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Chapter Four: Pride

" Everyone's the same, no exceptions.

All of them ..

Equal before God. " - Izaya Orihara

Kaoru came home late that day.

Kaoru came home late that day.

She came home late.

Kaoru did.

That day, she was late in coming home.

But no one noticed.

Izaya's dead. He's dead. He hung himself.

Kaoru's face, stricken with fear. Her throat was dry and her beating heart couldn't calm itself. She was panting. Scared. Scared, she saw his face.

Dead. Dead.

How could he be dead?

Under the girl's arm was a thick notebook filled with notes; all written in Izaya's printing. Upon seeing Izaya's figure, Kaoru, through her panicked state, grabbed the notebook, which had her name on. Printed in bold: Kaoru Heiwajima. This book was hers, from Izaya.

Though Kaoru was as confused as she could ever be, verge of tears and all, she can't go to Izaya to ask. Dead men cannot speak. They cannot breathe nor live the life they did. They cannot regain what they had before. Everything is lost to death.

His precious city still remains, however.

The one who looks over the crowd.

That's who Izaya was. His name says it all.

Kaoru tried keeping a calm facade for everyone present in the house. Other than the one stranger who had been coming for days now, no one else noticed her coming. She pretended for him then.

Shizuo was smoking another cigarette, watching as the stranger spoke to his daughter. For the gentle girl, his words were just as soft. They were slow and easy questions; with encouragement, Chizuru slowly, slowly, herself, began to speak.

" I can't say, " was all that she said. It was all she ever said.

Kaoru, as interested as she was, finally entered the solitude of her room. Closing the door and locking it, she dove for her bed. Izaya still fresh in her mind, she was trembling all over.

It was just a quick glance though. His body. Swing, swing, it was all just a quick glance! It wasn't so bad! She shouldn't be so scared of this.. It wasn't that bad. If she'd taken the full view - no - it'd be the same either way. The fact that she saw it.

Swing, swing.

" No, " Kaoru whined quietly to herself, choking back the sob, threatening to spill over. The image. The image far too fresh, it's terrifying. She can't handle it, she's going to burst. " No! " A hand to cover her mouth, she distracted herself with the hesitant flips of the notebook's pages.

It started like a fairytale: " Once upon a time... "


Izaya's journal.. ?

His printing is neat.

But why?

" Once upon a time... There was a beautiful fairy whose head, she'd carry under her arm. This fairy, known as a Dullahan, rode on a headless horse and visited the humans whose lives were coming to an end. To those, who bravely dare open their doors to her visiting, she'd douse this mortal with blood. "

" What.. Does this have to do with anything? " Kaoru practically shouted. Restraining her voice and continuous blinks, to keep the tears from falling. She desperately searched for the answers to everything, flipping like madman, searching and scanning through every sentence.

Dullahan. Head. Celty.

Practically on every page, that was all she saw.

Why was she so scared? Why did she so desperately search for these answers?

She was tired of the silence. That's why.

She's six.

What more could one expect from her?

Kaoru is a six-year old girl, still too young to know anything. She's curious and full of questions, but in this house of hers, they are never answered.

The silence is painful.

" What did you do, Izaya? " She asked the book. When receiving no answer, Kaoru sighed with a shaky breath and slipped the notebook under her pillow. Throwing the covers over herself, she tried sleeping this fear.

But she couldn't sleep. Simply closing her eyes was a challenge. She couldn't sleep over the sound of her father's yelling and pounding, pacing footsteps. Sooner than later, the sound of the door slamming was heard.

This made Kaoru break down and begin to silently cry. She had an idea where he was going. His endless shouts of Izaya's name proved it all - he was going to visit Izaya personally.

But he won't get Izaya.

" Don't do it.. "

Kaoru still tried to sleep. She tried, but couldn't. She ended up staying up, hearing and experiencing the rumblings happening outside. The city around them was collapsing and falling apart.

The stranger's terrified voice apologized to Chizuru and left her alone in the living room. But it wasn't that the elder one minded. She had her little sister upstairs, waiting for some company any way.

Chizuru slowly climbed the steps to her sister's room and attempted to push her way through the locked room.

" .. Kaoru.. Let me in.. " She called out softly. " Please.. "

Kaoru, afraid of this solitude, threw back the covers and dashed for the door. Unlocking it quickly and practically dragging her sister in, she locked it once the two were inside.

" Chizuru.. ! "

" Kaoru, " she smiled gently, but then frowned shortly after. " Stay away from him. "

" Eh? "

" I'm not allowed to say anymore.. " Her voice was low and so fluid; like she wasn't even traumatized and frail to begin with. " But promise me you won't say anything to dad after this? "

" .. Keep a secret from daddy? "

The silence. It's torturing.

" We never kept secrets from each other, " the elder one continued, circling Kaoru. " Is there something you're hiding? You can always tell me, you know. "

' There's this notebook that Izaya.. Somehow, sort of, gave to me.. ' Was what she wanted to say, but said nothing. Though this silence is torturing, it was her name printed in bold, not Chizuru's. That notebook belongs only to her eyes and no one else's.

She promised Izaya as she ran from that building. She promised him she wouldn't tell anyone of that notebook, until, she, herself, understood the story. But it won't be her speaking, it would just be her giving the book to the police and letting them read themselves.

No, she will not speak. She can't speak. She never had a voice. In a house so quiet with a father, who practically neglected her, it was to be expected.

What kind of voice are you supposed to get from such a place?

" You're talking an awful lot, aren't you, Chizuru? " She said, stepping in dangerous waters as Chizuru stared daggers at the other.

Chizuru suddenly fell back, and lost the color to her eyes.

" I can't say why, " was how she replied and stepped out of the room - just like that. She left the room and just aimlessly began to wander about the house.

Kaoru's heart didn't stop pounding. And the buildings, screaming and cries, never did cease either. Her father's shouting, really did echo.

Kaoru stepped back into bed and through utmost fear for what was to come next; eventually, such thoughts, lulled her to a dreamless sleep.


The next morning did go by in a flash.

Kaoru was awakened so suddenly by the hand's of a stranger, who claimed to be taking her "home". This stranger had a suitcase in their hands and a smile on their face.

As tired as she was, Kaoru dared not to forget the notebook, still hidden under her pillow. She took it out and kept it safety under her arm; even refusing the woman's - the stranger's - offer to carry it for her.

Leaving her house, hand-in-hand, with someone new, she caught a glimpse of Chizuru being taken into a separate car than her. She saw her father, in deep shame and depression, being held back by two other, buff-looking men. Her father only stared at Chizuru.

Chizuru didn't even look back.

Kaoru was angry.

" Is this your journal? " Asked the woman in white. " It's quite thick, isn't it? Do you write a lot? "

Kaoru looked up at the woman, then down at the book. She wanted to shake her head and say it belonged to a friend, but saying that would gain more questions; so the proper response from her was:

" Yeah. I've been writing it in, everyday, ever since I could remember! "

" How cute! "

" Thank you, " she replied with a smile, then turned back towards the window. She watched her house disappear from sight, and the car her sister was in, vanish the opposite direction.

" .. Where am I going? "

" To a foster home. "

" .. But.. Why? "

" Your father, isn't a very good example on you or your sister. He's destroyed our city, and for that, he must accept his punishment and have his kids taken to a better place. It's for the best for everyone. "

" But.. Why is Chizuru going to a different foster home? "

" Because before picking you up, Chizuru claimed the two of you not having a great relationship. So, as a group, we all decided to just split you two up, just so there won't be any arguments in the near future. "

Kaoru tightened her hold on the book and leaned against the glass window. The car ride was smooth and fairly long. Kaoru was as tired as ever, and so, she fell asleep, digesting the fact, that she can no longer live with her family as they did. That because of this, they can never be normal.

What was happening to her father about now? Was he destroying the house in despair? Was he keeping his cool, and trying to figure out a way to bring them all together again?

What about Chizuru? Was she still meek and quiet? Was she crying right about now? Is she even conscious to what she had just said to these strangers, that caused them to split up?


She never did leave the room. Upon reaching the foster home, Kaoru never once stepped out. ( Except maybe to get some food or use the bathroom, but that was about it. )

Kaoru just sat in the middle of the floor, contemplating, whether or not to read the rest of the notebook. From what she remembers reading, it really was like a fairytale. It felt almost pointless to read. It felt as though Izaya was purposely mocking her, even from beyond the grave, by making her this children's book, and having her read it - believe it, having the answers she's looking for.

Kaoru stared and stared, and did nothing more. She did not socialize with any other kids, and if they tried, she'd push them away with the cold shoulder. Far too absorbed to notice any of their hurt faces.

" What happened with Izaya and Chizuru? " She asked herself occasionally. " What happened? Why was my sister so dead-looking that first day? Why did she scream when I mentioned his name? "

Could this book really hold the answers?

It's thick, it should. Maybe even a hint. Kaoru could figure it out. It'd take time, sure, but to get to the bottom of it, she'll reread it as many times as she has to.

Because then maybe.. Maybe then, when she figures everything out and the answer, itself, isn't too gruesome to say, she'll tell the caretakers. These caretakers would then tell the police or anyone important, which would eventually go through her father. And maybe then.. The three of them would get reunited and everything will end with a happily ever after.

Kaoru picked up the notebook skipped the intro of the Dullahan named Celty.

Scanning quickly, she placed her finger to where the story actually starts:

" Chizuru Heiwajima is the beginning point to this war, I'm about to create, Kaoru. "

Kaoru blinked to the sight of her name. She rubbed her eyes, in attempts to remove the "slumber" she had, but her name never did disappear. It remained in place with Izaya's neat writing.

He really did know this was going to happen. Everything, from the last aching detail, he predicted to come true - and look here now - everything came out exactly as it was going to. Izaya's far too smart.

Or.. Are his darling pawns that predictable?

She shook her head to the thought of anything related to Izaya, seeing as all she could think - see - was his dead body. She shook her head until her mind became completely blank. And to this, she continued to read:

" You see, my plan, guessing that you've decided to skip over the "fairytale", my plan is to awaken Celty's head. A fairy. A Dullahan. I've been trying to get her to wake up for a while now, you see, but she just won't wake up to anything I do. At first, I did have my doubts about this war being the answer. But after experiencing far too many shouts and destruction from Shizu-chan, does Celty's head ever react, by making a small, little, frown. Barely noticeable, but it's there, Kaoru. She doesn't want to be disturbed. But I will do so, because.. It'll be fun. "

" Kaoru! " Called Rin, another one of many caretakers. She was a young, fairly pretty young woman who means no harm in her commanding voice or cold-looking glare. " It's time for supper, dear. "

The young girl didn't want to leave. She wanted to read. But to stay in her room, without dinner could get suspicious (; she eats a lot ).

So she pushed the notebook under her bed, making little to no noise at all, before answering the door. Her eyes meeting with deep brown ones, Rin smiled gently and patted Kaoru's head.

" It's good to see your face again. "

" But it was just yesterday that you saw me last, Rin! " Kaoru replied, a little confused. To this, Rin laughed and pulled Kaoru along by the hand to the dining hall.

A big room with many kids, relatively Kaoru's age, being as loud as could be.

Some of those said children looked to Kaoru's direction, but turned away with a cold shoulder, as she did to them, so many times already.

But even after being served her plate of food, she didn't eat. Nor did she even pretend to be interested in eating. Instead she sat and stared, falling completely helpless to her racing mind.

' Izaya must be a madman to think that fairies actually exist, ' was all she could say to herself. ' I'm younger than him, and even I know that fairies are just stories grown-ups would tell their kids to go to sleep. Izaya's being silly.. He did all this.. To wake a fairy up.. What-a-joke. He's cruel. '

" Oh, dear little Kaoru, how I wish you could see Celty's head. A very beautiful sight, indeed, she is. She's just a head after all, that is being threatened to be awakened.

What would happen if I succeeded, Kaoru? Any ideas? No?

Hah! Neither do I; I have not the slightest clue - but that's why I want to do it. It's frustrating not to know what would happen next. I know every single one of pawns' moves, but that's because they're all human. Celty, is not human, that's why I can't read her mind so easily. It's frustrating, I say.

But Kaoru you must be getting so tired of my ramblings, no?

Well, to please your curious little mind, I will begin my story. Don't doubt me for a second; even ask Chizuru, because everything written here is all true. Completely and honestly true.

Here I go:

Chizuru is the key. She's the whole reason anything can actually happen. Without her, this plan of mine, is as worthless as your father labels you to be, Kaoru.

Shizu-chan's world revolves around his daughter Chizuru for having the same face as his wife. The very wife who left for reasons I will not say here - or now - maybe at a later time.

Your father loves your mother so much.

Too bad she left him.

Any way, so, has my point been taken yet? That Chizuru is the key?


Okay. Well, about Chizuru's "kidnapping", it's funny to say, that I merely plucked her from the sidewalk and asked her to walk with me for some time. I never did use force on her when taking her; seeing as she could've easily slipped from my grasp with a simple "no". But I had a feeling she wasn't going to leave my side, so that part of the plan was done.

This next bit, is the part you've been waiting for, haven't you Kaoru?

You've been waiting for this part. You've been hoping Chizuru would tell sometime when she felt better, but she didn't say a word.

Don't be too surprised to what I'm about to tell you, because even I didn't think this would happen.

I took her to my house. Nothing happened. We played some games so she was being entertained during her stay. I was gaining her undeniable trust through this. Still nothing happened. When the games were over and she grew bored of cards and boardgames, she asked me for some water.

And you know what?

Nothing happened. I gave her, her water and just watched her. She asked me why I was staring and even blushed, just a bit, when I told her straight that I was "admiring" her.

We sat together on the sofa and talked. During our talk, I mentioned that she should stay with me - and she agreed so easily. She gave me the impression that she never wanted to be in that house of yours, to begin with. Like she's been dying for someone to sweep her off her feet. You should've seen the life in her eyes as spoke of this " new life " together.

Get married, she said. Have ten kids she said next. Practically throwing out her love confession in different ways.

Her face was red as a tomato when I pat her on the head.

Still we did nothing.

Do you see where I'm getting at, Kaoru? Do you get it?

Eventually, after two days or so, seeing as the plan was working out quite well, I decided to start on phase two: Crush Chizuru.

You know what I simply did?

I stuck a few pin needles in her food.

While she was eating, she almost choked on one. Taking it from her mouth, I remember seeing her tongue beginning to bleed.

" Izaya! " I remember her gasping. " Why.. Why did you.. ? "

She looked awfully calm for such a thing.

But I shrugged my shoulders and pretended not to see. As she continued to find more and more of these pin needles, she grew more and more aware of the fact that I could easily kill her if I wanted. She finally realized how dangerous it was to be in my house - a stranger's house - because for some reason, she didn't think of such thoughts beforehand.

Still, still, I pretended not see and ignore her cries of fear and desperation. She was at the verge of tears when I just ignored her. Obviously being ignored in such a way, was not her cup-of-tea. Chizuru even had planned to run away from me, but quickly noticed how " sparkly " the floors have become.

She didn't step down, nor eat the food I had given her.

I tried not to smile while I told her that, " if she didn't eat the food that I made, then being husband and wife, would be impossible. "

She cried to that and forcefully swallowed the food down in large gulps. She was so desperate, it almost disgusted me a little, but nonetheless, she ate and luckily had found all the pins before doing so.

From that day on, I kept feeding her those pin needles and leaving little specs of glass on the floors. Even once, I pretended to slip and drop a candle by her feet. She screamed so loudly, it hurt even me, and jumped on the couch, afraid of the flames burning her.

So you see, Kaoru, we did nothing of " that " sort, if that's what you were thinking before. I scared her, for sure, but that was all apart of the plan.

She was still in love with me and never hesitated to say so. Everyday from then, she grew more and more aware and cautious of these strange happenings, yet was too suborn to leave.

She trusted me and even thought of herself going crazy as the number of pin needles increased, and I still couldn't " see " a single one.

Though, finally, on that last day, when I knew she was ready to leave and scare Shizu-chan, I told her to go back home, because I had to " think of our wedding arrangements ".

She agreed, only with my saying so. Such an obedient girl.

We had fun. Playing card games and I remember once she watched me play some chess on my own. I burned the chessboard over how excited I was getting, seeing as this plan was going so far. Chizuru didn't say anything to the flames but still trembled uncontrollably to it.

She still told me everyday that she had lots of fun. Even as she left, all she could say was, " thanks Izaya, I had the greatest time with you. "

But, ah, it was so obvious to see that everything has gotten to her head. She exited my house with such dead eyes and trembling little figure.

Oh, and that reason why she can't say anything is because I told her not to. That if she did, our wedding would be cancelled. She really is desperate.

She's kept her word so far, hasn't she? That.. Or maybe she's forgotten? Or! Maybe she's pretending?

That could be it you know. She could faking everything. Everything just to get you angry, Kaoru.

Because did you know... That Chizuru is actually jealous of you? You didn't know, did you? That she actually really hates you?


Well.. Who knows. Even I can't get into her head now.

Any way... The rest of this notebook is just a repeat to what you've just experienced, Kaoru, so, you can put it down now. Now that you know everything and all.

Consider yourself a special human, Kaoru. Because I never mentioned Celty's head with Chizuru. "

" You want me to feel special with that? " Asked Kaoru to the book, letting the tears freely flow down her face. She was alone in her room, and it was exceptionally dark. Everyone was asleep, but she just couldn't. " That makes me feel a whole lot worse, Izaya, I hope you know... "

She sobbed silently into her arm remembering everything from the previous month. Everything happened in exactly a month, it's almost funny to call it crazy.

Kaoru put the notebook under her bed and sat in silence. She thought everything she knew now, over. She was, supposedly, the only one of the three to know any of this first. She should be considering herself special because Izaya chose her to hold this responsibility.

That or he just felt pity for this one human, who had no meaning or any special part in this plan to awaken Celty.

" Fairies.. Don't exist, " she cried.

Everything happened over a fairytale. Impossible, this couldn't be happening.

Kaoru's sobs grew in sound over time and by it, she was being held in Rin's arms. Rin tried shushing the younger girl and tried asking what was wrong.

Kaoru couldn't say anything through her hiccups but, " Chizuru. "

Rin took this as she wanted to see Chizuru. So in no more than a few minutes of leaving Kaoru by herself, she had asked permission to take her to see her big sister.

But, really, what Kaoru was saying, was, " it's all your fault, Chizuru, " but no one heard her. No one ever did.

She was taken to Chizuru's foster home, the very next morning, somewhere down the opposite road from Kaoru's "home". The car ride, didn't take too long, actually.

When seeing Chizuru again, she had the biggest smile on her face. She was so.. Happy.

Kaoru was angry to this.

" I missed you.. Big Sister, " she started, reaching out to touch her elder sister's hand. Chizuru gladly held Kaoru's hand in return with a gentle smile.

" I missed you too, Kaoru, " was all she could say back.

Not even a, " I remember what actually happened, " or maybe even, " I'm sorry, I know, this is all my fault, we have to tell someone about this. "

Kaoru wanted to get this story to the authorities quickly, so that this so-called "mystery" can be solved. That Izaya did scare her, but took nothing from her. He promised her his love and she was the one who willingly was letting herself be tortured in such a way for him. She stayed by his side knowing of their father's anger and worry, but she didn't care. As long as she was finally free of her father's chains, it didn't matter.

" I.. ! Need to tell you something Big Sister! " Exclaimed Kaoru with tiny fists by her chest. She tried hard not to cry, as she's done so already too many times, and couldn't afford to be so tired for this next part.

The adults that stood behind the siblings left to Kaoru's desperation to keep herself looking composed.

" Yes? "

" Ah... It's.. It's about Izaya! U-Uncle Izaya told me.. ! "

" Eh? Uncle? " She tried to laugh. " Where'd that come from? "

" Izaya told me.. That everyone has their secrets and that you- you're keeping something, if you remember, from daddy and me, and.. And Chizuru, I wanted - "

" That's enough, " she growled. " You're being ridiculous, Kaoru, Izaya couldn't have said anything to you, when he vowed his love to only me! " Chizuru held the collar of her sister and began to shake her, " why are you always in my way? Why does everything have to lead back to you? Why did you make mom leave? We were perfectly happy until you came! "

" C-Chizuru, " Kaoru squeaked, " you were lying this whole time then! "

Chizuru stopped and stared blankly, " whatever could you be talking about? " She asked with an innocent tilt of her head. Her eyes were wide, as if she were truly confused by such-a statement.

" You.. You told Izaya to do all those things, didn't you? "

" What are you saying, Kaoru? "

" .. No, that can't be it.. But-but for you, you're lying. You've been lying this whole time. Izaya told you to keep the events from daddy a secret so that it'd get daddy really angry. But you remember everything that happened! "

Chizuru smiled nervously, " w-what? Kaoru you're speaking gibberish, I don't understand what you're trying to say. "

" Nothing happened... Nothing happened.. I get, I get! I get what he was trying to say! Literally, nothing happened. He didn't torture you or do anything to scare you. He just asked for you to play that part to add to the effect. You lied for him because you loved him so much. Because you didn't want only daddy's love, but you wanted Izaya's too.. You wanted everyone's attention, so you lied. "

Chizuru's eyes could not have been wider. She looked so scared. Then she screamed and fell to her knees, covering her ears.

" I'm not allowed to remember! " She started to scream and cry. Kaoru took this opportunity to grab her collar in return and shake, just as she did earlier. " He said I wasn't allowed to! "

" Stop pretending and remember then! " Kaoru cried.

" Get out! " She screamed. She wasn't even crying. " Get out! "

" Do you know that this is your fault? " Kaoru shouted. " If it wasn't for you! Daddy wouldn't have had to be separated from us! Izaya wouldn't have had to kill himself! This is your fault! "

The adults came bursting in to only Chizuru's shouts, and forcefully separated the two.

Kaoru was never to see Chizuru again.



From then, Kaoru did everything she could to tell the caretakers of the incident. But through Chizuru's influence, they believed not a single thing coming from Kaoru's mouth.

Not even Rin looked at her since.

Kaoru held out the notebook to all the adults in that foster home, but no one bothered to even flip to those first few pages. No one bothered to listen to the voice she tried developing for this particular reason.

She wanted to go home to her father so badly.

But she couldn't. She wasn't allowed, they'd say. He was being punished for being such a horrible father, they would say even more often than the first.

Kaoru thought otherwise. Because even though he treated her as if she didn't exist now, there must have been a time when he loved her. She knew he loved her just as he loved Chizuru.

It's just.. Something happened that made him stop... His wife. That's it.

" Did you know Shizu-chan used to prefer you more than Chizuru when you were born? You were born with Kasuka's face after all, why wouldn't he? " Kaoru remembered one of the lines in the notebook saying. " His wife got angry, obviously seeing the beauty in Chizuru more than you, and left him, saying that if he didn't learn to love Chizuru, she wasn't going to come back. Some reason, she forgot to mention your name, because what Shizu-chan doesn't know is that his wife is waiting for him to love the two of you equally. I've talked to her personally concerning just this. Good times. "

Still, even as she read different paragraphs out loud to the adults, they didn't listen. They claimed of her to be lying and even tried taking the book from her, which resulted in endless screaming.

No one wanted to listen to this voice of Kaoru. If Chizuru didn't say so, no one was going to take action.

Chizuru held a vendetta over Kaoru solely because their mother left due to her face being Kasuka's. This is why everything is happening. Chizuru wants to strip Kaoru of all the love she gets from people. She'll take it all and claim it for her own.

Selfish one.

But Kaoru didn't care. She did, but didn't. Chizuru was still her big sister and she wanted to live with her and Shizuo again. If it meant forgiving, even her beatings and complaints, she'll do it. She wants to be with her.

" You must be wondering why I took my own life, right? Well, the answer is simple: In the sky, you get the best view! I want to see my humans dance in this war. I am Izaya; the one who looks over the crowd. What more could you have expected of me, little Kaoru? "

Kaoru wanted to tell someone of this, but was forced to keep silent.

This silence is torturing. It wasn't fair.

Chizuru on the other hand, was smiling happily, watching from a window, the gang wars below. Shizuo's rampage has left the place quite bear, and has given everyone the excuse to kill each other.

" This is fun, " Chizuru said to herself. " Now, it'll only be a matter of time before Izaya comes and takes me away! " She giggled and sighed contently. Pressing herself against the window, she awaited Izaya's coming.

She waited and waited, and had so much fun watching the humans fight.

" Humans are just so interesting. "

To this - she started to laugh.

Celty's head must be furious to this ongoing ruckus. She must be ready to destroy all the inhabitants of Ikebukuro.. Who knows.

Wonder what Celty and Shinhra are up to...

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