Love Child, Crimson Truth

Chapter 18

The Ending is Only the Beginning

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Hinata and Sasuke made their way down the front steps of the court yard in silence. Sasuke still couldn't believe how much things had changed in the years he was "out". He slowly felt his two personalities shifting together, but it was hard dealing with the feelings associated with them. One minute he felt like he was 16 and all his feelings were all out of control and then the next he had the strongest urge to settle down with a career and a family. It was all so disorienting.

The worst part of this whole thing was the feelings for two different woman. The love he felt for Ino to him was still so fresh in his mind; to him it was only a few months ago when she was 6 months pregnant with their son. Then, on the other hand, his feelings for the woman who helped him come back to himself. Who practically nursed his mental wounds and helped him to be able to remember what was what. He wanted to do more for her than hold her hand in a courtroom. He wanted to be with her.

"You sure you're okay?" The man asked, his hands deep in his pockets as he walked down the steps. He looked at his companion from the corner of his eye and frowned. The womans' face had begun to pale and sweat broke out on her forehead. "Hinata?" He watched as she ran across the yard, bumping into a few pedestrians in the process, and toss her breakfast into the public garbage can. He jogged up to her and pulled her hair away from her face, wincing at the few pieces of...whatever it was that stuck to the strands. "What's wrong?" He looked around, hoping the media hadn't seen them yet and rubbed her back slowly.

"N-nerves. This whole m-mess." She whispered between hurls. When she finally finished she stood up straight and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. Her dress suit smelled like sick and only made her want to vomit again.

Sasuke shot her a bitter smile. "I think I liked your fainting better." he handed her a handkerchief so she could wipe the mess out of her hair. Reaching into the purse on her arm, he pulled out a bottle of travel sized air freshener. "The good thing about you having kids is you always carry these kinds of things around with you, right?"

Hinata gave a dry laugh and took the bottle from him, spraying herself with it. She then put the bottle back in her purse and used the handkerchief he gave her. Saskue took a step closer to her and took her cheek in his hand. Even throwing up all over the place, she was still a beautiful woman. How could Naruto have let her go?

"Well, aren't you two chummy."

Hinata gasped and took a step away from the man. Sakura waddled toward the two people, Naruto two steps behind her.

"Still following behind her like a puppy dog, eh Naruto?" Sasuke smirked at the angered look on the mans face.

Naruto stepped up to Sakura's side and glared at him. "What happened to the bro code, man? Gonna pick up my trash now?" Sakura glared at Hinata, a dangerous smirk on her face and a hand rubbing her swollen belly. Hinata stared at the ground, the handkerchief clutched to her chest.

Sasuke looked at the down-facing woman from the corner of his eye. "One mans trash is another mans treasure. Isn't that how the old saying goes?" He didn't blink at the started expressions from the three adults. " shouldn't speak that way about the mother of your children, no matter the situation."

Naruto scoffed and crossed his arms over his chest. "This coming from the boy who called Sakura all kinds of sluts and whores in highschool when she wasn't around."

Sasuke shrugged. "She does not have a child by me."

Sakura growled, "Yeah but your manipulative bitch Ino does! How does that make you feel, Sasuke? You brought a child into this world through a murderous, lying, manipulative bit-" Her eyes opened wide and her cheek stung from the assault it had just received.

"Sakura!" Naruto looked at Sakura's face then back to Sasuke. Without thinking any further he landed a punch straight to the mans gut. Soon the two man were brawling on the ground.


"Naruto stop!"

Flashes went off all around them as reporters and news crews gathered around for the latest scoop. People were yelling and talking and everything was so loud and going too fast. Soon officers came and broke through the crowed followed by Kiba, Temari and Shikamaru. The officers grabbed the two men and broke them apart, cuffing their arms behind their backs.

All of the sudden a shrill scream broke out. Everyone turned to see Sakura hunched over, hand clenching her stomach and blood running down her legs. Hinata's eyes widened and for the first time in the last couple minutes she moved. She grabbed the other woman's are and started pulling her towards her car. "Come on, we have to get her to the hospital!" She yelled back at Kiba. The two of them pushed past the crowd and made it back to the car. When Sakura was safely seated in the car she ordered Kiba to take the wheel while she sat in the back to comfort the woman.

Hinata took one look back at the chaos the two men were in before she got in the car, telling him to drive. "Please be okay..." At that very moment, she realized that she didn't know who she wanted to be okay...

The police station was abuzz with gossip. Sasuke leaned his head back against the wall and sighed. To his left sat Naruto who hung his head in shame. "You're still incredibly stupid."

Naruto growled and ran his cuffed hands though his hair. "Don't start with me. My wife is in the hospital because of you."

Sasuke turned his head to face him. "Why did you marry her anyway? For that matter, why did you cheat on Hinata?"

"I didn't love Hinata. I didn't love anyone. Things were being pushed on me and all I wanted to do was party and have fun. Kids, CEO of Hokage Corp, Marriage, I just wasn't ready...Sakura...She helped me deal. She helped me relax. After we broke up in high school, I just couldn't get her out of my mind. So when she came to me...I just didn't say no." Naruto looked at Sasuke, his left eye swollen and blue. "I thought I loved her, so when Hinata kicked me out...I didn't bother trying to fix things."

The Uchiha raised an eyebrow at him. "Thought you loved her? So you don't?"

Naruto shook his head. "No. I realized that three years ago."

Sasuke turned his gaze to the ceiling and sighed once more. "Well, isn't that something."

"I hope the babies are okay...I hope Sakura's okay..."

Hinata wiped the sweat off of her rivals' brow with the hospital brand paper towel. "Just breath, Sakura. It'll be over soon. Just breath." Nurses rushed in and out of the room with towels, some white and some red from all of the blood.

"OH god, it hurts! Why does it hurt so much!"

She rubbed her hand on the womans' arm gently, trying to calm her. The doctor walked in, snapping the latex glove on his hands. He got between the models legs and checked how far she was. "It looks like you're going into labor. At the next contraction, I will need you to push. Understand?"

Sakura looked between the doctor and Hinata, eyes wild with pain. "No, not yet! It's too early. They aren't supposed to be here for two more months! They aren't ready yet, I'm not ready yet!"

Hinata took the womans' hand in her. "It's time for them to come Sakura, you have to do this, you can do this. Now when the doctor says push, You need to push. Don't worry, everything will be fine."

Sakura nodded her head and screamed just as the contraction hit her. The doctor yelled for her to push and she did. She pushed and pushed, her face turned and finally a little miniature cry echoed about the room. That little cry empowered her to continue on, and she pushed again. After an hour, two more cries echoed out the room and she smiled, leaning back to take a little break.

Hinata took her hand away and flexed it to get feeling back into it. She smiled down at the woman, pride swelling through her. Only one left. Things were going to be okay. Hinata was about to go take a look at the babies when Sakura screamed and blood gushed from her womb. Nurses scrambeled to assist the doctor and she stood there once again, too afraid to move. "W-what's wrong? What's going on?!"

The doctor looked up briefly. "Her blood-pressure skyrocketed. We're doing what we can to stabilize her but the baby is coming way to fast. I need you to go back up there and try to calm her down."

Hinata nodded and did as she was told. Soon Sakura stopped screaming, only heavy breathing showed her distress. The room got quiet and Hinata looked at the doctor who held a little baby. A baby that wasn't crying.

"I-i don't hear him...Is he out yet?" Sakura squeezed Hinata's hand. "Is he okay, Hinata?! Tell me he's okay!"

Hinata watched as the nurses tried to perform CPR on the infant. His skin was tinged blue while his siblings were a pale pink. After a minute or two of no success, the doctor declared the baby still born. Sakura's cry echoed through her head and the world grew black. The last thing she saw was a nurse rushing to her and then she knew no more.

Temari entered the room where Sakura was being treated quietly. The woman was staring off into space and didn't seem to notice her enter. She took a seat in the chair next to the hospital bed and looked at her. Her co-model's eyes seemed sunken in and her green eyes were dull. "Sakura."

The pinkette turned to her, tears in her eyes. "He died...Temari...I lost my baby..."

Temari pulled the woman into her arms and tried to console her. She rubbed her back as the woman sobbed into her shoulder. "You still have three beautiful baby boys who will love you and be with you. You gotta pull yourself together so you can raise them."

Sakura buried her face in the crook of her neck, snot dripping from her nose. "I hate him...It's all his fault that I lost my baby..."

Temari frowned and lifted the womans' face away from her. "Who?"


"Ma'am, are you feeling better?"

Hinata's eyes cleared as she opened them, blinking rapidly. A nurse stood in front of her holding a cup of ice chips out to her. She looked around at the white walls and frowned at the smell of antiseptic in the air. What was she doing in the hospital? Then she remembered, she fainted. "S-sakura! How is Sakura?!"

The nurse gave her a friendly smile. "Your friend is stable and well, the triplets are healthy as well. When you are discharged you can go visit her if you want." She handed the cup to her and started checking the monitor.

Hinata blinked in confusion as she took the cup. "Discharged? Why was I admired?"

The nurse wrote the numbers down on the paper and smiled at her once more. "You were out for an hour so the doctor saw fit to call your emergency contacts so you could be admitted. Your sister came and signed the documentation, after receiving news on your condition, she decided to go home. You were dehydrated and physically exhausted. " The nurse moved to exit but stopped just as she touched the handle. "Oh, and Congratulations. I hope you're pregnancy goes as expected." With those last few words she walked out and closed the door behind her.

Hinata didn't know how long she stared at the door before she pressed a hand to her stomach. She wasn't getting fat from too many cinnamon buns, it was because she was pregnant. Again. With the same man. "Naruto..."

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