her. Ron had crawled to a bush and retched as if his life depended on it. Neville and Harry looked green while Hermione looked up at her dazed.

She nodded to herself pleased. When her four friends had regained themselves, she allowed them to look about her private place without saying a word. Unknown to them, this was a big step in her friendship with them. The clearing they were standing in was once a place only her and her mother's place before her mother died. Even Luna's father had never been invited here.

A lone howl came from the dark forest and broke the silence and the spell her friends had seemed to be under. A torrent of questions flew at her from all sides. With a small sigh and a straightening of her shoulders, she tilted her head back and gave a loud deep howl. Silence remained, a smirk played at the corner of her mouth until she regained control once more. Her features resumed its trademark look of dreaminess.

"Help me set up the tents and start lunch and then we will talk." Luna turned to the dark trees avoiding the bush Ron had been sick in and pulled out what seemed to be a worn light purple rucksack. From its dark insides she pulled out enough tent supplies for two tents, one for the girls and one for the boys.

"Awww... Can't we just set them up with magic?"