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Gilbert Blythe, a 50 year old "married man" was sitting on the dock, one warm breezy summer morning along the shore in.

Anne Blythe came out of the summer side cottage and walked towards her husband.

"Gil," she said in a soft voice, not wanting to break the silence of the chirping birds.

Gilbert patted the worn wooden boards beside him on the dock. "Come sit, Anne-girl,"

Anne slowly walked towards Gil and sat on the dock. She then laid her soft blondish and greyish hair on his shoulder.

Gilbert put his arm around her and said, "Anne, I know I've said this before, but I'm glad I married you, and not the newly married Christina. Remember her? Do you ever think that it was good that you were an orphan, Anne?"

"I do think that sometimes, but-"

"But what?"

"But sometimes I wonder what would happen if my parents didn't die, or if Aunt Sarah and Uncle Marc didn't keep me," Anne said in a few tears.

"I understand, Anne."

"Come on Gilbert, Diana and Fred are stopping by for coffee and cookies,"

Gilbert stood and chuckled. "Ah, the old "Hip-Hop" King and his wife must dine on timbits,"

"Don't be sarcastic,"

The couple walked home hand in hand that morning not knowing what was in store for them.

At the cottage...

"Oh, Diana, Fred! What a pleasure it is to have you both over again," Anne said greeting her friends after flying past Gil and gently pushing him against the foyer wall.

"Cough cough it is. She ... planned it all morning and forgot all about breakfast and lunch," Gil said pretending to wheeze from his injury.

"Planned what?" Diana demanded looking at her husband Fred.

"I don't know...!" Fred responded talking like his old celebrity status.

"It's our friendship day. Remember when we met at Covington. That's why I wanted you two over so Fred and Gil can talk while we remember our old fun times, "Anne explained her eyes worried.

"I forgot all about it. I'm sorry,"

"Well that's okay, you can still stay for Timbits," Anne said.

"About that, I know that we made plans, but Jennifer's daughter, summer is quite sick so we promised to help. So I just want to say, sorry," Diana said walking away with Fred.

Anne closed the door and muttered under her breath, "Yah you're sorry," And Then she began to cry a little.

Gil put his arm around Anne and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

Suddenly the telephone rang. Gil let go of Anne to answer it.

"It was the office. They said that they need an extra doctor, and they need to answer a house call. This will only take an hour or-"

"Again? Fine fine leave me alone, again. "


Anne handed Gil his coat and gave him a peck on the cheek.

When Anne closed the door after Gil , he drove towards the Bloos' house.

"Dr. Blythe!" said Mrs. Nancy Bloos with relief when Gilbert stepped into the Bloos house. "Upstairs, the second door to your left,"

"Thank you Mrs. Bloos," Gilbert muttered as he walked up the steep stairs.

"May I take your coat?" asked the worried Mrs. Bloos.

"Oh no, that won't be necessary. I'll keep it on just in case I have to open the window for a light draft. Ah, Eliza I presume,"

"Cough cough" Eliza responded.

"No need to talk Eliza. It will only make things worse. Now inhale please,"

"Wha-" asked Eliza in a tiny voice.

"Oh .I mean, breathe in, good now hold your breath, good now let it out. Sit still for a sec; I just have to check your glands. Aha! I see. It's just a common cold, Mrs. Bloos. No influenza or H1N1,"

"But what about the Swine Flu? And what are we supposed to do about the cold? And should we get the shot, I mean, all my friends are getting the shot, and I don't want Eliza to catch the flu!" said Mrs. Bloos, all flustered.

"H1N1 is the proper medical term for Swine Flu. And for the cold, just let it run its course. She must drink fluids and cough up mucus or phlegm. As for the shot, I recommend the shot for everyone, but seeing that Eliza has a habit of getting sick often and her immune system is weak, I recommend that she gets it and the whole family. It is perfectly safe and healthy. It's better to get it and then get sick because then she will be immune to it and then she will be able to fight against it and the chances of losing to the flu will be scarce,"

"Well thank you very much Dr. Blythe for coming out. We could have gone, but I didn't want to have to drag her onto a bus when she is ill. Good day! "Mrs. Bloos called from her porch.

The next day...

"AHHHH! Oh my GOODNESS!" screamed Anne from the front door the next morning, that it woke

Gilbert up from three precious hours of sleep.

Gil rushed down the stairs putting on his house robe, and swinging a baseball bat that he found in Dominic's old room. "What is the matter? Let me at 'em! "He shouted.

"I can't believe it! No! I never wanted to dream this. He's - and No!"

"ANNE!" Gil cried grabbing Anne and lightly shaking her. "What happened, Anne? Answer me!"

"It's Dominic... and Colin... and Hannah... they've... been... k-kidnapped! There's a letter in the mail box. Brigitte was visiting her parents so when they were going to bring her home, they were kidnapped. And we have no connection with her!" Anne answered in tears.

"This is no regular letter Anne. It's a ransom note. You know, the one when the kidnapper tells the family to give something or the victim gets it,"

"Oh ... my-" Anne managed to say before she fainted into Gilbert's arms, conveniently.

"Anne, answer me now!"

"You don't think that Brigitte has anything to do with it, that,' Oh, I don't know English, but I can speak it quite well,' Brunette?" Anne asked suddenly as she jumped out of Gilbert's arms, causing his heart to skip a beat and for him to jump.

"Anne! Don't ever scare me like that! Are you alright? And in answer to your question, I don't know. You're asking me questions that are impossible for me to answer. Why don't we go visit their house, and if the kidnapper's there, we can surprise him. I mean it's not like the olden days where you couldn't get help without having to go like however kilometres to the nearest Police," Gil said pulling out a casual shirt and khaki pants.

Half an hour later...

"Come on Anne, there's a cabin seat to our left," Gilbert said to Anne, helping her into the Via Rail Passenger Cart.

"Oh Gil, this is too hard to try and imagine away, even if it must take my soul," Anne murmured.

"What on earth are you talking about? It sounds like you're drunk and don`t know what you're saying. Are you taking any un-prescribed medication?"

"Of course not, you fool," Anne concluded as she muttered the last word under her breath so Gilbert wouldn't hear her.

"I heard that Anne,"

He chuckled with a smile and then sat down, reading the newspaper that was in their cabin from previous travelers.

"Anthony darling, do you see an empty seat for us both?" asked a familiar voice.

Gilbert turned around to see an old friend of Anne and his- well part friend, part enemy.

"Gilbert Blythe? Long-time no see! You sure haven't changed, since your wedding. Anne! I didn't recognize you! Your hair well is well not the same colour that I remember,"

"Megan Stewert! Anne-girl, Anne, ANNE!" Gilbert said realizing who it was, then woke Anne from a daze.

"Hmmm? Oh- Megan Stewert! It's been so long! Where's Mart- oh, I'm sorry, I forgot he died in Afghanistan. Who are you with?" Anne said when she saw her old enemy.

"Martin had a peaceful death and was with the Lord during the war," Megan replied hastily as she tried to hide her emotional tears from Anne, Gilbert and her traveling partner. "And I am traveling with Anthony Parker, my new husband. We`ve been married for about... how long would you say it was?"

Megan looked towards her husband. He sucked in his wrinkly cheeks; that were the opposite of how Gilbert's were (firm even though he had aged throughout the years); and answered his beautiful waiting elderly wife.

"Well, we got married in 1984 so about 25 years going on 26 next March. Oh and it's a pleasure to finally meet you. Megan has talked about you two all the time, Mr. &Mrs. uh... um...er... I don't seem to know your names," Anthony said like a classic gentleman to his girlfriend's parents on the "meeting of the parents" on the first date.

"It's Mr. Blythe and Mrs. Blythe. It's a pleasure to meet you too, Mr. Parker,"

"Do you mind if we sit with you two, I mean this train is so crowded that I'm surprised it's not a fire, or health hazard?" Megan said planting her bottom on the opposite seat.

"No, Anne?"

Anne just stared out the train window absently.

"ANNE!" Gilbert repeated with a tone.

"Hmmm?" Anne asked when she was woken up from her daze.

"Megan and um... Anthony is going to sit with us,"

"Anne would you like me to get you a green or apple cinnamon tea?" shouted Megan.

"Megan, I am not deaf. I can what you all are saying. And about the tea, Gil already ordered some earlier,"

"G...i...l," Megan muttered under her breath while rolling her eyes at that exact word.

"Excuse me Mrs. . . Blythe, but is there a problem? You seem like your mind is somewhere else. You should see a psychiatrist or therapist. I actually am one. Here's my card. It might come in handy, I you want to be more on track. You know what I mean," Anthony said handing Anne his card.

"Oh, um... thank you but that won't be necessary. It's only a temporary thing," Anne protested.

"Ah, but what you think is temporary, it's actually much more. And only doctors can help you. So if I were you, I'd take this card, because husbands except doctors don't understand," Anthony insisted.

"I apologize Anthony for butting in, actually, I can butt in any time, but I am a doctor, and I'm her husband, so I definitely know what's on her mind. And, I have the same feeling as her so quit pressuring her! It's like Elementary School again! But with adult peer pressure and it's for something that's not wrong to do!" Gilbert interrupted, flabbergasted.

"Excuse me, I will be right back," Anne said heading to the washroom.

"I think I'll go find a cabin for us darling," Anthony said grabbing his luggage and Megan's too like a mad man in his soul.

Megan handed her luggage to Anthony and pursed her lips together in annoyance. Her eyes followed Anthony's figure out the door, then leaned sideways to pull the sliding door shut with great force.

"Gilbert Blythe! What was that all about? Screaming at my husband making up some silly sick old joke from the old school days when we were all immature to know any better to know right from wrong? Thank the Heavens, I never married you but I have pity on Anne. And don't you dare joke about anything else. I mean have you no class after all these years? Lordy!" Megan alleged bitterly as she spewed hasty words at Gilbert.

"Why is it my fault? And where on earth did you get ' Lordy Lordy'. At least I don't get into other people's affairs unlike your Anthony Doctorate!"

"Ugh! That's why I stopped liking you after you went head over heels about Anne's personality and 'beautiful' squeaky petite voice. Good Day!" Megan concluded and she stormed off in frustration to find her husband. "I said GOOD DAY MISTER!" Megan said from down the hall before she flipped her head and hair, and suddenly giving herself a whiplash.

"And I'm not helping you! How about you're Anthony Doctorate?" Gilbert called as Megan stormed off.

After the train ride and at Dominic's house in Toronto...

"Anne, why don't we take a look around the outside of the house," Gil recommended as he walked to the back of the house with severe protocol caution.

"Okay," Anne said with fear in her voice. "Do you see anything that may help us find him and the twins?"

"No - wait the back door is ajar. Stay close, I see some muddy footprints. The look quite new. I'm going inside,"

"I'll come with you,"

Gilbert led the way with Anne clinging onto his jacket's collar and he could feel her breath blow against his hair in a rasping scared breathing sound. He walked through the kitchen, looking for details - Sherlock Holmes in his soul.

Anne , gaining her confidence, walked over to the dining room. There, on the mahogany table, laid a letter on the table.

"Gil! I found a note on the table. Come see,"

"What?" asked Gilbert walking into the room?

"A ransom note, but it doesn't say who it's from. Just a number sign," Anne replied.

"Um... that's no ransom note. Read it to me, I forgot my glasses,"

"It says,

'I know you two are up to something, the truth is you're being watched by ... Me! Ha! Dominic, Colin, and Hannah are quite all right if they obey my orders. I have said too much! Never come to where we are, if you do, well... good-bye and sweet dreams!

#' "

"What on earth does that mean?" Anne said after reading the letter.

"I guess we're being followed. Is the back door open?" Gilbert asked after a long pause.

"Yes dear," Anne replied walking back from the door. "I really want to know where Dominic and the

twins are. I'm going to find them no matter what it takes,"

"I guess there's no stopping you,"

Someplace else in Canada...

"Daddy! I want my Daddy! "Screamed a young girl, about the age of ten.

"You're gonna ruin your voice that way, Hannah Banana. You want your Daddy? What about your mommy?" mocked a young woman in her early thirties.

"Nobody calls me that except my daddy. And I don't want you cause you're... you're...you're EVIL!" replied Hannah.

"Well you aren't gonna see him or Colin, you little mind washers," warned the woman.

She walked away and left Hannah to cry all alone. She then stopped and stared at a tied up man.

"Brigitte! What do you want? Is this some sort of joke? And why would you bring the children into it?" asked Dominic, struggling with the ropes.

"Why it would be fun, separating the children and see them fuss! and I will not tell you why I'm doing this because you got connections to that crazy mother and Doctor father of yours, looking for you. I'm not stupid... you are! My parents live in the Northwest Territories. We've got an oil industry up there. It's just an amazing site. You should see it sometime... Oops! You won't! You'll be all tied up! HA HA HA!" Brigitte explained.

"I trusted you! I married you. What happened?" Dominic demanded after a moment.

"Ah, it's my game Dominic. I am a true actress, and I don't have to read off a paper because I've said this saying far too much. The name's Cinthia Scotts. I act a game and it goes and plays before me as the star! Once I like a person, I trick them into marrying me. Once I see them put me their will, not mine of course, because they haven't gone this far, anyway, I hunt them and get rid them for their money and I also kill the next of kin," Cinthia explained.

"That's an improper thing to do. How could I fall into a trap like this or never hear of this?"

"That's what they always say. And hey, it pays well. It's also in the family business. And you've never heard of this because my name was Brigitte once. And actors never reveal their true identity, except during their victim's last moments..."


"Hannah?" called Colin.

"Colin?" Hannah answered sniffling.

"I'm scared. What will happen to us and Daddy?" she continued.

"I don't know. Do you want a hug sis?"

Hannah nodded then reached for her brother, who crawled on the floor in ropes to his sister's concrete room.