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"Hey Iz," a male voice called from down the hall. Iz turned at the sound of her name. Kai was jogging toward her. "Did you understand the notes for math?"

"Oh yeah, it was easy," Iz said.

"So could I brow your notes?' he asked.

"Sure,' she said. "I'll give them to you at lunch."

They continued walking toward the lunch room as it was lunch time. As they walked down the hall, a sudden scream was heard. They both skidded to a stop, hearts pounding. Both Iz and Kai exchanged a glance before Kai ran down the hall in the direction off the scream. Iz ran after him. They rounded a corner only to be frozen by the scene in front of them.

On the ground was a body with a puddle of blood next to it. It was a human male student, but not any ordinary student, it was Gillan, or Gil for short. His body lay askew on the ground, his eyes open staring at the ceiling, blankly. His chest did not rise or fall, it was still. Gil was dead.

There was a small group of seniors comforting a female freshman, who must have been the source of the scream as she was wet with tears and was trembling. A couple of teachers came out of their class rooms and came over to the body. One of the teachers knelt down beside his body.

"Call a medic!" she cried.

Another teacher stepped off to the side and called. Suddenly two students broke through the crowd that had formed. They were Liliana and Turk, Gil's girlfriend and best friend. Liliana looked down at Gil only to stagger back, tears flowing. Turk wrapped his arms around her and tried to turn her away from the sight.

The next half hour took place in a blur. The medics and police arrived. Gil's body was taken away and the detectives remained asking questions to the student that found his body. They also dismissed the others and told them to return to class or lunch. However Kai noticed on his way to lunch, the Dean of Admissions stood waiting from afar and what looked to be a smirk on his bearded face.

No one ever expects bad news. Never. But when his secretary came in the middle of his meeting, Talken immediately knew something was wrong. However he didn't expect this news would hit him like a bomb shell.

"Sir," she had said. "It's the school." He remembered tears being her eyes. "I'm so sorry, Bank. Gil has been murdered."

Talken, usually a brave leader with a smile on his face, collapsed to the ground in tears. He had been in a meeting with Duchess Satine and two others about some neutral system business when this happened. And Talken was ashamed to cry in front of the leader of the neutral systems council and his fellow council members. Duchess Satine didn't even seem to care when she wrapped him in a hug.

Now he stood outside of the morge in the medical center looking in through the window at the medical examiners and his dead son on the bed. He had tried to get the Dean to tell him all the details, but he just told him that he was dead in the hall in a pool of blood. But after that failed attempted for information, he just remained silent looking at his son.

"Talken," a voice said from behind him.

Talken glanced over his shoulder at Satine. She stood with a cup of coffee in her hand for him. He thanked her for it silently then took a sip.

"Bank, I know this is hard for you," Satine said.

"I just wish to find the killer and make sure he is punished," Talken said sternly. "Severely punished."

"But don't you have investigators looking for him?" Satine asked.

"I do, but I feel the real murder will not given so easily to an homicide detective," he said. "I want someoneā€¦ like a Jedi, to go under cover as a student or a teacher and find the murder."

"Do you think it will work?"

He nodded and turned to her.

"One thing I know about teenagers is that they love to spread rumors and gossip."

Satine smiled.

"Then you're in luck, I happen to know a couple of Jedi."

"Really? Would you call them on my behalf?"

"Of course."

"Bless you, Satine."

Satine offered him a smile and he returned it, but smaller. They then both looked back into the room, anger clutching Talken's heart.

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