Love Child, Crimson Truth

Chapter One: The Twins

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"Why?" I whispered and a sob escaped my lips. I fell to my knees and buried my face in my hands. Loud sobs echoed off the walls.


I turned around quickly and whipped my face. "Oh did I wake you sweethearts?" The twin two year olds stood at the door holding onto their stuffed animals. "Come here girls."

the smallest one with her hair braided down her back sat in my lap and buried her face in my dress. "Mommy, where daddy go?"

I bit my lip and drew my other daughter into my lap. "He had something to do."

Eight Years Later...

"Mom, where did I put my lunch money last night?"

The woman turned from the kitchen sink and sighed, "Which one of you is asking?"

A child with long ebony hair peaked her head into the kitchen and frowned at her mother. "MOM!"

The woman sighed again and turned back to the dishes. "Right, Aiko, the only one in the entire world that would lose their head If it wasn't attached. It's on the dining room table. Is your sister up yet?"

"No, she never get's up on time. UGH, I'm gonna be late again!"

The woman shook her head as the child stormed up the steps to the bedroom she shared with her sister. She allowed a small smile to form after a large thump and a scream of outrage echoed down the halls. Turning the water off, she finished putting together her other daughters' lunch before wrapping it in a teddy bear cloth. Just as she finished tying the bow on the top, the phone rang. Quickly placing the bundle in a lunch bag that had some random anime character on it, the woman rushed to answer the phone.

"Hello? Hyuga residence, Hinata speaking."

"Hey 'Nata, have you turned the television on recently?"

Hinata turned toward her high definition television and frowned in confusion. "No, Ino I haven't. Why?"

She could hear Ino giggling over the phone and voices in the background. "Because, your ex is on the news."

Hinata's eyes widened. "W-what? Why?"

"Turn to channel 45."

Hinata leaped across the room, turning her body in a way that showed she was a former gymnast and flopped down on the couch with the remote in one hand and the cordless phone in the other. Switching on the TV her jaw dropped and all thought left her mind. "Oh. My. God..."


"I-ino, I'll have to call you back. The girls need to go to school."

"Okay, Chow!"


Hinata fumbled with the remote to turn it off, managing to do so just as her twin daughters stomped into the room. Her face was red and her breathing was labored but she managed to put a shaky smile on her face as she turned to look at them. "What's the matter?"

The shortest girl averted her eyes and pressed her finger tips together a few times just to fall forward as the taller of the two pushed her. " A-ano...Aiko-chan—OW!"

"Stop with that Otaku crap, we're in America!"


"Sorry mom..."

The smallest pouted for a few seconds before she started again. "C-can you drive u-us to school?"

Hinata nodded her head before heading to the front door. "Okay hurry up and get ready, i'm going to go warm up the car. Oh and Miko, your lunch is on the counter." The girls nodded and headed up the stairs to finish getting read and Hinata headed to the car with only one thing on her mind.


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