I do not own Dark Angel or its characters if I did it would not have ended.

In Sickness and Health

"We are out of Tryptophan." Dix announced from Max's office doorway. Max looked up from her stack of papers cracked her cricked neck.

"What?" Max questioned, hoping she had heard wrong.

"We are out of Tryptophan." He answered with the same monotone voice. He leaned precariously against the door frame gave her a questioning look. "You having problems with your hearing?"

"I heard you!" Max snapped leaning heavily against her desk, "I just wished I had heard wrong."

Dix nodded slowly, "So… what do you want to do?"

Max chewed her bottom lip for a moment before snapping her head back up with a sudden thought. "Get me a video conference with Logan, tell him it's important. Maybe he will be able to get some inte on a supply."

Dix nodded before swinging out of the doorway and to the conference room. Max stood and straightened out some of the forms that floated up with the wind she had caused. She moved quickly across the office floor and out into the hallway before moving in front of another room. She didn't boher knocking before opening the door and peering in, "Alec."

All she saw was a head of dirty blond hair set on top of an array of forms and blueprints. The only sign that he wasn't dead was the puff of air that rustled the papers by his lips. The room was dark and the blinds were closed, he had probably fallen asleep after his pick up yesterday. She hated to wake him, he looked so peaceful asleep, and completely exhausted. But she needed his help, he was her 2IC and this was important. "Alec!"

His head snapped up and a sheet remained glued to his cheek, "What? I'm awake! Just restin' my eyes!"

Max pulled her lips in to keep from giggling at his rumpled look. His hair was matted on one side and stuck up at angles on the other side, not to mention the paper still attached to his face. He rubbed a hand over his face and carefully peeled away the object on his cheek, looking up at her hazel eyes lined by dark circles. "How can I be of service Maxie?"

"Dix just informed me that we are out of Tryptophan. I already called for a video conference with Logan, but I'd like you to be there cause I plan on taking you out on the mission with me. Unless you need to get back to your nap." She didn't look away but she couldn't help think how adorable he looked, wait, she did not just think that. Oh Darn it! She forgot to tell him not to call her Maxie! Well it's too late now, or is it. Does he already think that now it's okay to call Maxie? Does she like when he calls her Maxie? When did she start questioning that? Is he talking to her right now?

"Earth to Maxie!" Alec called snapping his fingers in front of her face, "Maybe I'm not the one who needs the nap."

"What? No. I'm fine, shark DNA, just thinking." She informed him crossing her arms over her chest.

"You can't listen and think at the same time? Oh, Maxie, you need more than a nap." Alec chuckled happily stretching his arms upward. Max couldn't help but let her eyes wander down to where his shirt had ridden up and a strip of taunt abs was showing. She shook her curls out and placed a frown on her face before continuing.

"Alec, this is important. We are out of tryptophan. Can't you be serious for one minute."

"Of course I can, but what's the fun in that." He quipped with a yawn before Dix popped his head through the door.

"I got Logan on the screen." Max nodded and grabbed Alec by the elbow, ushering him out of the dark office and into the bright hallway. He blinked against the bright lights and let himself be led into the conference room.

"Hey Logan!" Max chirped sitting down in one of the chairs in front of the screen.

"Hey Loggie" Alec mocked batting his eyelashes before taking the seat beside Max. He was rewarded for his comedy by an elbow to the ribs, "Ouch, you are damaging the merchandise."

"Oh Please!" Max balked back leaning closer to him.

"I saw you looking Maxie." Before Max could laugh back Logan cleared his throat on the screen. With a warning glare to Alec, she turned her attention back to the screen.

"What have you got?" Logan looked down at a file and clicked at something on another screen.

As he came back into view he started to relay information, " I found an old hospital about 10 miles from Terminal City which has been abandoned. There is something about a virus outbreak a long time ago, but nothing since. There are files for every medication going in and out except one which only went in, Tryptophan."

"Thanks Logan, we will be in touch." Max informed him before clicking off the screen, "We head out in 2 hours. Alec round up a group, I'll get us a truck."


Max had been waiting by the truck for twenty minutes, twenty minutes later then they were supposed to leave. Just as Max was about to go a rampage the cocky X5 waltzed up with a group of 3 guys behind him.

"I know I'm late, you're mad, blah blah…" Alec interrupted as her lips parted to scold him.

Max gritted her teeth and sent him a glare, "Let's just get going."

Alec gave her a megawatt smile before starting climbing into the passenger side of the truck. Max pressed a hand to his shoulder from the driver side with an evil grin, "Oh no, you get to ride in the back with the group you chose."

"Come on Maxie! Don't put me in the back! there are only three seat belts back there!" Alec whined keeping a foot in the front door.

"Then I guess it is going to be a bumpy ride for you." Alec groaned rolling his eyes before climbing down and dragging his booted feet to back and clambering into the large compartment with the three X5s already strapped in. As soon as he sealed the doorway the truck pulled forward joltingly, sending him sprawling across the metal bed. He let out a pained groan, "Max!"