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Chapter One: Jealousy

"Look like the innocent flower,

but be the serpent under 't." - Macbeth

I never understood why daddy was so angry at Izaya. I mean he always was before this situation came to be, but... This anger was different than his regular hatred for Izaya.

It was normal to see my daddy get flustered upon seeing Izaya, but that never stopped him from living his normal life. As long as Izaya was nowhere to be seen, my daddy could be as harmless as a fly. ( With the exception of making him mad - then you run, no matter who you are. )

But now.. Now after my big sister, Chizuru, had decided not to come home anymore, daddy has become even more angrier than before. He's even scaring me now.

I was never told the reason behind Chizuru's absence since daddy was so busy shouting Izaya's name with every opportunity he got.

It had become a daily routine to see him storming from the house in search of the man. Shouting threats and explaining with his finest detail, how Izaya will be killed.

Slow and painful.

I tried mentioning Chizuru at one point in time, though it's a fuzzy memory, I remember... I remember I got yelled at. I wasn't hit or anything of the sort, but the wall sure did get the beating.

Then I was left alone.

I never dared to say my sister's name to anyone after that. Even at school when my classmates started asking me questions, I never answered them (, since I never understood what they were talking about ). So I always just shrugged and turned to look at the teacher so she can save me.

" You don't seem worried at all. "

" Hm? Oh, it's you Izaya. "

" Good-afternoon, little Kaoru. "

" To you as well. "

Izaya smiled and circled me. " Polite as usual, little Kaoru. "

I tried following him but I became dizzy shortly after.

" You were saying, Izaya? "

" Oh, ahem.. You don't seem worried about Chizuru at all. Yet your father, Shizuo, is running around like a madman looking for her. And you, on the other hand, don't seem to care. "

I looked at him sternly. I was getting the picture.

But I had to keep the innocent act. So with a tilt of my head, " ' looking for ' ? "

Izaya stifled a laugh, " did Shizuo not tell you what happened to Chizuru? "

" No. My daddy doesn't like telling me things. "

" I see, I see... Well, little Kaoru, your big sister Chizuru is with me at the moment. "

I blinked, " why is she there? "

" She's in love with me. "

" Oh, that.. Yeah, I know. "

" And she wants to stay with me. She's having a blast. "

" Really? That's good.. "

" Tell Shizuo to stop looking, okay? " Izaya said. But there was something wrong with his smile. " She's perfectly fine. "

" Okay Izaya, " I replied almost instantly. Almost sounding too glad for Chizuru's absence all of a sudden. Because it was true.. I was glad. " I'll tell my daddy that. So, does that mean Chizuru is happier with you than with us? "

" Very much, " he nodded and patted my head. " I'll send her your regards, little Kaoru. "

" Thank you Izaya. "

After that, I went home without uttering a word to daddy. At first I was confident in telling him how happy Chizuru sounded to be with Izaya, but the fact of mentioning her name scared me..

What if daddy reacts the same as last time? But what if this time, he actually hits me?

So I didn't say anything. He didn't even look my way when I returned. Instead he was huffing down those cigarette's as if they were nothing. As if they weren't damaging his lungs slowly.

But he was stressed...

His little girl is missing because Izaya took her.

I was glad that Chizuru was happy. She's been in love with Izaya ever since she saw daddy chasing him this one time. Being with him must be a dream to her and I'm really happy.

That also means I have daddy all to myself now. He's finally going to pay a little more attention to me.

Ever since I could remember, Chizuru has always been daddy's favorite and that's all he looked to care about. He didn't care about anyone else around him - even me.

But I love daddy so much.

After mom left, all he could do was worry over Chizuru because she was the oldest daughter. She was his first child that never went through any rebellious phases or angered him any way.

She was like an angel to him. Mom was with her when she was born too.

But when I came... Mommy left.

I don't get why though..

Did I do something wrong?

Daddy makes it appear that way.

We don't talk a lot, which automatically causes a lot of problems.

So now with Chizuru all grown up, we can finally talk. We can finally get along and he'll pamper me with his love and protection, like with my sister.









Why did my sister come back?

She's been gone for only two-weeks, this doesn't make sense!

" I'm home.. "

" Uh, welcome home.. Chizuru. "

" Where's dad? "

" He's out.. Looking for you.. "

" Silly. "

Why is she here? Why is she here?

Chizuru acts as if she never left. She seems a little more shaken than before, and she doesn't seem to like socializing anymore.. But those are minor details!

Why is she here?

Daddy came home, exhausted as usual.

But when seeing Chizuru beside me on the couch, his face lit up. He looked so full of life it broke my heart to know that I was never that special.

Neglected, unwanted, daddy hugs Chizuru so tight she looked to have been suffocating her. But I didn't stop him. He would've ignored me any way..

" Chizuru! What happened? "

" Dad.. You're hurting me.. "

He shook her, " tell me what happened! "

Chizuru's eyes darkened and she screamed painfully. " You're hurting me, dad! Stop it! "

Liar. Liar.

She became a liar.

Daddy let go of her and held her hands instead. " I'm sorry, " he apologized quickly.

Why is she here? Why is she here?

Chizuru watched as our daddy began to offer her goodies, such as ice-cream or cake. He assumed she was starved and, since she always had a sweet tooth; those were the first foods that came to mind.

Her eyes softened almost immediately seeing daddy smiling, that she broke down and cried.

Daddy was scared he had done something wrong but Chizuru just held him close and cried even louder.

I was angry... A little jealous too...

But it's not like anyone else noticed this.

Chizuru fell asleep some time afterwards and daddy seemed to be muttering to himself.

" I'll kill him, I'll kill him, " was what I could hear. " I'll kill him, I'll kill him! "

" What's wrong, daddy? "

" I'm gonna kill Izaya! "

" But why? Chizuru seems fine to me. "

He glared at me.

" Chizuru doesn't have any scars that could be proof of torture. She doesn't seem to be scared of the dark, or anything else. "

" You don't know what he did! " He yelled at me. " He could've destroyed her mentally! "

" But she loves Izaya. "

" What? "

" Nothing! " I yelled back and ran for my life.

Hiding under my bed, I prayed to God for help.

I was scared.

And to add to the fear, Chizuru just happened to be with me when I turned to look forward. Her eyes were wide and she looked to be smiling as I cowered beneath her.

" ... What did Izaya do? " I questioned her, in hopes for the answer. So that way, when I tell daddy, he'd be proud of me. He'd thank me for helping him and Chizuru at the same time.

But Chizuru stopped smiling. She looked so scared. She stopped breathing for the moment...

Then screamed.

Daddy's footsteps were loud and sounded so panicky as he made his way upstairs.

My blood froze to Chizuru's screaming.

And when daddy opened the door, Chizuru smiled at me - almost maliciously - then screamed some more.

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