AN: I know this chapter is really short, but I just wanted to describe the games .

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Chapter 1

Hermione POV

I woke up panting, I had just had that nightmare again.

"Are you okay, Hermia?" He asked , a worried look in his face.

"I just had that dream again." I said , both my hands in my eyes trying to hold back the tears.

"Just don't worry about it. Ready for today?" He asked her , a worried look in his face.

"Could we please not talk about it? I really don't want to think about it." I said. This week has been the most nervous week of my entire life. But today is going to be even more dreadful. Today they are going to choose the 6 tributes from each house.

All of this started when Dumbledore announced that the TriWizard Competition had been canceled. Now there was going to be a new kind of championship called the WizHunger Games. They are based in some games that exists a thousand of years ago in what is now North America.

The games consists of the 24 tributes killing each other until there is only 1 left. I really have no idea how the Ministry of Magic agreed with this , but I think it's only not to make the Dark Side angry. (AN: Half of the Wizarding World is ruled by the Dark Side) The thing is that not even the children of the Death Eaters are saved , they also have to have their name entry. Each student has to have at least 2 entries. However, a student can have their name entry more times and choose to subtract that amount of entries from another student , perhaps a close friend or little sibling.

For example, if you are in the seventh year your name has to be drawn 7 times, you can choose to add 2 more entries to your name. You will have 9 entries and the two extra ones can be subtract to whomever you want. If you choose someone from 4th year ( each student from 4th year has to have 4 entries) 2 entries would be subtracted , and that student will have 2 entries. However ,EVERY student MUST have at least 2 entries. So like I said, NO ONE is saved from this.

"Are you okay sweetheart?" He asked worried at why I was being so quiet.

"Yeah, I was just thinking about how not even you are saved."

"Yeah the only good thing is that my Father could work out a treaty with the Minister, my name is only going to be in there two times." He said.

"My name is going to be in there 5 times since Harry and Ron each added one more entry to their name ,so that I would have less entries." I said.

"Sweetie, you know that I would have added more entries to my name if I could , but my Father surpervises everything. I don't want for him to suspect anything." He says, an apologetic smile in his face.

"I understand. I'm just nervous that my name might actually be the one drawn out of the goblet." I said , all week I have been scare that I will have to participate in those horrible games.

"Well, when I asked you about today, I meant that today is someone's birthday." He said , a smile playing at the tips of his lips.

"Oh my gosh! I totally forgot that today was your birthday baby!" I said kissing him happy birthday.

"Don't worry, you have had a lot of things in your mind this on let's just forget about the games , and let's celebrate my birthday." He said as he pulled out of bed and into the kitchen to prepare breakfast... after all we needed a good breakfaast for all the disaster that was coming...