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Chapter 20- Case Closed

"I thank you so much young padawans for find the man responsible for Gillan's death," Governor Talken said. He glanced over at Dean Myers who was being dragged toward the squad car. "Dean Myers who would have thought?"

"All of us," Izzy, Kai, Turk, Lili, Sasha, Cayden, Ahsoka, Rye, and Jolene all said at once.

Talken chuckled. "Well I now feel at ease knowing that he is or soon will be behind bars."

"And with your permission, Governor that we can take him with us to Coruscant? He maybe a murder, but he is also a separatist conspirator, and I would hate to have the war come here again and try to break him out," Obi-wan said.

"Please Master Jedi," the Governor said.

Obi-wan gestured to the clones and two of them took the Dean off the police hands and brought him over to the group. Kate and Nathan then approached them, now relieved of the Dean.

"Well you three have amazed me," said Kate with a smile.

"So how did you do it?" Nathan asked. "I'm interested in knowing how you did." Everyone looked at him with a cocked eyebrow. "Okay everyone else wants to know how…I already know."

"It wasn't easy," Sasha started. "At first, we had trouble even getting a clue to help us. So when we could trust the friends we've made here, we told them that we were Jedi and more clues revealed themselves. But the Dean intervened when he summoned the Seppies here. I honorably surrendered myself to them so that Cayden and Ahsoka could continue.

Soon they were able to come up with a plan to try and stop the murder; however they only ended up discovering who he really was." Everyone looked at the Dean, who snarled at them. "So once he was revealed they tried again with another plan this time succeeding in capturing him and freeing me."

"But why did he kill my son?" Governor Talken asked.

"I wondered that too then it struck me in my time alone in a cell," she continued. "Dean Myers wanted revenge from losing to you in the race for Governor fourteen years ago. His first attempt was with the kidnapping of your eldest son, Rylan. When that met through with some success the Dean lived with your son until ten years ago when he took the job as Dean."

"You ruined my family you monster!' Talken spat at Dean Myers. "You kidnapped one of my sons and killed the other. Burn in hell!" Rye and the Chief had to hold him back.

"But wait, wouldn't his revenge for the loss in the election be Rylan being kidnapped, not Gil's death?" Kai pointed out.

"That's a good point," Ahsoka said. She turned to the Dean. "Why did you kill Gil?"

"Ten years ago I took this job here thinking I could handle myself around these people again, but when Gillian Talken arrived it reminded me of my singular hatred for his father. So when I heard re-elections were coming up, I had an idea that would ruin the Governor and he would have to resign from office. With this war going on, I knew I would need help in my plot, so I called up Count Dooku and told him of my plan plus offering him another world in the support of the Separatist army. He agreed and all need then was to weaken you, Talken. So I murdered your son. Originally, I was planning on kidnapping him, but killing him would make you fall even faster."

"But your plan failed," Anakin said.

"And I would have gotten away with it to, if it weren't for those meddling kids!" he said angered.

"I do have one last question?" Talken asked him. "Where's Rylan?"

"He lived with me believing he suffered amnesia at the age of eleven and that I was his father. When I returned here, he enrolled at the junior academy then the high academy. Once he graduated, he went onto the University, but he returned to me for a job and I gave him one… here… at the academy."

"You mean my eldest son has been here the entire time!" Talken asked appalled.

Dean Myers nodded.

"Then where is he?"

There was silence then…

"It's me," mumbled Coach Rye.

"Huh?" Jolene asked him.

"I'm Rylan Talken!" he said louder. Everyone gasped. "Aren't I?" he asked the dean.

"Yes," Dean Myers said after a moment.

"You lied to me! You made me hate my real father! This entire time I've been afraid of you, and now knowing this…this changes everything. I hope you pay for the crimes you committed you…you… bantha fodder!"

Dean Myers looked at him, his mouth gaping. He then snarled.

"You brat! I should have killed you fourteen years ago when I had the chance!"

"Take him away!" Obi-wan ordered.

The clones dragged him away.

"This isn't over! I will be back! I promise you!" He shouted before being silenced by the gunship doors closing.

Bank sighed before looking at Rye. He walked over to him. They hugged in a way over due hug. Obi-wan placed a hand on Sasha and Ahsoka's shoulder.

"You three have done well," he said. "Now, why don't we head home, I feel that you have over stayed your welcome."

The padawans nodded and they headed to the gunships. As the gunships flew away, all of their friends waved good-bye. Blast doors closing, Sasha sighed. She was so done with school…well at least high school.

The End.

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