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"Cough ... I think... cough...that ...she's g-gone," Cinthia said as she walked out of the burnt cell.

"We couldn't... find her in there... so she must be burnt to soot,"

"That's brilliant darling. Now is there a reason why you planned this because it played out so well," Mrs. Scotts said examining the ruins.

"Thanks mom- but I didn't plan this. You know that I would never do dirty work. This was probably one of the boys' ideas so they could impress me," Cinthia said.

"Well darling, I don't know how to break it to you but... you did do dirty work by going into the fire. You're all covered in wretching soot," Mrs. Scotts reminded.

"What? Eww! Now I have to go soak-" sobbed Cinthia.

"Your father is soaking right now," Mrs. Scotts noted.

"Ugh!" whined Cinthia, and then walked away to her room.

"Oh, Matt! Jedd! Darlings, thank you ever so much for putting out the fire. Tell me. Which one of yous started it?" asked Mrs. Scotts when she saw them.

"None of us," Matt replied, wiping sweat off his brow, but instead, he was spreading ashes and dirt all over his face.

"Oh, well then. I'll tell Richard not to cut your pay wages," Mrs. Scotts said as she walked away.

"Cut our pay wages?" Matt and Jedd wondered.

As Anne darted between shadows, she different voices talking about her unknown fake death.

Creeping up behind a concrete wall, she heard a familiar whiny voice.

"I know! It's a relief to know that she's go- YOU! How... you? You're the one? GET HER!" Cinthia screamed when she saw that Anne was alive.

Anne made a mad dash, going as fast as her mother/ grandmother/wife/ woman legs would go, darting for people dressed in black suits.

Gilbert leaned out the window, watching the guard, while Dominic entertained Colin and Hannah.

Suddenly the guard starting running towards the inner province, towards Cinthia's Industry.

Gilbert, who noticed this, told the others and they all snuck past the gate without a problem from the guard.

As Gil, Dominic, Colin, and Hannah wandered into Yellowknife, they were catapulted into a town full of chaos. Townspeople and workers and families were running and shouting and hiding and you could hear the schools' lockdown sirens screaming like a war had taken place and an intruder had broken in the area.

"Dad, I'm going to take the twins back to the car. I'll also see if there's a police officer around. This is major chaos and I don't want anyone getting hurt," Dominic said taking hold of the twins firmly and pulling them through the crowds.

Gilbert nodded and walked towards the main commotion.

"There she is! Get her! Block the entrance Matt! Jedd! Get the pit gun ready. You're cornered now blondie. Where are you gonna run to now? Oh I know, to your grave!" Cinthia cried cornering Anne.

"Oh ya? Your house is on fire!" Anne yelled back, trying to make an escape.

Cinthia looked at the house then turned around. Anne was nearing the exit. "Oh you little-"

Anne ran towards Gilbert without knowing it. She was too busy watching her back and everyone around her.

Gilbert stood watching Matt and Jedd carrying out wood and blocking the exit, and didn't see or know that Anne was going to collide into him.

Anne continued running until she felt her body reflex and repelled against this great object and was caught.

"Oomph!" she muttered as she felt her body stop moving.

"Better look at where you're going. Are you okay?" asked a familiar and comforting voice.

"I fine just let go of- " Anne replied hastily.

"Anne?" Gilbert asked.

"Gilbert! Oh how I've missed you! Have you found Dominic?" Anne answered, hugging her


"Yes, but I don't think now would be a great time to talk about it,"

"Well well well. If it isn't Dr. Blythe and son. Coming to save the most horrible person in the world. Or did you just come by yourself because your son is a scaredy cat? Well at least I can hit two birds with one stone now, and the rest of the birds later and then no one inherits your wealth except whom? Oh ya. ME! Those children that call me "mommy" are just trashy orphans and are going straight down the path with Dominic cause they're not worth any money that we own on your and Dominic's will," Cinthia said sarcastically.

"You take that back Cinthia. I was an orphan too once and I was only a day old. I remember those same hasty and bitter words that the nurse said about me. Those children have their whole life ahead of them and they need all the loving care that they can get and they will. You should be glad that Dominic and the children aren't here cause if they heard you, well they would definitely sue your company into major debt where you're begging for food and water," Anne shot back.

"Matt! Jedd! Get it ready. I can't stand them any longer," Cinthia ordered.

"Anne," Gilbert whispered. "She didn't need to know that,"

"Yes Cinthia," Jedd said setting the bon fire.

"Not so fast Ms. Scotts," said a police officer.

"It's Mrs. Blythe. Who told you- oh I know, Dominic," Cinthia replied.

"Well in these cases we use maiden names for women," explained the officer.

"Now that I have figured out what you do Cinthia, I'm ashamed to call you my wife, a Blythe, and the children's mother," Dominic said following the officer with Colin and Hannah.

"I'm afraid after hearing this story, the Judge will have to be involved. Is there a Mr. and Mrs. Scotts around?" the officer said grabbing hold of Cinthia's arm.

Mr. and Mrs. Scotts stood silently behind a crowd of people.

"They're" Anne began." They're behind that group of people,"

"Hi uh... we aren't related to her! We're, Oh what's the use?" said Mrs. Scotts as another officer came and put handcuffs on Mr. and Mrs. Scotts.

"Let's go George. All of yous and your town are under arrest. No one is allowed to leave the town or let anyone in. If you do, I'll hunt yous down," the officer ordered.

"Where are we going officer?" asked Gilbert as the group of criminals, victims and officers went to their cars.

"To the courthouse nearest to here, but away from here so the Judge won't know them. Just follow the flashing lights. Honk when you're ready to drive," said Officer George.

In the car...

"I called Julia and Maddie. As a matter of fact, they were travelling too. Mom? I apologize for the problem I caused," Dominic said.

"It's fine. I'm glad to be with you all now," Anne assured him.

"Grandma, you smell burnt," Hannah pointed out, then turned to her Grandma.

"Oh I'm sorry dear. It's from the fire- Oooo!" Anne said then she yelped in pain.

"What's wrong? And what fire?" Gilbert questioned her as her turned the steering wheel.

"It was my only way of escaping. There was a fire place and tons of wood and wood products. I threw them all in and it caused a massive monster of smoke and a large fire. I had to stay in there until Cinthia and her minions came to fight the fire. As for my arm, Cinthia pushed me into her truck, and I fell against the wall on my right wrist. In which, thus I twisted it," Anne answered.

"You're so brave grandma," Colin complimented.

"Thank you Colin, sweetheart," grandma said.

"I'll put a cast on it when we get home Anne," Gilbert said, turning the steering wheel.

The next day (after driving through the night)...

"Everyone have a safe ride?" asked officer Martin.

"Yes sir," said Gilbert yawning, as he walked into court.

In the court room...

"Please rise! Order of the court. Today, we have a case between the Blythe's and the Scotts'. Officer Martin, can you please tell us what kind of activity is involved in this case? Then the Blythe's have the floor," Judge Stephen said.

"The activity involved in this case your honour is Kidnapping, threats, oh and a twisted wrist for Mrs. Blythe, if I hears right," said Officer Martin.

"Can the young Mr. Blythe tell his story?" Judge Stephen ordered.

"Thank you your honour. It all started at the beginning of two thousand and ten, this year. In January. Brigitte and I were packing the - Oops, I mean Cinthia," Dominic started.

"What do you mean, "Oops, I mean Cinthia" I thought Cinthia was her real name," the Judge interrupted.

"Well Cinthia is her real name but she tricked me by using another name which is Brigitte,"

"Really. Now then. Ms. Scotts, is that true? Do you change your name? And by the way, did you change it legally?" Judge Stephen asked.

"Well," spoke Cinthia. "Well, ye-is this even a necessary and legal question for a Judge to ask?"

"Just answer the question ma'am. I have to go to watch my granddaughter after this. And don't speak rudely Ms. Scotts. You also targeted my son and his child. I can sue you even more than the Blythes are, so Missy I would be extra careful," the Judge said.

"Yes. I do change my name. And ya, I don't do it legally. Okay?" Cinthia replied, in a sassy voice.

"Thank you Ms. Scotts. Mr. Blythe?" Judge Stephen asked in her sweet comforting voice.

"Thank you your honour. As I was saying. We were planning on taking our adopted children Colin and Hannah Cromb to Ottawa for winter break. You know, the last week off before school starts up again? Ya, so we packed everyone up for a workweek and drove up. I offered to drive but Cinthia insisted she said" you'll just mess up," And I was offended.

We were entering Nepean and getting close to Ottawa. I asked her if she knew where she was going and she said "yes".

"As we went into Ottawa, and we were just about to turn into our hotel's driveway, it was a Marriot to be precise, Cinthia just kept on driving.

I knew something was up but I couldn't put my finger on it, and even Hannah, who is only like ten years old knew that her mommy had done something wrong.

Cinthia then stopped the truck and told all of us to check for a treat in the trunk of the truck that we had bought with our own money. We went and as we looked in, she shoved us all in the back and slammed the doors with a hold on... ah yes, a Locksworth-lockssmithy brass lock.

She drove for a long time for about a few days and then she took us to separate rooms about ten rooms apart. That's when she explained her whole scheme to me.

Later on that day we were on the move again heading to the Scotts' industry. I was afraid of what might happen if we went there after hearing Cinthia's proposal and taking it as a warning of great danger. So when she stopped for gas in Qu├ębec, us three made stuffed figures of us and we escaped. We headed to my adopted parents' house in the countryside." Dominic concluded.

"You mean they aren't your real parents?" Judge Stephen asked.

"No. My real parents died a few months after I was born. Their names are Jack Jr. and Collette Garrison," Dominic said.

"Ah. Thank you. Would anyone else from the Blythe side like to add anything to this case?" Judge asked.

"Your honour," Gilbert said standing up." I have a few things to add. During this commotion with Dominic, My wife and I received some disturbing letters from someone named number sign which is weird. We got many. Like a ransom note, and regular letters. We also found footprints at our son's house and the door was open, like someone used a key to open it,"

"And I was threatened by Cinthia that she would kill me so she could be richer than rich!" Anne announced.

"Aha," said the Judge looking at everyone.

Cinthia just sat still listening to her opponents' words and felt that they were lying. Her face had a scowl and her lips pursed with bitterness and hatred.

"I object!" cried Mrs. Scotts who already had too much to drink from the day before.

"Silence Mrs. Scotts. Now I have thought long and hard, even though it seems too short to be a thinking time but, the Scotts and the Bumbles are going to jail. Ms. Scotts, and Mrs. Scotts is going to Mary Magdalene's Institution for Women, Mr. Scotts is going to Quebec's Rehab Institution , Matt Bumbles is going to Josh Criminal Rehab Institution and Jedd is going to Alberta's Criminal Rehab Centre," Judge Stephen decided.

"And how can you choose that? Our side wasn't even said!" Mr. Scotts cried angrily.

"That's easy. It's because my own family has dealt with this issue, and many other families have been torn apart because of your daughter. It's like man-slaughtering! I'm surprised that you don't ever change your location. Oh well. Court adjourned!" replied the Judge breathing easily.

"This is your entire fault, Dominic Blythe. You tattletale! My job was going so well, until you came along with your imaginative mother and doctor father. My job always went good with everyone else. And somehow this time I had a feeling that it wasn't going to work, but I ignored it," Cinthia said as she got pulled away to a Police Truck. "Ow!"

"Hey, now you know how bad it hurts Scotts," Officer Martin muttered.

"Cinthia this all your doing. I hate to say this and actually, I don't know why, but- it was harder for you because ... you liked me, no more pretending. That's why you kept your wedding band on while you were planning my possible death," Dominic said, following her to the Police truck.

Cinthia looked up at him with meaningful eyes and pleaded, hoping maybe he would give her another chance.

"Nope," Dominic and Officer Martin said at the same time as Martin slammed to truck door shut.

"And that's how it feels when you're being carted around town, being KIDNAPPED!" Dominic concluded as he shouted through the thick barrier, being the truck door.

The door shutting was a sign, and memory. That was the end of Dominic and Cinthia's (Brigitte) marriage and relationship. A moment that would be heartbreaking and relaxful. The Judge said that once the doors shut, the relationship would be over. It would be discontinued for all eternity, the Wedding never happened, Dominic has no wife, and his adopted children- they're still his- would have no mother to care for them.

Dominic stepped away from the truck, with tears taking up space in his tear ducts. He turned around, and started for the car, where supporting and loving family is was waiting for him.

Once he sat in the car, his mother turned around from the passenger's seat and said," Are you okay? You look peakish,"

There was his old caring mother he always knew, thought Dominic as a smile appeared on his weary face.

"Yeah, I'm just fine, but exhausted. It's going to be different, but if we work together, it'll work out just swell. Right you two?" Dominic said in a weary voice.

"Yes Daddy!" Hannah said.

"Yes sir," chorused Colin.