Salut! So I've been meaning to finish this one for a long time... Sorry! ;-) This is what I've got... It should be treated as an epilogue, I suppose! Thanks to MelodiDam for convincing me it was good enough to go online!

They didn't make it through tea.

River had tried, but it just hadn't happened.

On the other hand, though, the alternative was just as delicious, and would keep her satisfied for much longer. Until the next time he visited, that is.

Lying together on the floor of the old lecture hall, River could almost forget how backwards and messed up her life could be. Here she was, young, but still very, very old, with her husband, who at this point in time, knew more about her life than she did. Her parents were years younger than she was, and living forever away, on a little planet called Earth in a blue house and a new baby on the way, one that, River thought sometimes in the dark, might eventually replace her.

But for now, she was here, and with her love.

She lifted her head from its place on the Doctor's chest, moving to look into his eyes. He looked down at her with a smile, filled with love, and adoration, and longing.

River was glad that today, at least, right now, she could make that longing go away.

There we are! Thanks to the loyal readers who acutally read this... :-)


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