*************************0001 Cemetery Lane***********************************

Morticia hummed a funeral march as she slid open the mail and her hand.

" Ah, Wednesday ... Mrs. Zabini and Blaise send their love. Blaise can't wait to see you this year. It seems that Blaze got some inside information on your transfer Wednesday. "

"Sometimes I could swear that those two should have been an Addams." Gomez grinned around his lit cigar as he smoothed down his immaculate purple pin striped suit.

" Mrs. Zabini is on her honey moon again in Nice this year. Poor dear, the weather is particularly clear and beautiful this time of year. " Morticia let out a sad sigh and let a few drops of the crimson liquid roll down her fingers into the waiting mouth of Cleopatra.

"What number is she on again? I always get confused." Pugsley asked as he tinkering with his newest bomb at the kitchen table.

"Number Eight. The black widow strikes again. Mom said I could apprentice with her after I graduate college!" Wednesday gloated to her brother as she filled her food catapult with cutlery.

Kitty the lion skidded into the room bunching the carpet as he went before scrambling into the cemetery, uncle fester came running in with a bomb collar. Complaining "Come on Kitty! The chances of this not blowing up in an acid spray is only like 3%." He wandered out the backdoor still slightly smoking.

"No fair, weds get all the fun! Grumble Pugsley after turning back to the pervious conversation. He lifted his plate unintentionally using it as a makeshift shield as he scrapped his very reluctant food from its death cling. It was making a high pitched scream as he chewed thoughtfully. "Mom...! Who sent the other letter?" Gesturing to the black envelope on the table.

"Oh how horrible, your older cousin is going to adopt some children. She has high hopes that they will survive training. She thinks the Family will think them interesting and one of them very sad. How wonderful, (French for children ) you might have some new playmates." Mortica voiced as Gomez lead her to their bedroom.

"Gag me, they're off to go salsa dance. Hey Weds, do you want to play hangman. I want to be the victim! Can I, please?" Pugsley asked in a hopeful tone.

**************************Back Luna's place**************************************

" This place is beautiful, Luna. Where ever did you find this?" Hermione asked as she looked around the camp. The egg salad sandwiches were good even if they were pink and the cool crisp apple juice was refreshing to their unusually dry throats.

"This was my moms and mine secret spot. I think you guys are the first outsiders to have seen it." Luna said with a sad smile. " Now this looks like a normal glade, but it's trapped in a time and place spell that my mom made up." Luna said proudly. A gasp of surprised issued from Hermione's lips. Ron had the look of seeing ones favorite Quidditch star as a bit of egg salad fell out of his mouth and Neville was looking at everything with a critical eye.

"I don't want to sound stupid, but what is a time and place spell?" Harry asked cautiously, he had a feeling that this was something he was supposes to know by Hermione's reaction.

To Harry's surprise it was Neville that answered. "A time and place spell is kind of what it sounds like. It's a place that has been copied or creative outside of normal time. If the place is creative then it would change with the creators moods or wants."

" Like the room of requirement that Remus and... uh...Snuffles... He said looking at Luna who was humming softly as she stared at a patch of blue sky.

Harry cleared his throat softly before continuing on. "They talked about the room in their letters?" Harry nodded in understanding more for himself then for the others.

"But the truly amazing part is not only someone making the place, but that it was still running even after the caster died." this was directed at Luna. "You know your mother would have been famous if she could explain how she made it." Ron said with no tack. Missing the flash of concern that Hermione aimed at luna and the anger that Neville leveled at Ron.

Harry raised an eyebrow at this. "Why?"

"Blimey Harry, only very ancient wizarding families know the secret. They are mostly likely not willing to share to outsiders. Many of these families have died out, those that are still left are so powerful that even Voldemort wouldn't want to cross them. They are so steeped In dark magic that he wouldn't touch them with a fifty foot pole. They enjoy giving torture and receiving it. " Ron looked into the empty fire pit deep in thought. "They don't pick sides, but if they chose to come to the dark side. We wouldn't win. Or that's what my mom said to Dad when he brought them up in conversation." Ron said sheepishly as pink rushed to the tip of his ears. Ron rolled his eyes in exasperation as her stated. " Not that they believe that He's back, not matter what I say."

"Well, it's a good thing they don't pick sides." Hermione stated.

" My mom could have been famous, but she never cared for that. No! This place would have remained a secret that would be past down for generations. Mom tied it so it passes on to any living relative." Luna said coolly and a little bit icily as she pulled out another cold bottle of apple juice from her purple rucksack.

"So the way it works down here is that for every six minutes at home is one hour here. That's why I only suggested six minutes for the first time, eventually we will spend a few days here camping and training." Luna looked at her watch and sighed.

"It's time to go, just leave everything here. Nothing will disturb it." She glared at the surrounding woods before continuing. " We go back the same way we came." Her friends crowded around her and touched the personal port key. "Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc!" Echoed around the glen in the sudden silence.