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Arnold Leaves

The sun was setting. In a Boarding house titled the 'Sunset Arms' two children were standing in a room that seemed to be almost bare except for one box that was on the desk. One had a football headed boy that was 11years and was a boy his hair stood up at defying gravity proportions. The other occupant was a blond haired and blue eyed 12 year old girl her hair was tied up in a pink bow her hair in pig tails. She seemed to be holding back her tears as she tried to be selfless.

"Good bye football head." Helga said trying and failing to keep the tears out of her voice. "I'll…. I'll miss you" She choked out, the tears falling freely now.

"Me too" Arnold said smiling sadly. "Will you write?"

"I'll…I'll try" Helga said she honestly did not know if she would actually be able to put the letters into the mail box she was always felt self conscious about her writing even if it was just writing a letter.

"I got something for you" Arnold said reaching over to his desk he grabbed the box and gave it to Helga.

"Oh Arnold you didn't have to, I, I did not even get you anything"

"I know you didn't and I wanted to" Arnold said smiling at her. Helga swallowed and opened the box inside was a blue baseball cap similar to the one Arnold was on his head. Her eyes filled with tears.

"Don't you like it?" Arnold said worriedly when she started to cry.

"Oh Arnold, I love it!" At this Helga gave Arnold a hug. She broke down crying in his arms. The usually tough Helga G. Pataki had just broken down crying on the always optimistic Arnold P Shortman shoulder.

When she was finally through Helga wiped her tears, and said so quietly that Arnold had to strain to hear. "I love you, Arnold"

"I love you too Helga" Helga smiled when he said that. Her eyes went glassy as if deciding something before her hand went to the small pink bow she had worn since kindergarten. Her hair had fallen down and just hung carelessly around her shoulders as she put her new baseball cap on her head.

"Here I want you to keep this" Helga said handing him the pink ribbon she had worn ever since Arnold said he liked it. The significance was not lost on Arnold either.

"But Helga…"

"Criminy please take it something to remember me by" Helga said her voice softening by the end. "I have a newer one at home anyhow"

"If your sure Helga" Arnold said taking the pink ribbon tying it around his arm.

"I am" Helga said determined. It was only then that she realized they were getting unconsciously closer a little closer and they would be kissing…

"Arnold! Your friends are down here waiting to say goodbye" Arnolds father said from downstairs.

"I'll be down in a moment" Arnold said looking back to Helga who looked as though something had been taken away from her.

Arnold smiled to her and leaned in to her again and gave her a kiss. The stayed that way for sometime before Arnold finally pulled away. Helga's tears had fallen again as she was reminded of what she would miss.

"Let's go down stairs" Arnold said sadly not wanting to be parted from her any more than she wanted to be parted from him.

They went downstairs and were greeted by their friends. Arnold said good by to each and everyone of them including Brainy though it was obvious that Brainy was there to say goodbye to say good it couldn't be ignored his main reason was to make sure Helga was ok.

"Hey Helga" Phoebe said once she had said her goodbyes to Arnold. "You Ok"

"Yeah Pheebs just trying to enjoy the last few moments of seeing his face" Helga said her arms crossed trying to hide the fact how much this affected her.

Phoebe gazed at her sadly. Her eyes trailed to Helga's new hat.

"Arnold gave you a hat that matched his" Phoebe said smiling at the romance involved. Then her eyes narrowed. "Where's your ribbon?"

"I gave him the old one Phoebe" Helga said simply her eyes never leaving Arnold.

Phoebe's eyes widened "you mean the…"

Helga simply nodded. "But Helga that ribbon"

"Its fine Pheebs I have another at home" Helga said in a tone that suggested the matter closed.

Phoebe nodded and decided to just go for rubbing Helga's arm.

Once Arnold had finished saying goodbye to his friends, he took one last look at them remembering his time with his friends. Then his eyes trailed to Helga her trademark scowl on her face. Yet as he gazed at her it softened and she mouthed I'll miss you.

Arnold nodded his head slightly, to show Helga he had heard her. He waved once more to his friends his parents already in the car. He climbed into the backseat and waved out the window of the car as it drove out into the sunset.

Helga couldn't take it. After the car had turned the corner and left out of sight. She ran. She could not stand just standing around and she needed time to vent out her feelings.

She ran as far as she could until she couldn't run anymore. When she stopped running she realized she had run all the way to Gerald field. The place they as kids would play until the sun went down.

She fell down breaking into new fresh tears. She stayed like that until a hand was out on her shoulder. She looked up to see Brainy.

"It'll…Be…ok…" He wheezed. Brainy smiled in a comforting way and for once Helga did not sock him she was to sad.

"Will you stay?" She asked. Brainy nodded sadly and hugged her as she cried.

The End

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