Elements Vs. Magyk

Chapter 1: The New Comers

Two people are on their way to the Castle, one a boy, and the other a girl. They may have the same destinations but they have different plans. The girl is on her way to the Castle for one reason: Beetle. The boy however had many reasons for going to the Castle but his main reason is: To awake his Master. The boy, up close, looked around fourteen to fifteen.

But, at a distance, he looked like an old man, but, in reality, he was an old man. He was even older then Marcellus Pye, but he was younger then Tertious Fume. The reason for this being he was an Elementalist, people who could control the four elements, and what he did to slow down his aging was use his control on water to stop his blood. This way his blood couldn't flow so he remained the same age like a vampire. But that happened many centuries ago but first you must know the reason.


The boy lived where Wizard Tower once stood. But before the Wizard Tower was even built, it used to be the Elementalist House. It was a white house with many Apprentices but only one Master. The Master, Eric Lance, was a kind person who taught his apprentices well. But the one person who he taught the most was the boy, 'his prized jewel' he used to say, and 'the son he never had'.

Those were peaceful times, the boy thought. But it all changed when the Wizards tried to take over.Hotep-Ra, the first ExtraOrdinary Wizard, came on his Dragon Boat. While the work was being done on the Dragon Boat, Hotep-Ra needed a place to stay, and my Master took him in. My Master was intrigued by Hotep-Ra's tales of his voyage and his country, and I was to. But the one thing my Master despised was the use of Magyk, saying,' what is the use for Magyk when you can control the Elements.'

And he told Hotep-Ra, while he was a guest at his house, he will not be doing Magyk.

But Hotep-Ra did do Magyk and some of the apprentices went into the ways of Magyk. But I did not, I was loyal to my Master, and I stayed with him until the end. But what I didn't know back then was it would soon be the end. Then one day an apprentice let it slip that he, a few apprentices, and a bunch of Outsiders, what people were called if they weren't an apprentice, were doing Magyk.

The Master heard this and banished all his apprentices, except me, and Hotep-Ra from his the damage was done and one night, while we were sleeping, the Wizards, as they were called now, rammed the door in. We awoke and ran out of our rooms to see the door being rammed in. Then the master used his control on Earth to stop the door from crashing down. But this still wasn't enough, so he grabbed my arm, and ran down the steps to the ground floor.

He then did his control on Earth and opened a circular door that was hidden beneath the Earth.

"Apprentice, you must flee, this passage will take you under the Castle, and straight to the outskirts," my Master said to me and then another bang on the door.

"Master, I won't leave y-," I tried to say but he stopped me, another bang on the door, and he said," No buts just do it!"

"Master-," I tried to say but he stopped me, another bang, and said," GO!" He then tugged me into the hole, where I landed on a landing, and closed the door and I could hear nothing. I then, with a heavy heart, walked thru the hole and came out past the Gate. I then stayed there and heard what happened to my Master. How he created a coffin and locked himself in it after he closed the doors. And now the coffin was to be put underneath the Wizard Tower.

After I had heard about what happened I fled to Farmlands. There I came upon the conclusion that I am the last of my people who weren't under the influence of Magyk. But as I moped I heard my Master's voice coming from the river near me. I went towards the voice and saw my Master's reflection, so I turned around to see him in the flesh, but he wasn't there.

"Apprentice, you must continue on your elememental quest, but first you must do something," the reflection said.

"Anything Master," I said.

"Good, now you must listen to me carefully for I don't have enough time, first you must slow down your blood flow; second you must use your control on water, third and final you must use that control on your blood to stop it from pumping, but a word of caution apprentice: this will be very hard at first but you must try, I suggest perform it on rats," the reflection said.

"Yes Master," I said and started to practice. It took a lot of time but he mastered it. Now after that he started back on his elemental quest. A few centuries later and he completed his training. Now he is on his way to the Castle to awaken his master.


The girl however was on her way to the Manuscriptorium. The reason for that is she wanted Beetle to be her boyfriend. The reason for this being that she had a small crush on Beetle ever since they were kids. She remembered the day she became friends with Beetle.


She was going home to her little house in the ramblings when she bumped into a kid. She said sorry and helped pick up the kids things. When she handed the things to the kid she was amazed at what she saw. The kid was the new person that went to her school, but why was he carrying so much stuff, she thought.

"Thank you," the kid said.

"Your welcome…uh, what's your name," she asked.

"Beetle and yours might be," Beetle asked.

"Phoenix," I said.

"Well it's good to meet you, um..could you possibly help bring these to my house," Beetle asked.

"Sure," Phoenix said and grabbed some of the stuff and followed Beetle. Beetle went down the same path as she did every day and they ended up at his and her house. He came to a door that was to the left of Phoenix's door.

"Hey you and me are neighbors," she said smiling at him.

"Oh that's good," he mumbled as he entered his house. His house was like every other house in the Ramblings. But the one thing that really set it apart from all the other houses(except from the Heaps) were books. All over the place were books but not Magyk books textbooks.

"You really like reading," Phoenix asked Beetle who was putting down the stuff by the door.

"Yeah, it helps learn all about different kinds of stuff," he said. He then took a seat near the fireplace and patted down a place for me to seat.

"Um, Beetle… could you possibly tutor me seeing that I'm falling behind in a few subjects, since you know so much," Phoenix said.

"Sure, let's get started," he said, he lit the fire and started going towards some books.

"Um, what kind of subjects are you falling behind in," Beetle asked.

"Math and science," she said while she watched Beetle looking thru books then pulled out two thick, leather bound books.

"We'll start with the basics," he said plopping down on the ground.

"And those are the basics," she asked.

"Yep, now let's get started," he said turning the cover to the page. And they got started and going pretty fast. By the time Phoenix came out Beetle's house she thought she knew more stuff then she ever was taught. And so it kept going like that until the end of the school year where Phoenix got all As. And from that moment on she had a crush on him, not because he got her As, but because he knew so much that made her intrigued (like Jenna).

But her parents moved her all the way to Northern Lands (home of the Northern Traders). There she sadly stayed until she ran away, to the Castle, where her true love is.


And if anyone got in the way of her and Beetle, then there would be a battle for him, she was sure of it.