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Defective Wolf

Whoever decided that it was an honor to become one of the tribe protectors was fucked in the head. At least that's how Leah Clearwater felt. Since being blessed with this curse; well to be honest since the first person had been blessed with this curse, her life had gone to shit.

If it wasn't bad enough that her ex-fiancé had left her for her cousin, now she was forced to share thoughts with him. Her wolf was defective as far as she was concerned. It couldn't even imprint right.

She'd made the mistake of looking at him in the eyes and since then she couldn't decide who she should tear apart first, him or the leech lover. Both of them had become the bane of her existence. She didn't care what the wolf gods told her, she refused to be what he needed. Both him and the leech lover could fall off a cliff or be run over by a truck, preferably one driven by her.

Imprinting was supposed to be you finding the one person meant for you. You were supposed to be whatever they needed. Well, he didn't need anything but her. And by her, she didn't mean herself. He didn't notice her, didn't need her, and definitely didn't want her. No one did.

So she was forced to watch Sam and Emily along with Jared and Kim in their happy-ever-after bullshit. She was sick of being told that she couldn't understand the pull or when it happens to you, you'll understand. Well it did happen and she still didn't understand. She wasn't happy. She was pissed. If she had been an angry bitch before, she didn't think that there were words to describe what she was now.

If there was a way out of imprinting, she would do it in a heartbeat. How was some wolf guy from a hundred years ago is supposed to know what you need? Jared sat next to Kim for years and never noticed her and now suddenly she's what he needs and vice versa? What did that say about Sam? He just needed an endless supply of fucking muffins? Had Leah known that she would have gotten a membership to Costco and bought them in bulk.

Fuck this she thought. She would rather be attacked by an entire army of vampires that were as annoying as the leech lover. Add to that the bullshit of having to listen to her ex. Why did a man have to be in charge? This is the freaking 21st century why couldn't she be in charge? Women were much better organizers and had better people skills. Sam was too busy sticking his tongue down Emily's throat and worrying about her feelings to properly lead them.

Probably the worst part of this wolf curse was the fact that she was responsible for killing her own father. Oh, they tried to tell her that it wasn't her fault. But when you become the first female wolf in the tribe's history and happen to change right in front of your dad. How can it not be your fault?