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A/N: There will be seven chapters, one for each milestone in the relationship of Hagrid and Olympe: first time they meet, first date, first fight, proposal, marriage, first anniversary, first child. They will not be in chronological order.

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Excusez le français, I just felt that since Olympe is French, it suited the story.

"Love is the biggest thing that will ever happen to you."

They had been travelling for weeks now. Rubeus Hagrid was starting to get bored and wished that they could just travel in a straight line to their final destination. But it was important that they looked like a normal couple on vacation, although there wasn't much that was 'normal' about Rubeus and his companion Olympe Maxime. For starters, they were both at least ten feet tall. They gave any 'all-you-can-eat-buffet-restaurants' a run for their money. And they were wizards (sort of, in Rubeus' case) on a mission to convince a troop of giants to choose their side. So 'blending in' and 'not attracting attention' wasn't as easy as it sounded.

They had talked it through with Dumbledore and they had agreed to visit Olympe's family first and continue eastwards from there on. Rubeus was nervous, though he did not show it. He had liked Olympe from the very first moment he laid eyes on her. And now they were on a trip together. Rubeus sighed and glanced sideways at Olympe. My, my, ain't she a sight, he thought. They were only half a mile away from Olympes parental house, hidden in the forests around Dijon. It was a distance they crossed in a very short time. Well, this was it then. No turning back now. Olympe rang the doorbell to the enormous mansion and the door was opened by an average seized looking man. So, it was her mother then too? He enthusiastically started to shake hands with the man, which resulted in two things: the man was shaken not only by the hand but by his entire body and Olympe cast him a foul look. He let go of the man's hand and mumbled an excuse.

While Olympe started rattling to him in rapid French, Rubeus looked around him. It really was a nice place, much better than his shack at Hogwarts. The man nodded them into a living room and there they were: Olympe's parents.

Her parents introduced themselves to him: Olivier (who was of average height) and Calla (who was the cause of Olympe having 'rather big bones' as she herself used to say).

"Oy, brought yer flowers," he stuttered and held out a rosebush. "Name's Hagrid, Rubeus Hagrid."

He and Olympe sat down and were served tea. There were a lot of awkward silences in a conversation that was half in English, half in French and after they finished their tea, Olympe went with her mother to the kitchen. Rubeus panicked.

Olympes father eyed him suspiciously and said:

"Alors, quelles sont tes intentions avec ma fille?"

Rubeus blinked. He had never really been good with languages.

Olivier sighed and repeated his question in English. "What are your intentions with my daughter?"

"Ah well, we be trav'lin' ter Eastern Europe ter meet der giants," Rubeus answered in his heavy accent. "Dumbledore reckons they might take side wir us. Shouldn't have said that," he added.

"Zat's not what I mean of course. Are you intending to marry my daughter?"

"Marry her? Oy, if she'll have me," he gloated.

"So, I suppose you'll be doing well for yourself zen. What do you do for a living?"

"Am Keeper of der Keys at Hogwarts," Rubeus replied proudly.

Olivier raised an eyebrow. "That's it? Surely you could 'ave done better after graduating 'Ogwarts zan to 'ang around as a Keeper of Keys?"

"Well, er, I din't exactly graduate Hogwarts as ter say…" Rubeus looked intently at the tip of his shoes.

"What do you mean, you didn't graduate 'Ogwarts?"

"I er got expelled, I did." The tip of his shoes seemed to gain interestingness with the second.

"Are you telling me zat you want to marry my daughter while you 'ave been expelled from 'Ogwarts?!" He shook his head, shocked. He yelled for his daughter.


Olympe came back from the kitchen. "Oui?"

"Qu'est-ce que tu pense?! Que je vais te laisser marier cet impudent, qui n'a jamais fini Poudlard et qui n'a rien à t'offrir?!" [translation: What are you thinking?! That I will let you marry this oaf, who has never finished Hogwarts and who has nothing to offer you?!]

"Ben, papa, je n'ai plus dix-huit ans alors! C'est pas l'affaire à vous, non? Et alors, qu'est-ce qui vous dîtes que je vais me marier avec lui?" [translation: Well, dad I'm not eighteen years old anymore! It's none of your business. And why would you even think I were to marry him?]

She quickly found out that that was the impression Rubeus had unintentionally given and refused to speak to him when they left the mansion.

He tried to explain himself. "Olympe, I didn't know, he was jus' askin' an' I thought…"

"You actually told 'im we were to get married?" she turned around, her eyes blazing with anger.

"Might've mentioned it," he mumbled.

"Are you insane? I'm not going to marry you. You said you'd left zat behind you."

"Someone said ter me 'Love is the biggest thing that'll ever happen ter ye," he said.

"'Ow dare you call me big?" she shouted.

"I wasn'…" he started to say but before he knew what happened, he got a whack on the head from Olympes travellerbag-sized handbag.

Olympe looked at him furiously. Rubeus' eyes watered in pain, but he grinned. She sure got spirit, his Olympe.