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Summary: After the battle with Voldemort, Harry is given another chance to go back and enjoy his teenage years in the 1970's, a chance to meet his parents, befriend a man who gave his life protecting him and a chance to just be Harry. Eventual Slash HP/SS

A Chance to Live

Chapter One:

Harry sat in a small hidden alcove by the edge of the Great Lake that he had found sometime during the Triwizard tournament. It was all over. Sure, it would take some time for the Wizarding World to get back up on its feet, but for now they could celebrate the fact that Voldemort was dead. It had been an hour since his disarming spell had slain the Dark Lord and Harry had somehow managed to slip away from the crowd to find some time alone to breathe and come to terms with the fact that it was over.

Harry threw up a small ward around his area, just in case someone decided they wanted to go looking for him- he wasn't really in the mood to give up the few precious moments he had found to himself just yet. Hopefully everyone would be so busy celebrating and grieving they wouldn't come looking for him too soon.

Before Harry could start down the path of grieving, he sensed a movement out of the corner of his eye and whipped his head around to see a cloaked figure sitting in the same manner as him. Before his hand could even reach for his wand, a deep male voice emanated from beneath the hood.

"Don't bother, your magic won't work on me," the figure stated calmly, his voice somewhat familiar. "I'm not here to hurt you, I would just like to make you an offer," As if sensing Harry's skepticism the figure added with a light-hearted chuckle, "you may try to cast a spell on me if that would make you feel better".

Harry tried a jelly-leg hex upon the man, not really wanting to hurt him. Nothing happened. Harry could almost feel the man's smirk radiating from beneath the cloak.

"Who are you?" Harry inquired. He almost felt calm in the man's presence, but was sure he needed to keep his guard up; after all, this man had easily slipped through his ward.

"I have gone by different names in the past, but that is not the most important thing at the moment." The man took in a deep breath and said on the exhale "Harry James Potter, the young man who accepted death, died and then was allowed by the fates to live."

Harry's eyes bulged. "H-ho- how did you know that? I haven't told anyone that yet-" the cloaked figure held up his hand motioning for Harry to stop, he did so with a slight gulp.

"We don't have a lot of time. Harry, if you accept this offer, you will be able to meet and fall in love with your other half, befriend those who bore you, and have a chance to save the life of the man who has been keeping watch over you since your parent's death. If you decline, you will forget this encounter completely, and become moderately happy in the future years. You will make your way to head Auror, marry Ginny Weasley, and have children, though you will always have a nagging feeling that it is not the happiest you could have been."

"What's the offer?" The words seemed to move from his mouth of their own accord.

The figure rustled around in his robes and withdrew four small vials, a silver locket, and an envelope on which Harry could barely make out Dumbledore's name in the darkness. He laid them out in a line.

"You take this first potion," the man said gesturing to the vial furthest to the left of a light yellow color "it will de-age you to 15 years of age. This next dark green will modify aspects of your appearance until an appropriate time when they will be altered back. When the blue potion is poured into the locket along with the correct spell it will send us back to 1975," At the last statement, Harry's eyes widened, he had never heard of one being able to travel in such a large incrament, but the figure continued before he could voice his confusion, "This last one contains memories, those and the letter, are to convince Albus as to who you are and why you are there

"I could meet my mum and dad, but as teenagers?"


"Save a watchful man's life- is that referring to Snape?" The figure seemed to tense for a moment but then replied with an affirmative. Harry looked out onto the water. "I'm still trying to wrap my head around everything he did for me. I wish I could have known him better," Harry said wistfully as he gazed out onto the water.

"You can," was all that the figure said in reply.

There was a brief silence and all that could be heard was the light breeze flowing through the trees and the sounds of the small waves on the lake lapping at the shore.

"All sense and reason states that I should not trust a random cloaked figure who made their way through my ward and who is not affected by magic; yet I am getting the overwhelming feeling that I should trust you and your offers. Why?"

"I never said I was unaffected by magic- just yours. You trust me in the same way that I trust you, just as I cannot lie to you, or you to me. The reason itself is simple."

"Tell me," Harry said quickly, eager for answers. The stranger mumbled something about having to work on patience while lowering his hood and turning his face so he would be looking straight at Harry.

Harry could not help but let out a startled gasp, before him he saw brilliant green eyes, jet black messy hair and a lightning bolt shaped scare on a face identical to his own. He saw himself, aged nearly twenty years, smirking back at him.

"The younger version of myself took the deal," he began "mostly from curiosity but to also get away from the demands I knew I would have to face once I left the lakeside. I felt I wasn't ready to meet all that, but now..." His face seemed sad, yet hopeful. "If all goes to plan, then I think I can handle it."

"So I do go back in time?" Harry asked. The figure shook his head in negation.

"Not necessarily, but I hope you do. If you decline, I vanish, and everything happens as I said it would. However, if you accept, it could be so much more. Please do not ask for more information than what I have told you. One cannot lie to oneself and you already know too much."

Younger Harry gave a slow nod in understanding. "What happens if I say yes?"

Older Harry seemed to relax a bit and answered. "You take the potions I mentioned and we go to the summer of 1975 to meet with Albus about you attending Hogwarts. Then, the rest of the summer I will teach you the things you will need to know before you begin at Hogwarts."

Harry looked to his supposed future self with skepticism and bewilderment. He was filled with the desire to ask what sort of things he would need to know, but held his tongue in hopes that his questions would soon be answered. After all, if the man was who he claimed to be, wouldn't that cause problems, if he knew too much? Hermione's voice whispered through his mind "Bad things have happened to wizards who messed with time, Harry."

"If you are who you say you are," Harry said with a gesture of his hand around the vicinity, "wouldn't that cause a paradox?"

The figure didn't answer at first and looked as if he was choosing his next few words with extreme caution. "The fates felt, since you gave so much of yourself so full heartily, and at such a young age, that they would give you another chance for a bit of teenage normalcy. It would stretch the fabric of time too much if you regressed too far into early childhood, due to the fact that your memories need to remain with you. I know this is a lot to take in, and I wish I did not have to rush your decision, but I must urge you to make your choice very soon."

Harry looked into the pleading eyes of the older version of himself. "So if what you say is true? You are trying to sway your past self into making a decision you have already made?"

Older Harry seemed amused. "Basically."

"Do you regret the decision at all?" Harry asked of his older counterpart, who seemed to falter for a moment.

"I cannot lie to you, as I have told you. There were moments when I hated the future version of myself for not telling me everything that would have happened. But, with time, I too saw how I could not have been told that information. I had to discover it on my own. Overall, I do not regret my decision to go back into time to meet all those I wish I could have known better. In fact, I am thankful ever more so, especially if everything has gone to plan. I implore you not to ask of the plan, for knowledge of it now could risk your future happiness." The older Harry finished with a slight pleas in his tone toward the end.

"If we're traveling in time, why must we leave so soon?" Harry asked.

"The potion only allows us to travel in years, and in order for you to receive the correct training, we must leave now."

Harry looked at the three separate potions and gave a small, hesitant nod.

"The rules are simple. Do not let your foreknowledge be known, and do what is asked when the fates ask of it."

"That's it? Do I get to come back to this time?" Harry asked.

"Eventually," Older Harry responded, and Harry knew that it would be this older version of himself that would return and not his 17 year old self.

"It's worth it?" Harry asked for confirmation once more and received and affirming nod. Swallowing his Gryffindor courage, he opened his mouth to ask the one question he would never voice to his friends.

"Yes, I know which question you wish to ask, for I remember not wishing to voice it myself, but this is something you will need to learn on your own."

No more needed to be said for the moment. Any more questions and explanations would just lead them back to this point. Harry reached his hand out for the first vial and was not surprised to see his hand was trembling. How could it not? The older man dropped the first potion into his outstretched palm. Harry uncorked the bottle and downed the contents quickly before he had time to re-think.

Immediately, he could feel a buzzing in his brain and a slight tingling all over. The tingling began to burn and he felt his muscles contract, his bones seeming to pull in on themselves. He gasped loudly and felt a wave of nausea hit him forcefully in the stomach, and then it was over as soon as it had begun. It was slightly reminiscent of polyjuice.

"You're still you, just with your 15 year old body. You can still back out now…" the older man's voice cautioned.

Ignoring the man, Harry held his hand out and the second potion replaced the first.

"I must warn you that this one is going to suck even worse than the first, so you must be sure of your choice."

Harry gazed at the dark vial. What was he doing? He was going to go back in time. He would meet his parents and get to judge them on his own terms. He would get time away from the hounding press, time to recover, time for quiet, where no one expected great and wondrous things, time to help save a man who was one of the bravest he had ever met, a chance to thank him. A time to just be Harry.

He felt a wave of calm and clarity wash over him. This was the correct path for him to take, he was sure. He downed the liquid.

It was as if the potion knew the exact second the last drop had gone down his throat, for when that moment arrived, Harry felt a burning begin in his stomach that than quickly branched out to his extremities. His insides were churning; muscles twitching and twisting, the blood in his veins boiled then froze several times while he felt his bones constrict and resize. Harry could feel his pores burn as if someone had places a giant band-aid on every inch and ripped the top layer of his skin off, leaving the new layer of skin raw. The pain faded and darkness surrounded him.

"Evannnnn, can you hear me?" There was something poking his side. The victim of said poking opened his eyes to see a man with emerald green eyes and jet-black hair crouched beside him, poking him with a stick. The man looked slightly relieved that he had opened his eyes.

"Who's Evan?" The victim of the poking asked. Surprised to find that he was curled on the ground, the boy made his way to a standing position to face the man that has awoken him, and was more than a bit confused when it seemed that this older version of himself seemed a bit taller than he had moments ago.

"While in this form, your name is Evan Michaels. It is important to remember that, but should be easy since that is the only name I will be calling you for the next couple of months," The older version said with a grin.

"What happened? I remember taking the potion and everything hurting like a-"

"The potion knocked you out for a couple of seconds to complete it's... alterations" older Harry interrupted.

"Ahhh." Harry went to run a hand through his hair and was surprised when his fingers met softer hair. He raised his head in question.

"I will answer your questions but we must go," Harry, or well, Evan, nodded and the older version closed his eyes and looked to be thinking about something with great concentration and when his eyes were opened, they were bright blue eyes, softer looking auburn hair and tanner skin. The man gave Evan the letter and vial of pensieve memories to pocket, and with great care, poured the last bottle into the tiny hole at the top of the hourglass shaped locket, all the while, chanting something foreign.

When he was finished, he tapped the necklace lightly with his wand twice, than handed it to Evan.

"Never, under any circumstance, remove this from your person," Older Harry said as he passed the necklace to him. Evan took hold of the necklace felt some old teenage rebellion rise up.

"Did you?" He asked before he could stop himself. Older Harry smirked and reached under his robe to produce an exact copy of the locket Evan held now.

"Okay, then" Harry said, and placing the locket over his head, as he did so, he felt his magic make some sort of connection with the necklace.

"Here we go then," Older Harry put his right hand on Evan's left shoulder and Evan mirrored his image. A spell was spoken and light enveloped the two.

"Where are we?" Evan asked as he looked around. He was standing in space that was pure white. There was no way to describe it, it showed no shadows nor gave any indications of the size or depth of the space they were in.

Older Harry made a grimace. "It appears that they want to talk to us before we go back."

"More than talk," A voice said from behind them. Evan whipped around his head around to see three women, walking towards the two of them. The three seemed to be in their mid 30's.

The shortest one, who had spoken, had incredibly straight black hair that made Harry's jet-black look light. It hung right at the center of her back and stopped- as if it wouldn't dare move even a centimeter past its intended length. The bangs that framed her angular face acted in the same manner. The woman had a certain aura that exuded a firm controlling nature. The woman in the middle had brown hair done up in plaits, which seem to weave around the top of her head, leaving a round jovial face. The last woman was just as tall as the second, her heart shaped face framed by various shades of blonde, splaying fiercely every which way, giving Harry the impression that it could not be tamed by any hairdresser alive.

All three were dressed casually in muggle jeans and flowing tops.

"We also need to lay down some ground work that will ensure your future training will be easier to conduct" the auburn haired woman added.

"Or we could just let him go to meet the headmaster with no training and ruin the fabric of time I have worked so hard on," the blonde added dryly.

"Evan, I'd like you to meet the three Fates. Atropos," Older Harry said, gesturing to the lady with black hair. "Clotho," a gesture to the lady with plated hair, "and Lachesis" he said with a nod to the last one.

Evan tried not to look as weirded out as he felt. "Err, hello, it's nice to meet you all." Atropos nodded stiffly, Clotho smiled warmly and Lachesis seemed to be holding back a smirk. Evan turned back to the older version of himself.

"If you are who you say you are, than why did you seems surprised to see them?"

"Because you are not to remember exactly what happens here Harry Potter," Lachesis stated calmly in a voice that reminded Harry of Luna Lovegood, "you will only remember vaguely meeting with us, so you will be able to recognize us in these forms when we meet later in the physical world. You are mainly here so we may prepare you with abilities and materials to complete your upcoming tasks. Not to mentions so you can save your love."

The older version of Harry perked up at this. "He makes it? Did I do as told- was I able to save him?" he asked breathlessly.

"Yes, when you return to your timeline, Severus will be in his stasis, waiting to be awoken and nursed back to health," Clotho said warmly.

Older Harry let out a breath and then smiled with an ability that younger Harry didn't even know he had. Then the name caught up with him.

"Snape?" he choked out.

Older Harry realized now as well that the names of his precious lover had been spoken aloud to his foolish younger self. "He cannot know that!" Older Harry said gesturing to his younger self.

"The person we're risking this for is Snape?" Evan said incredulously.

Lachesis shook her head in amusement. "Your younger self will not remember that. He shall leave here only with the knowledge that when he goes to the intended time, he will find his love and he also has a chance to save an incredibly brave man."

"But Snape loved Mum, that's why, he..." younger Harry started.

"Snape did love your mother- in a completely platonic way, " Atropos said, joining the conversation.

"However, we must give you your gifts and send you on your way," Lachesis said, producing three books from Merlin-knows-where and placing them in a bag that mirrored the one that Older Harry had taken the potions from. "You will need these on your journey," she said as she handed him the bag.

Clotho came right up to Harry and smiled. "Hold out your hand!" Harry did so with somewhat of a blush on his face. It was slightly unnerving having someone you just met standing so close to you.

Clotho took his hand in hers and scrunched her face in concentration, after what seemed like ages, she opened them once more and smiled. "I have weaved the abilities that were not allowed to be present back into your thread," she said simply and walked back to her sisters.

Atopos stepped towards the two of them, then without a warning, she hugged younger Harry, then older Harry. "You will meet us again. Thank you for accepting me and what I have to do for the world." She said looking at the younger version. Then looking at the older man, she gave him a small smile "How could I not give you your well earned time with him?" she said and stepped back to join her sisters. The three looked proudly over their creation.

The whiteness began to fade to dark and Harry felt himself grow sleepy. His eyes closed as he heard a soft voice.

"Remember Harry, everyone has a destiny, we give you your abilities, but only you can choose what to do with them."

And with that, Evan slipped into a deep sleep.


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