HEY this is my first princess and the frog story, there is lots of fluff because Naveen is very romantic in my point of view anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

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Naveen P.O.V

One bright and sunny morning I went down to the restaurant to see Tiana.

When I entered, the scent of many delicious delicacies filled my nostrils.

How lucky I am to have such a wonderful cook as my wife, and extremely beautiful too.

"Good morning Princesa." I said wrapping my arms around her flour covered waist.

"Morning Naveen, you haven't eaten anything yet have you?" She said wiping off her hands on her apron and reaching for a platter of doughnuts.

She set the platter on a small wooden table that she placed in the corner of her large kitchen just for when I felt like taste testing.

I sit down and she brings me a glass of orange juice , some doughnuts ,a bowl of tropical fruits , eggs sunny side up ,a bowl of oatmeal and cream ,and (her special,)beignets .

"Oh Tiana, how you wish me to be a fat man." I chuckle observing the feast set before me.

She playfully punches my shoulder.

"I just want my husband to be well fed." she says her dark brown eyes sparkling.

"And you know you're blessed to have me Naveen." she smiles.

"You are right Cara mia, as we say in Maldonia 'Senza moglie a lato, l'uomo non e beato.'
Or in English, without a wife by his side, a man can't be blessed."

Tiana blushed and looked so very beautiful.

I look at her, should I tell her now what I want to tell her?

I'm not sure.

She looks so content that I don't want to ask anything of her if it is not what she wants.

She has had to please people her whole life and I will not have her do something unless she truly wants to.

But what if she wants this also?

I decide to talk to her when suddenly Lottie bursts through the kitchen doors.

"Tiana! You are not gonna believe this; Big Daddy has a meetin' with a real .live. Prince! And guess what? HE WANTS TO MEET ME! Oh Tiana, what will I wear? What'll I say? "

Tiana laughed her light musical laugh and looking even more stunning then usual.

"Calm down Lottie, I'll help you out," Tiana said.

"And I'm sure my mama will help you out with a dress."

"Oh thank you Tiana! "Lottie squealed and skipped out the door.

I cleared my throat and began.

"Tiana my love, I was wondering if maybe we should talk about ..." I paused and cleared my throat; this would be so much easier if she wasn't looking so magnificent today.

"Uh having a child." I finally finished.

She looked at me and smiled.

"Well, I think maybe that would be a wonderful idea .But you are going to have to do a lot of the work because I'm running the restaurant."

I laughed "That would be perfectly fine Cara mia, I love children."

Tiana P.O.V

"YES!" I said to myself.

This is wonderful!

Naveen wants children, I am so overjoyed.

I wanted children but I was afraid to ask Naveen. .

I look over at him stuffing himself with the morning meal I prepared.

He looks so adorable.

Sometimes he gets on my nerves; scratch that most of the time he gets on my nerves, but he is so very sweet and so very handsome and Mmmm that Maldonian accent.

I love him so much, he's my Frog and I'm his "Cara mia" which he said means my beloved ,(or maybe it was my darling ) in Maldonian.

Anyway I can't wait to tell my Mama that she might just be getting those grandchildren she wants so badly.

I finish cooking a big ole pot of my daddy's gumbo, give Naveen a kiss and head over to go and see Mama.

I can't wait to tell her, she is going to be so overjoyed

After visiting with my mother I head back to the restaurant for opening .

After a long but fulfilling night I head home to see Naveen .

I walk up to the door but I stop when I see a shadow and smell the scent of pure evil.

I remember that smell, its the shadow man, but what does he want with Naveen ?

A lump forms in my throat and tears come to my eyes .

"Please don't hurt my beloved. " I whisper softly .

Oh my goodness, SCARY ! But Naveen and Tiana are so cute! I just love them together! And after writing in Haymitch's P.O.V for hunger game stories it is really fun to write in romantic Naveen's P.O.V. Anyway, I really hope you enjoyed my story.

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