One Shot that popped into my head a while ago, just haven't got around to uploading.. Enjoy!

The sirens approached from the distance. She could hear them, blaring through the streets of Seddon, they weren't far from base, but people said that accidents always happen close to home.

'Hang on, just hang on. You can make it through' she told herself. Wishing it to be true.

A hand squeezed hers. Warm. Soft. Not calloused like her own, like the world had barely touched them. Innocent. Michael.

Hands were pushing on her chest. Firm. Brave, like she'd been through more than you could imagine. She had. Shannon.

A gentle kiss pressed on her cheek. Followed by a wet willie. A joker. A brother. Josh.

Distant worry. General concern. Stress. Lawson.

Confusion. Suspense. Worry. Kerry.

Faith. Prayer. Hope. Christian.

Doubt. Pain. Misery. Stella.

She saw the flash.

Heard the bang.

Felt the pain.

Tasted the copper.

Smelled the blood.

Lips pressed against her own. "I Love You."

She smiled as the whole world around her faded.

Open to interpretation. Ill leave it up to you guys to decide who you want to be saying "I Love You" to Stella, maybe let me know in a review? :)
Also, this was intended to be a character death, but Ive tried to write it so it doesnt have to be, she could have just blacked out, if you choose to see it that way..

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I will and update 'Tears are the Silent Language of Grief' soon, just trying to get my head around where i am going with it...