Chapter 1: Monster

I stood in the distant field, waiting for justice to find me.

The luminous moon hung in the dark sky, as night loomed over me in my darkest hour. I was surrounded by the night's creatures, that were hidden beyond the forest trees. They lingered, watching in the dark . . . waiting.


And waiting . . .for the end to come.

My mind raced with dreadful nightmares of what lay ahead of me. And then abruptly, the forest grew eerily silent as the tension in the air grew thick with apprehension.

My body was heated, flushed with the defenseless fear of a dying prey of night. I stood in the clearing for what seemed like eternity before I heard a sound of an approach.

My blood spiked with fear ran cold in my veins as I watched with horror at the hideous beast. I was paralyzed by its glowing red eyes as it emerged from the dark shadows of hell and night.

I could not even describe the Thing as it slowly came closer. It was massive; bigger than the Wolves even, it were like a wolf itself but more . . . demonic, more pugnacious in nature. Maybe it was a demon, but I knew better, this was no Demon.

They would be far gentler than this would.

It was not a shapeshifter like the Quileutes, but a true werewolf. The real ones that were bound to the Moon. He looked more . . . humanoid then the wolves like the ones you see in movies. He stood upright, on the heels of his enormous paws that beared razor sharp claws. No not claws, they were more like talons. As I stared in utter terror I was absolutely positive of one thing.

I knew Jacob could not save me this time.

The Beast, slowly, but purposely, clawed his way to the center of the Meadow. The very meadow were HE expressed his love for me, but that was then.

I was nothing but a game . . . a tool . . . a toy.

And now, in this very meadow were, Edward and I, first expressed our love, emotionally and physically, was were my death was going to take place. Not that any of that mattered to him in his part.

The Beast was now in front of me, his glowing eyes searching . . . but for what?

If it was fear he was looking for surely he could see it, my entire body trembled in it. I stared back into his intense scrutiny and what I saw nearly destroyed me. His glowing red eyes were changing into something softer, somehow warmer. His eyes churned and morphed into something entirely different. They no longer glowed red with venomous ferocity but they were now softer and now more golden and familiar.

There were no longer the eyes of a dreadful demon but the eyes of my undying love.


I stood there, frozen as a jumble of emotions tore through my heart. Tearing the hole in my chest even wider. The raw, jagged blade of pain ripped through me, but that feeling seemed insignificant to me now.

It was the other emotions that grasped my attention. I was terrified and happy and shocked and confused. But the strongest of all, was love. I will and always will love Edward, no matter if he did not feel the same.

I didn't know what to do how to react. So I just waited, though not knowing what for. I still did not know why he was here, or how or why he, a vampire, was a werewolf.

A series of questions ran threw my head. Why is he like this? How did he get this way? Was he attacked? Has he always been this way? Why didn't he tell me? Where is Alice? And the others? Are they like this too? Out of all these questions, only one really mattered to me.

Does he even love me?

As I tried to assemble and sort out my confused and fear-stricken mind, I noticed a change in Edward. He was no longer calm; he was tense and anxious. His eyes changed as well, they were no longer his familiar honey gold but burning rubies that seemed to burn with more intensity then before.

He started to growl and his hands became claws as he threw his head back and howled a deafening roar that terrorized me more than anything ever has. He stopped and bared his teeth at me and arched his back forward as he looked at me again.

If Edward cared at all about my life, he surely did not show it as he lunged for my throat.