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A Chance to Live

Chapter 13

The rest of the winter break passed by without incident, and the boys mostly occupied their time with games and reading. Evan made his way through his healing books and Severus the Oscar Wilde book, which he read slowly, as if he were analyzing each individual word. Before either boy knew it, it was the fourth of January, a chilly Sunday night that found Severus and Evan outside the Great Hall waiting for Lily. The din of chattering students and shuffling footsteps signaled her approach before the mob of students came in sight.

The doors to the castle creaked opened and a mass of black cloaks began approaching the Great Hall. Thankfully, it wasn't long before Lily found them.

"Severus, Evan!" Lily called as she scooted her way through the crowd of students.

"Lily," Severus openly smiled at her and the two friends re-united with small hug. Evan was only slightly surprised when Lily turned to him and he too received a quick embrace.

"How was your break?" She asked as the three of them walked towards one of the classrooms to catch up a bit before dinner.

Severus looked at Evan as he replied, "Pretty uneventful for the most part, except me repeatedly beating Michaels here in chess,"

Evan made an indignant noise and the three laughed, making Evan wonder when being around the two of them had become so easy.

After dinner, Severus went to go meet with his club, which confused Evan. Severus seemed so adverse to dark arts, and then the whole incident at Christmas but…

He cleared his mind. Now was not the time to be thinking that. Since he had mastered the invisibility charm right before break he had been dying to try it out with students still milling about the halls, to see if he could hold the charm while there were actual crowds of people in the corridors.

Once he had parted ways with Severus he headed towards the common room, only to veer off into one of the less used corridors to throw on the charm. After making sure the charm was in place, he set off to go to one of the upper levels when he heard a familiar angry voice emanating from the back of the corridor. Old Gryffindor curiosity led his feet closer to the noise.

"- from the truth, Sirius!" A voice, which was spoken at a normal volume, insisted.

"Keep your voice down!"

"Why should I? You're the one who followed me down here, you could be the one cornering me!"

"As if I would attack my own brother!"

The only person Sirius would call his brother would be Regulus… Evan peeked his head around the corner to see the shadowy shapes of the two brothers.

"You seemed like you might this holiday-"

"Our family is wrong Reg!"

"What about!?"

"They're going to start following that weirdo!" Sirius whispered.

"Mum has some extremely old views, views which are part of-"

"You really think he's going to stick to our traditions! You heard what Rodolphus was implying!"

"I think you're reading way too much into this," Regulus shook his head.

"Bella has always been off, but now?! Do you really think that Saraon died of natural causes?!"


"Reg you love all creatures! How could you stand by someone who so obviously had someone kil-"

"You have no proof!" Regulus' hands balled at his sides. "All of you Gryffindors are the same! You get some crazy idea into your head and fester about until you can't even see the truth until it's slammed into your face! Now if you excuse me, I have somewhere I have to be," Regulus turned the corner, placing him in Evan's line of sight.

"Regulus, don't go- you know what they are all going to be," Sirius called as he tried to catch up with his younger brother.

"You may turn your back on our family, but I won't,"

"What about me, you'll turn your back on me?"

Regulus turned around. "You were the one who announced you were never coming back. In front of the whole family! Don't even try to guilt me with something like that Sirius!"

Regulus turned back towards Evan and stalked right past him.

Evan turned around in time to see Sirius punching the wall with an aggravated cry. Sirius had been a dick to him the whole entire time he had been here, so why now did this feeling of empathy and need to reach out to comfort the other boy appear?

He really didn't have time to think about it as he had already cancelled his invisibility charm and was walking towards Sirius, who turned at the sounds of footsteps approaching.

"Michaels, what do you want?" For once Sirius sounded tired.

"Your hand is bleeding, let me see,"

Sirius took his hand closer to him, as if Evan would make the wound worse.

"What do you care? I know James seems to think you pose no threat-"

"What threat could I possibly pose?"

"Aren't you late for your little training meeting too?"

"I don't go to those," Evan shook his head.

Sirius narrowed his eyes. "Why do you want to help me?"

Evan shrugged, he didn't know why either, minus any future association they may have. "Remus is kind of my friend and your one of his best mates…"

"So for Remus' sake?"

"Do you really think it would be a good idea for you to go back towards the main area of school with a bloodied hand when you're leaving Slytherin territory?" Evan pointed out.

Sirius conceded and slowly held his hand out to Evan.

Evan took the hand in both of his, and the second his skin came into contact with Sirius', he knew half the reason he wanted to go and help the other boy. The persceptia. He had been reading, but now, holding a fresh wound in his hands he could feel the slight pull and Pomfrey and the book were right. The meditating was helping to make feel the magical pull much easier, but at the same time he would need the mediation so he could control when and how much he felt the pull.

The other half was still just an odd sense he couldn't quite pinpoint.

Trying to tune out the pull that wasn't healing, Evan focused his attention to the hand.

"I don't think you've broken anything, just tore some of the skin and bruised it a bit," Evan didn't look up, which is probably good, for if he did he would have seen confusion written all over Sirius' face.

Evan pulled out his wand, and slowly letting some of his magic through his shields murmured one of the most basic healing spells "Episkey,"

He watched in fascination as the skin started to repair itself slowly, leaving no cuts. "Scourgify," The blood cleaned itself off, leaving only the bruising; which was evident to Evan through the perceptia and the slight purpling of the skin.

"There you go," Evan let go of his hands and stood up. "I fixed the cuts, but you're on your own for the salve needed for the bruises. Just tell Pomfrey you slammed a door on it on the train or something,"

Sirius was looking at him with something akin to wonder.

"James was right, there is something off about you."


"You make no sense."

"Well, if it makes you feel any better, I don't understand you Gryffindors anymore than you understand me."

"Right, because Slytherins just go about helping the sick, like lost little Hufflepuffs," Sirius rolled his eyes.

"No, but we may ask for favors in return," an idea sprung to mind as Sirius' expression turned skeptical.

"Just lay off Remus for hanging out with me, he's got enough to worry about." Evan smirked and turned the corner and hastily applied his invisibility charm, just in time to see Sirius dart around the corner.

"Bloody Slytherins, think they know everything," Sirius rubbed his hand as he gazed around the corridor.

Even could not help the smirk of triumph grace his features as he strolled back towards the Slytherin Common room, his want for wandering the castle abated for the moment. He cancelled the charm as he neared the door and strolled through the slightly smaller than normal mass of people in the common room. Once he got into his room he was surprised to see only J.D. there.

"Hey Michaels,"

"Hey, J.D., where is everyone else?"

"Nott said something about the library and Severus and the others went to the meeting. Why aren't you there?" J.D. seemed sincerely confused.

"I want to be a healer," Evan said as he took off his school cloak and laid it on his bed.


"So, aren't they studying spells and whatnot?" Evan asked as he took out a school book and sat at his desk. This apparently seemed like an open invitation to come and sit on the edge of Evan's bed.

"Yeah, but what's that got to do with healing?"

Evan raised an eyebrow at the other Slytherin.

"You've been hanging around Severus too long."

Evan rolled his eyes and took out some parchment.

"But really, aren't spells used in healing?" J.D. pressed on.

"Yes, but analyzing defensive spells and healing spells are completely different," Evan said slowly. J.D. should know this. Nearly every pureblood kid grew up knowing the information. "Why aren't you down there?"

J.D. shrugged and kicked his feet. "My dad never really taught me all that pureblood manner stuff and Mulciber thinks I would probably embarrass myself this time. I asked why Severus is there if that be the case, and he said Severus is clever enough and knows enough to not be bothered. Even thought they know he's just there to learn about spell making," J.D. rambled on.

"You're not pureblooded?" Evan asked surprised, tucking the information J.D. had revealed about Severus for a later date.

"Yeah," J.D. seemed confused. "I thought you knew. My dad was half pure and half mixed blood. My mom was pureblood though. She died when I was a baby."

"Oh, sorry I didn't know," Evan cleared his throat. "Traditionally when there have been wars in the wizarding world, or times of conflicting ideals, healers stay notoriously neutral. Once they take the healer's oath, they have agreed with their magic to help any sick witch or wizard they may find, so when and if a war starts…"

"Healers stay out of it, because it's part of the profession?"

"Essentially, yes."

"And the opposing sides are okay with that? They don't try to take out the hospitals?" J.D.'s genuine curiosity was annoying but oddly endearing.

Evan shook his head. "It has happened a couple of times, but both sides respect healers enough not to mess with Hospitals, generally.

"So you just be a healer and you're protected?"

"Not necessarily, your magic has to agree to become a healer. There has to be the desire to work in the profession in order to take the oath."

J.D. made a small noise to show his understanding, before he started talking again. The boy wasn't very good at staying silent for extended periods of time. "You're awfully clever about all this stuff."

"What stuff?" Evan asked. J.D. was also not very good about being clear.

"The whole social system stuff, like how to act and everything."

Oh, that. Evan shrugged. "Just grew up with it I suppose," More accurately I had to study it non-stop for three months straight.

"Yah, but you know why?" When Evan didn't respond quickly, J.D. elaborated more. "It's like you know the rules but you also understand why they are there. Most of them don't."

The sound of the room door opening saved Evan from having to answer any further questions.

"You would not believe the audacity of Ravenclaws!" Nott announced as he stalked in, hurling his bag on the floor before he started rifling through his desk.

"Did they take your spot again?" J.D. asked.

"No, but they set up some odd study group right by my usual spot," Nott huffed as he pulled out a fresh scroll of parchment and took a seat at his own desk. "Which really isn't a problem until they start trying to get me to answer questions for them."

J.D. took this as an opening to start talking across the room to Nott about what kind of questions they were asking and suggested that Nott could have just given them slightly incorrect information in retaliation for interrupting his revision time.

Tuning out his classmates, Evan wondered about the information he had learned. If everyone knew Severus was going to the meetings just to learn, why did they allow it? Not to mention how much Severus seemed to hate the division of people based off pureblood ways. Why would he continue to associate with a group that everyone seemed to know was going to start following the new dark lord? It just didn't make sense, and the two of them weren't close enough that Evan could ask why, were they?

Evan held back a groan and decided that any further thoughts on the subject would be best left to mull over when he was alone. Nott and J.D. were looking expectantly at him.

"Sorry, did I miss something?"

"Did you see how MacDonald kept looking over at our table during the feast?" J.D. asked, with a knowing grin, leaving Evan to wonder when the subject changed from school to girls.

"No...Was she?" Evan responded slowly. He was never particularly good at the whole 'girl' conversation.

"I'd have to say that 6th year Hufflepuff is also quite obvious," Nott theorized.

"It is hard to be more obvious than a Gryffindor, but I think you may be right. He's half-blood isn't he?"

Nott snickered. "Must be having some kind of strange conflicted muggle feelings about it."

"Even I'm not that ignorant about traditions," J.D., sighed with exasperation.

Evan was officially lost in this conversation, but he couldn't really ask what precisely what they were talking about.

"Yes, but the real question is if either one of them are going to do anything about it," Nott reasoned.

Evan nearly asked 'do anything about what' when someone walked in and asked just that.

"Oh hey, Severus. We were just talking about how obvious MacDonald is," J.D. explained.

"And that 6th year Hufflepuff," Nott added, because really, how could one forget?

Severus put his things down on his own bed, but instead of sitting at his desk, he came and plopped down on the ground between the boys and leaned against the bedpost.

"You are questioning which one of them is going to approach?" Severus asked.

After an affirmation, Severus gave a small snort. "You are both incorrect in your bets, it was Antein."

This seemed to amuse Nott and J.D. greatly.

"Going behind her friend's back, how very un-Gryffindor of her."

"It was a bit droll."

Evan was now positive he was missing something.

Mulciber and Ganter stumbled back into the room and Evan took the chance to go ahead and go to the bathroom while the rest of the boys spoke about Merlin knows what.

"Dark Mark Appears in Kingsmill!"

Announced a headline at Tuesday morning's breakfast. Apparently, a busload of people returning from a church restoration had been attacked by Death Eaters the previous night. Thirteen muggles and two muggleborns died in the attack. The muggle driver survived only long enough to tell Ministry officials that he saw men in cloaks and masks coming towards him before the explosion happened. The paper added that the muggle media was blaming the IRA for the attack.

Evan wondered if Voldemort took issue with muggle religions, or if the church bus was a random target. Evan tucked the thought away incase it became important later. He shook his head and passes the paper to Severus, who had been peering at the front page ever since Evan had received his copy.

Evan poked at his breakfast, allowing himself to think behind his shields for just a moment, why the fates had sent him here. It wasn't really feeling all that different from the time he had just left, everyone murmuring softly to the members of their various cliques.

"We better start heading to potions," Evan muttered to Severus who looked up from the paper and nodded.

The two got up and joined the trickle of students beginning their trek down to the dungeons.

"Friday's a big day for you, Severus!" Mulciber announced from behind them as he slung an arm over Severus' shoulders.

Evan raised an eyebrow in speculation. Severus really didn't welcome the touches of anyone besides Lily.

"The occasions you are hinting towards is not worth a large ruckus, Franz," Severus sneered in his way that meant while he wasn't happy, he wasn't terribly upset either.

"Always so shy about everything Severus," Mulciber chuckled. "After Friday, you are officially one year away from being an adult."

"Not everyone is counting down the days until they are 17."

"I can't wait till I can finally apperate," J.D. chimed in.

Evan made a silent comment about how it wasn't really all that it was cracked up to be.

The Slytherins made their way into the potions classroom, chattering about the excitement of turning 17. Evan couldn't help but wonder for what specific reasons Mulciber and Ganter wanted to be 17. He had a suspicion that at the moment, Voldemort was still not accepting full-fledged members into his organization until they were 17. With a wry smile Evan mused that Mulciber really wouldn't have to wait too much longer to join the Dark Lord.


"Happy Birthday Severus!" Lily announced as she thrust a rather flat, yet lumpy looking package at Severus.

The three were sitting at a small wooden table late on Friday in the kitchens. His own clever idea, if Evan could say so himself. The only other students likely to know how to enter it were the Marauders, and the house elves would probably trip over themselves to make sure they were fed.

"Thank you, Lily," Severus accepted the flat package and gave her a quizzical look.

"It might be more than you were expecting," Lily flashed a mischievous smile. "Be careful with it."

Severus looked down at the package and undid the wrapping to reveal a pair of jeans that looked like they came from some 1970's music video.

"Thank you Lily, though they look-" Severus pulled the waist up and looked down at what the jeans had been covering.

"No!" The black haired teen looked over at his redheaded friend with surprise.

"I know, you can say it," She answered, looking smug.

"When?!" Severus picked up the flat package the jeans had been covering and began reading it.

"Over Christmas break, it came out in the beginning of December," Lily said excitedly.

"Have you listened to it yet?!" Severus asked.

"And cheat on you like that?!" Lily asked aghast.

To Evan's surprise, Severus laughed and got up to give Lily a huge hug, a kind he had never seen the other boy give. Lily laughed as she returned the embrace.

"Err, what is it?" Evan couldn't help but ask.

"Look," Severus turned the side he was looking at towards Evan.

It was white, with some kind of emblem on the front and blue scrawl below that read: A Night at the Opera.

From this angle, Evan saw it looked like an old record album, and was about to comment until he remembered how wizarding records looked.

"What exactly is it?" He asked, playing dumb.

"Oh," Severus seemed to realize his friend had probably never seen this bit of muggle technology. "It's a record."

"Severus has loved this band since his mom bought one of them on the sale rack a couple of years ago, and they are just starting to get popular," Lily explained.

"It seems the world is finally wising up to the brilliance that is their music."

"We'll have to sneak into the instrument room this weekend."

Severus nodded in agreement and set the record down reverently. "The jeans truly would have been enough Lily."

"Oh pshh," Lily shushed him with her hand.

Lily and Severus turned to him and Evan picked up his own gift, feeling a bit foolish having to try and give Severus something after that.

"Happy anniversary of birth," Evan nearly mumbled as he passed Severus the new phials and jars he had ordered. The idea that it was a completely cliché gift to give a future potions master was still gnawing at him, as he caught Lily's eye. She smiled reassuringly.

"Evan, wow," Severus breathed as he pulled out a jar for closer inspection. "These containment jars are truly of a high caliber."

"I know how much you enjoy potions. I thought this way, you could, you know, be able to experiment a bit more. There are enchantments to help with preservation of different ingredients on the jars- from dry to liquid," Evan babbled.

Severus looked reverently at the jars and looked as if he wanted to say something, but decided against it. He may have thought that the jars were too much, but fortunately for Evan, in pureblood culture if someone contributed to your preferred choice in education it was considered incredibly rude to try and turn the gift down.

"Thanks Evan," Severus smiled as he put down the jar.

"You are most welcome." Evan replied, confused by the simultaneous feelings of happiness that Severus had liked his gift and the odd sense that he was missing something by not receiving the same thanks Lily had been given.


Evan took a deep breath in as he sank deeper into his meditation. Today was February 14th. Valentine 's Day. A day which was actually a wizarding holiday that claimed romance between magic folk was much easier to feel at the time when winter was ending and spring would soon begin.

Voldemort had been busy the last month, several disappearances and minor attacks had been in the paper nearly three times a week. This somehow had not stopped Dumbledore from letting the children of Hogwarts go into Hogsmeade on the actual day of Valentines, seeing as how it fell on a Saturday anyway.

Although there was a sense of foreboding in the air, Evan had had one of his most classic teenage moments with Lily and Severus when the three of them finally snuck into the music room to listen to the record and work on homework.

It took Evan nearly half the record to figure out they were listening to Queen, and when Bohemian Rhapsody came on towards the end, it had proved rather difficult to refrain from singing or even humming along. He didn't know many muggles who hadn't at least ever heard of the song in his time.

Of course, he had tried to play the part of pureblood well and marvel aloud at the ways the muggles were mixing the instruments in ways that wizards had yet to.

They ended up spending Lily's birthday in the same room listening to a different music record. Evan had had no idea that Severus Snape, menacing formidable opponent in all black was, in actuality, a music fanatic of the glam rock variety. The reading made sense, but the image of Severus in one of those get-ups made Evan giggle.

As Evan breathed out of his mediation, he was sincerely glad of his avoidance of the opposite sex that this Valentines would at least be spent in the company of friends without the worry of reporters and emotional girls.


"I don't see why Severus had to go and get a book," Lily grumbled as the two of them waited just outside the gates for Severus.

"He takes one with him everywhere," Evan reasoned.

"True," Lily conceded and looked down as a couple passed by them giggling and holding hands.

"Not a fan of public affection?" Evan asked with an amused grin.

"No, I mean it's not that-"

"That you're not on a date?" Evan asked confusedly.

"No! I got asked, I just didn't want to go on a pointless date- just because of the day," Lily explained.

"Oh, okay."

"It's just… weird," Lily looked around hesitantly.

"I think there are two different conversations happening here."

Another group of couples walked by and Lily gestured to them.

"I guess I'm just not used to seeing it, not that I'm against it or anything!" She explained.

"A little help would be appreciated."

"Oh," Lily blushed a bit. "I just, well it's strange to see well… same sex couples," she leaned closer as she whispered the last part very quickly.

"Oh," Evan began to connect the dots, looking ahead of them and saw that the first couple Lily had shied away from had been two upper year girls.

"I mean, when they came to explain the letter they told me and my parents it was completely normal and everything, and it doesn't bother me, it's just-"

"Weird?" Evan finished.

Lily nodded.

"Err," Evan wasn't really sure what to say. "It's mostly because witches and wizards find their partner, not just on looks and personality but on the way their magic interacts." Great. Now he was channeling Hermione by going into book mode.

"Really?" Lily's head perked up.

"Apparently when you find someone who complements your magic, you can tell through… physical romantic gestures."

"Oh," Lily looked down and Evan sincerely hoped the conversation was coming to an end. It really didn't seem appropriate for him to give the owls and kneazles talk with his mother, with him supplying the information.

"But, some magical people marry muggles," Lily pointed out.

"That's what most purebloods have against those relationships. They say you can't truly have a connection with a muggle, but those who have been in them swear that the connection exists."

Lily made a sound of understanding and Severus saved them from continuing the conversation by finally showing up.

Thankfully, as they walked down to Hogsmeade the conversation was strictly on the upcoming potions projects that would be due soon, making Evan wonder how, even with disappearances and violence in the news, he was able to relax and act like a normal teenager. It was mostly, he figured, due to the fact that he wasn't at the center of it all.

When they were at the less crowded part of Hogsmeade, just before Groves, they stopped as they heard someone calling Lily's surname.


The trio turned and saw James Potter slow down from what looked to be a run, to a cocky stroll. Oddly, Remus was the only one who seemed to be with James at the time and was in no hurry to catch up with his friend.

"Potter, what do you want?" Lily asked and Evan couldn't help but notice she didn't seem as impatient as she had at the beginning of the year.

"Are you sure you didn't want to spend your day, with more," He looked from Evan to Severus, "Attractive people?"

"Not everything is about looks Potter," Sneered Severus.

"You would think so, Snivellus," Potter called back.

"Don't call him that!" Lily snapped.

Evan caught Remus' eye and even though the boy looked a bit worse for the wear, he shared Evan's look of exasperation.

"You can't seriously tell me you'd rather date that—slimy oily Slytherin instead-"

"Instead of you Potter?!" The anger in Lily's eyes was evident. "I can date whoever I want, and if I wanted to date Severus I would!"

Severus seemed embarrassed with the intent of not letting Potter know he was embarrassed which left his face tinged an odd pink with a peculiar sort of smirk on his face.

James sputtered.

As if to drive a point home Lily grabbed Severus' hand as she kissed him on the cheek. "Come on Severus, let's have a date in honor of Valentines!"

Severus turned red as the stubborn Gryffindor girl began to literally drag him away. He turned his head back to smirk at Potter who scowled, and when Evan caught his eye he seemed to look almost apologetic.

"You really are going about that the wrong way you know," Evan mentioned.

"What would you know Michaels! I haven't seen you date anyone!"

"That may be true, but I'm near Lily a lot more often than you are, and ambushing her while she's around her friends may not be the best tactic as it seems to well... get you nowhere,"

Potter made a rude gesture and stalked off.

Evan turned to Remus. "Wanna go get a butterbeer and lament on the idiocy of our friends?"

Remus let out a small laugh and agreed.

"So where's the rest of your group?" Evan asked as they walked.

"Sirius and Peter got dates," Remus' hands found their way into his cloak pockets.

"Huh," Evan truly wasn't surprised that Sirius had a date but… Peter?

"How about you?"


"Yeah, dateless…"

"Oh, well no one asked me," Evan shrugged as he absently kicked a rock.

"You're kidding!" Remus looked agape.

"Nope," Evan wasn't completely blind, he had seen that look in a couple of glances his way and had made sure he was never in an approachable place, the fact that he may have used his invisibility charm to get away seemed irrelevant.


"What about you?" Evan interrupted.

"Me?" Remus shook his head. "I'm not feeling too well and same as you."

"It doesn't really bother me. I've had enough of false interest to last me for awhile."

Remus looked at him as if he was off his rocker. "False interest?"

"Ignore me," Evan smiled. "Let's get that butterbeer, my treat." Evan held the door open for Remus and followed the Gryffindor into the always crowded Three Broomsticks.

Passing tables filled with their peers, Remus and Evan found a table towards the front corner of the pub.

They talked about school and were in the middle of talking about DADA when Rosmerta came by to take their orders. Both boys ordered the signature drink and as Evan turned back to Remus, he seemed uncomfortable about something.

"Something wrong Lupin?"

"Er, well," he took a breath "This isn't a date, is it?"

Evan couldn't help his eyes bulge out. "I no- I mean it's not. I just thought you know friends-"

"Okay, no offense but you know, you're not really my type," Remus said with a cocky grin that wasn't often found on the shy boys face.

Evan laughed, "Nor you mine!"

Remus seemed to recover from his embarrassment but immediately looked uncomfortable again. "I think I'm going to go the loo real quick."

Evan nodded and laughed silently. A date with Remus? Talk about strange. He looked down at his watch and felt a sudden shift in the magic in his surrounding area and looked up to watch as a woman with crazy blonde hair in a deep red cloak plopped down in Remus' previous spot.

"Hello Harry Potter," the blonde smiled as she sat.

Harry looked in disbelief at the woman and then it hit him where he had seen her before.

"Lachesis, what-" Harry felt his eyes blink as he tried to comprehend his new table companion.

The fate laughed lightly. "Always so eloquent when it's just you."

"I was beginning to think I'd imagined meeting you all. I mean I can remember, but I can't…" somehow being in the forceful nature of fate rendered one a babbling fool.

"Don't worry, you'll get over it one day," Lachesis seemed amused and annoyed about this.

"Uh, well er- what is it? Did I do something wrong?" Harry asked quickly.

"No, I'm just here to pass along a message."

"A message?"

"Just that, the way you remember things and the way incidents were described to you may not be what actually happens here."

"What does that mean?"

Lachesis laughed again. "Try not to worry Harry Potter, follow your mind and heart equally, they will lead you down the right path."

Lachesis stood back up and Harry felt the magic shift as she disappeared into thin air.

Remus and Rosmerta appeared at the table at the same time, with slightly confused looks on their faces.

"Here are your orders," Rosmerta placed the butterbeer and chips down and walked back into the center of the pub.

After the pub, Evan suggested heading to Zonkos, as it would most likely be one of the less crowded places due to the nature of the holiday. They were right, the shop wasn't deserted, but there were quite fewer occupants in the shop than there normally were.

As Remus was explaining to him what could happen if you mixed one of the dungbombs with ginger root, they heard their names.

"With Remus? I think you're seeing things Mary," Lily's voice reasoned.

"No, I swear Lily, I saw them! Evan and Remus were on a date in The Three Broomsticks," Lily's friend insisted.

Remus and Evan looked at each other and as they caught each other's eye, they doubled over on each other in silent laughter.

"What?" A new voice inquired.

There was a girlish 'eep'.

"Oh hello Snape, just telling Lily about the new couple. I um- I'll see you later Lily," Remus and Evan watched in amusement as Mary MacDonald dragged her date out of Zonko's rather quickly.

"I really wish you wouldn't scare my friends like that Sev."

"I have no idea as to what you are implying," Severus sniffed and moved.

"Really Sev. I mean it's gotten better since Evan, but really I have worried about you-"

"Precious Evan on a date with Remus," This time, Evan didn't laugh at the angry sneer in Severus' voice. What was he so upset about? Remus looked at Evan and gave him a sympathetic smile and a reassuring shoulder squeeze.

"Well we did kind of ditch him…"

"Yes, as you used me to-" Lily and Severus turned the corner and stopped.

Evan looked past Remus' face and saw Severus' face turn from mild annoyance to a full-fledged sneer.

"It appears your friend was right."

"What's your problem?!" Evan was surprised, as was everyone else it seemed by the way Lily and Remus were looking at him, that he was the one who had spoken aloud.

Severus even looked a bit taken back. "Nothing, just surprised at your choice of company for the day."

"Do you have to dictate who everyone befriends or something?" Evan threw the dungbomb back into the pile. "I'll see you guys later."

Evan stalked out of the store trying to get a grip on his emotions. He was normally so much more controlled than that! But something in the way Severus continued to be so… judgmental about everyone else's friends was annoying. Cursing, Evan blamed the visit from Lachesis, maybe the shift in the magic has upset his shields.

"Evan, slow down!"

Recognizing the voice and not really wanting to talk to him, Evan continued to walk.


Evan turned his head and noticed that Remus was nearly running to catch up with him, making the sick boy look even worse.

Taking pity on the werewolf, Evan moved to the side of the path, so they would be out of the way.

As Remus made his way over, Evan looked in the sky and saw the shape of a nearly full moon and felt even worse.

"You really shouldn't run like that when you're sick," Evan commented as Remus caught his breath.

"Geez, Michaels what do you do? I don't think I've even seen James walk that quickly."

Even though it wasn't Remus' fault, being compared to his father seemed to strike a nerve.

"What is it Remus?"

Remus stood and looked at him. "You really shouldn't be so hard on Snape."

Evan blanched. "What?!"

"I think, besides Lily your one of the closest friends he's had." Remus started to walk back towards the school with Evan following.

"What do you mean?"

"I keep forgetting you're new here," Remus shoved his hands into his cloak pockets. "Snape, Lily and I got along pretty well in first year, but it was hard being friends with him and James, Sirius and Peter. And well, I guess to him it looks like I probably chose them over him. Especially now with you and Lily and I revising together sometimes, I think that he's worried I'll take away his friend or something, and he doesn't really get along much with most of the other Slytherins. Well he did, but the ones he did get on with have graduated."


Remus rolled his eyes. "He's incredibly insecure and is better at pushing people away than holding onto them."

"I don't understand why you are friends with them."

"James, Sirius and Peter?" Remus asked.

Evan nodded. "You just seem, more… down to earth about things than they are."

Remus sighed. "I know that they can be a bit on the loud side, but they're my friends and they…well they are really good about being so."

Evan had a feeling what that cryptic statement had meant. "You know that made no sense, don't you?"

Remus laughed. "I know, but it's one of those things that is hard to explain."

Evan decided to respect the other boy's privacy and change the subject, feeling almost guilty about the fact that he knew why Remus was so loyal to his fellow marauders.


Evan was alone in the dorm room later working on his charms homework when Severus walked in. Was he supposed to be the one to acknowledge the other boy first? Or should he wait for Severus to talk. This whole thing seemed silly, so much for a Valentines without drama.

"I was instructed by Lily to not be so hard on friends and their choices of dating, I had also not realized your preference was wizards and-"

"Oh, it's not," Evan supplied quickly, trying to save Severus from any further embarrassment. "I just don't like people assuming things about me, without asking me about them first," A life in the public eye had perhaps made him jaded about rumors.

Severus raised an eyebrow as if confused about something. "I see. Well if I hear anymore seemingly interesting facts about your person I shall inquire with you directly next time."

Evan let out a small chuckle. "That would be much preferred, thanks," a smile accompanied the statement. Severus sent a tentative one back and the two began discussing the charms assignment.

As he watched Severus point out a highlight in the reading, a small part of him behind his shields marveled at how different his friendship with Severus was from Ron. Both boys were stubborn and incredibly insecure about their placement in the wizarding world, and while Severus seemed have a longer list of insecurities, it was much easier to discuss things with him and it seemed he didn't hold grudge for as long of time, and would listen to his side of the story. Evan sort of preferred it this way.


The morning of Wednesday March 17th, was cool and crisp and most of Slytherin house was in good form, except one Severus Snape.

Evan wasn't sure, but as they made their way to the Great Hall for breakfast that morning Severus seemed even more quiet than usual.

"You feeling all right Severus?" Evan asked as the two made their way up the stairs.

"Huh? Oh yes, I am just fine," the boy snapped tiredly.

Evan raised an eyebrow. "I didn't see you come in last night and-" the two made their way into the great hall past some overzealous Gryffindors.

"You don't tell me everything that you do either," Severus snapped.

Evan grabbed the other boy's arm, stopping him from entering the Great Hall. "Severus, what's wrong?"

While the sullen, dark-haired teenager was not normally a morning person, Evan had learned from the Valentine's Day debacle that Severus really didn't lash out at his friends too often. In fact something had changed since then, and Severus had seemed almost more at ease around him, as if he wasn't holding something back.

Severus bit his lip, staring at the ground and made no move to pull his arm away. "I can't tell you."

"Severus I'm not going to judge you-"

"No really. Evan, I can't tell you." The other boy pulled his arm away, almost reluctantly and Evan followed Severus into the Great Hall.

Something was definitely up, Evan thought as he followed Severus to the Slytherin table, where everyone seemed to be discussing something.

Crap, what had Voldemort done this time?

The two sat at the table and J.D. immediately began talking.

"Have you guys seen the points this morning?" the black boy asked.

"Huh?" Evan looked over to the hourglasses and blanched. While he had not paid close attention to points, he knew that Slytherin had been in a close second behind Ravenclaw with Gryffindor and Hufflepuff following. Now however that was not the case.

Slytherin must have lost something close to 75 points as they were dead last in the running and Gryffindor was now in first.

Evan looked to the Gryffindor table where the Marauders had their heads bent down discussing something. Evan caught Remus' eye and the werewolf looked apologetic and slightly embarrassed.

Evan looked at Severus, the hourglasses and then back to Remus, who was now discussing something with a rather abashed Sirius.


Severus continued to poke at his breakfast, avoiding everyone's gaze more than usual.

Evan inwardly groaned, resisting the urge to throw his face in his hands. How could one comfort a friend about something you weren't supposed to know anything about?

To be continued…

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