Chapter 3: The Pre-Making of the Plan, The Meeting, and Outside

When his Master came out his apprentice took in what he looked like. He had long black hair, dark blue eyes, and a black cloak, black pants, black gloves, and black boots. His face had many scars on it; he also had a thick neck, and muscular chest, arms, and legs.

"Apprentice," his master said slowly.

"Master," he said and he kneeled.

"Stand up Apprentice, for i'm no longer your Master, and therefore you are no longer are my Apprentice," he said.

His, now ex, Apprentice stood up, puzzled," Master how am I not your Apprentice," he asked.

He chuckled," Mathew, this is the Apprentice's name, you have successfully finished your elemental quest, therefore you now have become a Elementalist Master," he said.

"I-I am," Matthew said with a smile.

"Yes and since you were my only Apprentice that stayed with me when everyone else left, I'll give you something that I have found, kept, and hidden from everyone," he said.

"What's is that Master," he asked.

"Please, Matthew, call me Ares. Now the thing I bestow upon you is The Ring of Lightning," he said. Then he pulled a small box out of his secret pocket in his cloak. He opened the lid and there, on the floor of the box, was a ring. The ring looked like a normal ring but it had a few differences that would make it easy to see in a sea of rings.

The ring had stripes of red, blue, brown, and white all around it. And where the jewel would be, there was a lightning bolt instead.

"The Ring of Lightning allows the wearer's power to increase. In fire, it would allow you to create more powerful flames, which would take years to Master, easily. In wind, it would allow you to move at lightning fast speed. In water, your movements are quickened. And in Earth, anything you make will stand against any blow."

"Um M- I mean Ares, why, then, did you not give it to me when you pushed me down into the underground chasm, so I could of rescued you quicker," Matthew asked.

Ares smiled and said," The reason for that being: how could I trust you. All I knew back then was you were my loyal Apprentice, but for all I knew you could have been a spy, I needed to know."

"But M-," Matthew said but Ares stopped him," Matthew, you proved me wrong, you came back, and that is loyal. Also I needed you to get away from the Castle as quick as possible, for if anyone recognized you and killed you there would be no hope for me."

"So what happened was like a test," Matthew asked.

"Exactly," Ares said.

"So what will we do now," asked Matthew.

"Now, we will start planning," Ares said.

"Plan for what," Matthew asked.

"For my rein of the Castle," Ares said with a smile.

"Okay," Matthew said eager to help his old Master regain control of what was rightfully his.

"But first, Matthew, you must tell me every thing that has happened in the Castle after my imprisonment," he said.

"Um, Ares, I am sorry but I don't know everything that has happened in the Castle, for I was away from anything that has to do with the Castle," Matthew said.

"Okay, then tell me everything that you know that has happened to the Castle," Ares said. So Matthew told him about how Hotep-Ra is dead, how the third ExtraOrdinary Wizard was a necromancer; how his apprentice became ExtraOrdinary Wizard, and how that ExtraOrdinary Wizard died and has apprentice, a girl,Became ExtraOrdinary Wizard. Also how Queen Cerys died and her baby was thought to be dead but wasn't, how the princess is living in the palace with her adoptive parents, and how she has seven brothers. Also how the ExraOrdinary Apprentice was the princesses adopted brother, also he is the seventh son of the seventh son (Ares looked shocked at this), and that he has a dragon and is master of the Dragon Boat. When Matthew tried to continue on, Ares stopped him, and said," That's enough information."

"Yes Ares," Matthew said.

"Okay, I think I have enough information for my plan, but I do not which to create without seeing how people live inside the Castle first," Ares said.

"Okay," Matthew said and he went to help Ares but he stopped him.

"No, I cannot leave this place until I have fully regenerated my powers," Ares said.

"Oh," Matthew said a little depressed.

"Don't worry, i'll be out one day, but until then you will have to help me with anything I need," Ares said. Matthew smiled at this; he was now working for his Master again, just like the old days, and he loved it.

"First, i'll need you to go out and buy me something to eat, i'm famished. He nodded and tried to walk out but Ares stopped him.

"Matthew, don't forget your ring," he said tossing the ring to him.

"Oh," he said while looking embarrassed. He slipped on to his finger and left. Ares smiled at this. You fool, he thought, if you think I would give you The Ring of Lightning, you are mistaken. I only gave you a Power Drain Ring which I made it look like The Ring of Lightning.

The ring actually looks like a white ring with a drain. And while you grow weaker the white will recede and the black on mine will become white. And while you wear that ring, i'll grow stronger while you grow weaker, until the point you can't bend. He looked at his own hand and there, where he left them were two rings. One was an old ring, it was black and where the jewel would be was a cup.

The second ring, which he put on a few minutes ago, was The Ring of Lightning. This is going to be excellent, he thought.

Meanwhile at Wizard Way, Phoenix was looking for a job. She found a few that she would like and others not so much. The job she would hate was Larry's Dead Languages Translation Service. The job she would really like to have was the newest job that the Manuscriptorium was doing. It was called the Delivery and Return Service.

It was to help the people who couldn't get to the Manuscriptorium when their book was ready for pick up or due back. The flier said that the person(s) would be outside half of the time. That's good, she thought, I can be inside with Beetle half of the time, and the other half being outside, it's a win-win. Also the flier said that the Front Office Clerk would be the person(s) dispatcher. She didn't know that Beetle was the Front Office Clerk but she hoped he was.

When she was done with looking for jobs, she went into the Manuscriptorium, and found Beetle sitting at a desk.

"Hey," Phoenix said.

"Phoenix, I told you i'll help you with finding a job on my launch break, and that's not for another twenty-three minutes," he said.

"Yes but you also said find jobs that were hiring and I did," she said.

"Oh that's great but i'll have to help you on my launch break, okay," he said.

"Okay but what am I going to do then," she asked.

"Read," he said gesturing to all the books around.

"Oh," she said then walked around. She looked thru the books and found a few she liked. She then sat on the floor and read one of the books. The book she was reading was entitled: The Rise of the Bird. The book was about Phoenixes.

As she read she had this strange feeling that she read it before but she couldn't place where. Then all of a sudden Beetle said," Phoenix." She quickly got up and walked thru the bookshelves, book in hand, and went to Beetle.

"Yes," she said to him as soon as she saw him.

"Oh I was just wandering where you were, anyway it's my launch break, and i'm ready to help," he said.

"Sweet, so where should we-," but she was cut off by the door pi-ing and a voice saying," Beetle." She turned around to see a girl, who looked around thirteen or fourteen, and wearing a gold circlet, a red tunic, and brown boots. As she drew closer she saw that she had violet eyes and dark hair.

"Hey Jenna is there anything wrong," he asked.

Jenna looked puzzled," Why would anything be wrong," she asked.

"I don't know, just thought that since Sep isn't here something was wrong," he said.

"What, Sep's not here, I know I saw him behind me, I wonder where he could be," she said looking at the doors. Then to answer her question a ping came from the door and Sep appeared thru the doors out of breath.

"Jen…when you really want to see Beetle…you don't kid," he said while trying to get his breath back. While he was trying to catch his breath Phoenix took in his appearance. He wore a green robe, a ring, and a silver belt. He had blond colored hair and bright green eyes.

Beetle looked puzzled and asked," Why did you want to see me Jenna," while his cheeks turned pink. Phoenix noticed this and was a little bit mad.

Jenna also blushed and said," Oh, you know… I haven't seen you in a while and when I had the chance… I took it," she said.

When Septimus caught his breath and saw Phoenix he asked," Beetle, who's she."

"Oh, everyone this is Phoenix, she's a friend of mine, and she's a really good person," he said.

"Hey Phoenix my name is Septimus," he said.

"I'm Jenna," she said." So what brings you buy to the Manuscriptorium," she asked.

"I came because Beetle's suppose to be helping me find a job," she said.

"Yeah and sorry to say this but it's possibly going to take all of my lunch break just to get done so I can't really hang out with you guys," Beetle said.

"That's okay Beetle we understand, hope it works out," Septimus said but Jenna wasn't going to let the opportunity to be with Beetle slip thru her fingers.

"But can't we help you," she asked hoping the answer would be yes.

But the answer was nothing of the sort," Sorry but I think it would be best if it was just me," he said.

"Oh, okay," she said and walked out. Phoenix smiled at this for she thought that Jenna was going to be a problem but she was wrong. But she was wrong; Jenna was going to be a problem.

"So let's get started then, shall we," Beetle said sounding like a businessman.

"Of course," she said and followed Beetle to the room where he and Sep drank FizzFruit.

Meanwhile outside the Manuscriptorium Jenna and Septimus were talking beside the door.

"I don't trust her," Jenna said.

"Oh give it a rest Jen, you're always like this when anyone gets between you and Beetle, especially a girl," Septimus said. This made Jenna irritated.

"I am not," she said.

"Oh yeah right," he said. This made Jenna stop talking for s few minutes.

"I wonder something," she said.

"What," he asked.

"Beetle said they were old friends but i've never seen her around and Beetle never talked about her," she said.

"Maybe he didn't want to tell us," he said.

"But we're his best friends," she said.

"Yes but even best friends hide secrets from other best friends," he said.

"Well I just can't think of Beetle as a person who has secrets," she said sadly.

"I can," he said.

"Really, how," she asked

"Because when I ask him a specific question he just goes to a different subject," he said.

"Really, what's that," she asked.

"What's what," he asked.

"The question," she said.

"Oh, um… nothing to important, just guy stuff," he said quickly. Mentally slapping him for telling her about the question.

"Sep tell me," she said a little irritated.

"I can't Jen," he said.

"Why not," she asked.

"Because he told me not to tell you or anyone, especially you, the question," he said.

"Why not," she asked. Wandering why Beetle would not want her to hear the question. Then an idea came to her and she had to restrain herself from leaping with joy.

"Because it's…personal," he said.

"Sep, is it about him liking me," she asked.

"Umm…" he said trying not to make his face looked shock because his whole body was shocked. How had she figured out, he thought.

"Sep tell me," she said irritably. But Sep wasn't going to tall her.

"Oh would you look at the time I got to go," he said and ran. This startled Jenna for about a second but after that she was hot on his trail. But that one-second was all that Sep needed. He was about ten feet from Jenna and he was heading toward the Wizard Tower.

As she ran after him she screamed," SEPTIMUS HEAP TELL ME."

He screamed back," NO," and kept running towards Wizard Tower. As he ran he saw a person in a blue shirt and jeans walking away from the Wizard Tower. As he crossed the Arch he looked behind him and saw Jenna closing the distance between them. He quickly sped up, came to the doors, said the password, and ran inside while the door closed itself. Then he ran to the broom closet, said the password, opened the door, went inside, and slammed it shut.

Jenna opened the door and only heard the slam. She groaned and left. When she walked down Wizard Way she couldn't help but look at the Manuscriptorium and what she saw lightened her spirit. People were walking in and out of the Manuscriptorium and a thought occurred to her: what if she could slip in (due to the fact that the door makes a pi-ing for her), try to find Beetle and Phoenix, and listen to their conversation. So she quickly got into the pack of people going into the Manuscriptorium, got in, and tried to find them.

She found them in the room where Sep and Beetle drank FizzFruit. She kneeled by the door, cracked it open, and saw and heard what was going on. And what that was, made her mad