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Note- It's short because it's a prologue.

Chapter 1

In a park far from where you dwell, held a tree where a lonely robin longingly watched the humans laugh and play. Oh, how he wished that he could join them.

But that was impossible, him being a bird and all.

So why didn't he play with the other birds? Because they were all afraid of him, his superior thoughts of joining the humans beyond their comprehension.

So the poor robin was left all alone, his longing the cause of his outcast.

But he didn't care; he didn't want to just be a bird, flying aimlessly through his short life.

He dared to do something no other bird dared to do: he wanted more than the short life of a robin.

He wanted to be human, to laugh and play. That was his greatest desire . . .

And that desire would be prove to be of use for a certain villain . . .

And this villain desired something even more impossible than a bird becoming human.

He wanted the Justice League dead and gone.

But how does this little robin fit in, you ask? Well, it all started when the robin ended up somewhere every bird dreaded: as someone's pet.

_The Little Robin's POV_

The poor robin was helpless now, his only joy taken from him because of a human.

His wings were now clipped, flight now ripped from his grasp.

The robin's head was bowed, his little heart now drowning in depression. What was the point now? Even if he found a way out of this iron cage, he wouldn't be away to fly away.

He was stuck now as some human's pet.

That was the worst fate a bird could ever be given, the fate of forever be caged and forced to give up the joy of flight.

Now all the little robin wanted to do was die.

" . . . Do you wish to be free, little bird?"

The bird jumped in surprise, his head snapping up. He had thought he was alone.

"Because I can grant you your wish . . . In return for destroying the Justice League in the future."

The robin stared at him in surprise, hope dangerously growing within his little heart. Could this strange human really grant him his one desire?

"Of course. I wouldn't be offering otherwise."

The robin's eyes widened, his mind now centered on his answer. Yes. What reason did he have to say no? It wasn't like he knew the Justice League personally.

"Very well . . . But keep in mind that you will HAVE to do it sooner or later or you will go back to your true form."

The robin nodded, casting his nagging feeling aside.

If he had listened to his nagging feeling, he wouldn't have said yes . . . He wouldn't be so torn between his desires and the lives of so many . . .

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