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SPA Part 2

She couldn't believe what she was doing right now…..or WHY she was doing it. I mean sure they were working a lot nowadays but just to go off and go to a SPA was a little far fetch….especially with the workaholic and all around badass Yakumo. It felt weird to say the word 'Spa' and 'Yakumo' in the sentence without getting a boulder toss at you.

"Yo Alisa" getting the blue-eyed girl attention

"Uhh yes?"

Yakumo and Licca was walking a little bit in front of her

"What's the deal?" at first she didn't understand, which Licca picked up on as the two gave each other questionable looks

"What she's trying to say" Licca started "Is what's wrong?"

Alisa looked at Licca a bit embarrassed

"Oh right….I knew that" she mumble off to herself before looking back at the other two females

"Sorry just thinking about some things"

"It's not work is it?" Licca question pouting a little, she was already in 'Spa' mode

"….Kind of"

Licca came up to her and loop her arms with hers

"Don't sweat it, we have a day of pampering in front of us" Licca sighed as she imagine what they were in store for

"Licca is right" added Yakumo "I heard this place is pretty famous around here" Then the white haired looked around "Whatever here is?"

"Uhh..right" replied Alisa with a sweat-dropped

They reach the entrance of a tall white building of about four stories tall line with gold door frames and black marble stairs that just made the normal sidewalk concrete sad in comparison, the three stood outside the building looking up at the black and gold sign that read 'Simplicity'

"I feel like I should pay just by looking at it" replied Yakumo the other two just nodded.

When they walked in they were greeted with a lounge which was drape with red velvet and silk curtains the reception desk held the black marble gold trim as did the floor around it. Speaking of receptionist the girl almost fell out of her chair when she saw Yakumo tall statue and eye-patch walk up to the counter, Luckily Licca step in and stop any further trauma. As they were led to a changing room to change into there big fluffy white robes.

"Seriously Yakumo I told you to leave your eye-patch at home" huffed Licca. The were still in the changing room as Alisa was already done and was patiently waiting for the other two

"What can I say I forgot" replied Yakumo

"Honestly, what am I going to do with you?"

"Your going to love me"

"Yakumo were not alone…"

Alisa blushed hearing the conversation through the wall

At that moment Yakumo head emerge from the door to the changing room making Alisa jump a little





"Yakumo" Licca pushed Yakumo out of the way dressed in her robe "Sorry Alisa"

"Keh, I'm not" huffed the new-type


Yakumo and Licca looked at the girl who let out the small scream which was Alisa to see her pointing at Yakumo with a shocked exrpession

"What the heck is your problem?" question Yakumo

"Your eye…." she looked at Yakumo again as she blink again with both eyes

"What about them?"

"Alisa you never saw Yakumo without her eye patch?" Question Licca

"I thought she lost it in some Aragami accident"

"Keh, please" added Yakumo dryly

"Well, nope she just wears it-"

"To give my enemies a fighting chance" smirked Yakumo in her robe with her arms crossed

"I thought you knew?" added Licca

"Heck I thought as well"

"I guess that was overacting a bit" added Alisa embrassed

"It's not your fault" smiled Licca "You really need to wear that thing less often even your teammates think your really missing a eye"

"Does it really matter if they know, it doesn't change anything"

"Only the fact that you look more feminine without it" added Alisa

Yakumo blushed


"Standing there in your robe, flustered and sexy" she smirked as she left the room with the attendant who made there selves known but the other two didn't even know they were there…

"What just happen?" question Yakumo

"I'm not sure…." added Licca

The three were then given a relaxing message

"This part I been waiting for all day" sighed Licca

"I have to agree there" added Alisa with a small smile, Licca turn to Yakumo to see the girl pouting

"What's wrong Yakumo?"

"This guy sucks" spat quickly

The misuse sighed

"Well if you wasn't built like a brick this would be more easier no?"

Alisa and Licca had to hold back a laugh

"What kind of fake! accent is that!, your FAGGIT-FRENCHER!" spat Yakumo who out of anger sat up with her robe down….. After chasing the guy out of the room she came back into the room scratching her head in annoyance

"Keh, wuss"

"Uh Yakumo" spoke up Licca pointing to her chest, Yakumo just looked down then crossed her arms across her chest slowly

"Well these bad boys need some air once in a while right?" she sweat-dropped

"True, you always cover up on a daily basis, you got to show some skin once and while" added Alisa as her misuse worked her shoulders trying not to look at the still half naked Yakumo

"Well excuse me, that I can't fight massive monsters in a fraking dress" huffed Yakumo

"Oh, c'mon Yakumo I was just playing" sighed the Russian "Your wardrobe screams the lone wolf mysterious genre"


Alisa open her eyes that she didn't even know were close and looked at her friends

"Oh, uh"

"What the hell women what the actually hell?" replied Yakumo

Licca just laughed

The three were given facial masked and were lounging in chairs as there nails were done.

"Sorry about that" Alisa spoke up

"What for?" question Licca

"About what I said earlier, I step out of line-"

"No you didn't" added Yakumo who was eating her cucumber slices "I'm just glad you relax around us"


"Yakumo is right, for once"

"Watch it Licca"

"But she do have a point, you been quiet and reserve since we got here"

Alisa laughed a bit

"Well, we rarely do things out side of Missions so I'm not sure how to act"

"Just be yourself" added Licca

"I hear that sorry that it took me a while to get the message" replied Alisa

"No worries" the other two replied with a smile

"Now on to other pressing matters" replied Alisa as her tone took a serious one getting the other two girls attentions

"How does those taste Yakumo?" pointing to one of the cucumbers on her eyes with a smirked, Yakumo and Licca followed suit

"Could used some salt"

Alisa took a bite out of hers then place the rest back on her face

"Huh, your right again" she replied

"Not you two with that" sigh Yakumo

The other two just laughed

A/N: Okay I was a little up in the air on how Alisa should act, I couldn't quite grasp her character (I tried playing the movie scenes again from the game to get something) but I didn't know how to portray her so she became totally OoC sorry about that all your Alisa fans. Look forward to the next chapter XD