A/N: Sorry this one is so short, but I had zero inspiration for the anniversary-milestone. I promise you the next (and concluding) chapter will be a lot longer!

"I can't believe it 'as been a year already," Olympe said. Her hand rested on the swell of her stomach. Today was their first wedding anniversary.

Rubeus pulled her into a hug. "Yer still as beautiful as when I met yer."

Life had changed for both of them. When the war had ended, they had moved into a Manor in France. Rubeus' hut at Hogwarts was too small to accommodate the both of them, and Olympe was of course still Head Mistress of Beauxbatons. So after much debate, Rubeus had quit his job and they had bought the old farm near Perpignan. It came with a vineyard, a a fruit orchard and enough space to start a breeding programme on rare species. It was the latter that had made up Rubeus' mind. If he was going to leave Hogwarts, then at least it should be somewhere where he felt comfortable.

So he had taken up farming and had started breeding Blasted-End Screwts with much enthusiasm, much to Olivier's dismay, who thought it a shame that his son-in-law could not provide for his daughter. But they had silenced his objections. They were happy, and that was all that mattered, right?

They had agreed that they would not throw a celebration party, but instead make it a day for just the two of them. Rubeus had taken vegetables from the garden and Olympe had prepared dinner. She still didn't trust him to do the cooking.

"It is not your strongest point," she had said after he had served her his homemade brownies for the first time and she had nearly broken off a tooth. She was teaching him though, and he was learning bit by bit, but on this day she preferred to do it herself.

She had made coq-au-vin for the occasion and Rubeus frowned.

"Is that okay ter be havin' for you in yer condition?"

"Ze alcohol 'as vanished from ze cooking, it is just ze taste."

They sat down at the large oak table and began their dinner.

"We should really be starting to decorate ze room," Olympe said, halfway through dessert. Rubeus swallowed the spoonful of chocolate mousse he had just taken and nodded.

"Aye, we should. You are free tomorrow right? We could start then. But today is our day and I intend to make the best of it."

"I can live with that," she smiled.