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The door to Max's little prison room was shoved open, causing it to swing in and bang against the wall. Max's head snapped up and she met eyes with White who stepped lightly into the room before moving to the side and allowing her a view of what was behind him. There stood two men hefting Alec up by his elbows. Alec's head drooped low on his chest and his normally spikey dark blonde hair was plastered to his forehead with sweat. His skin was pasty white, even his lips, which were parted trying to pant in harsh breathes. The two burly men dragged him across the threshold, letting his toes scrape across the tile, and looked to White for their next instruction.

"Put him in that chair, I don't believe restraints will be necessary." White answered back with little prompting before looking back to Max with a gleeful spark in his eye, "Now 452, I have a couple of questions."

"If it's about your outfit I'm going to have to go with a thumb down." White chuckled dryly nodding towards his two goons who in turn swung a fist in to Alec's face. His head snapped to the side and a red welt began appearing instantly on his cheekbone. "Leave him alone!"

"Or what 452? What are you going to do? Glare at me? Come up with more snarky comments? You are in no place to make threats and for your boyfriends sake I suggest you take this seriously."

"If I answer your questions will you let him go?"

"No." He replied shortly, "Why would I do that? I have both of you and you will answer my questions anyway."

"There is no point in answering your questions White, I don't get anything from it."

"So you need some incentive." The smirk he gave her made Max's blood run cold and caused her to swallow thickly tracking his minuet nod with her eyes. One of the goons pulled Alec up to his feet and looped his arms under Alec's armpits. The other one rolled up his sleeves to his elbows and took another swing at Alec's face, hitting his same wounded cheek and causing Alec to moan in pain. The next hit was to his abdomen, Alec tried to curl up subconsciously but his position wouldn't allow it and instead his eyes started flickering open. The bright greens hooded behind his eyelids were glazed and full of pain, with a third blow to his ribs his eyes snapped fully open and he sucked in his bottom lip to keep from screaming out. "Is that enough incentive 452?"

"No." The usual certainty in her voice was wavering and had she been the one to hear it she wouldn't have believed it either.

"Well I don't believe that for a moment 452. You can't put the genie back in the bottle you know, secrets out, you care."

Max stared hardly at White for a moment before letting her eyes flicker over to Alec. He was now staring straight at her with a mix of emotions in his eyes. Pain, worry, trust, fear, love….

"Don't tell 'em Maxie." Hit to the jaw. "Wow you guys really pack a punch."

"Stop it! What do you want to know White?" Max's voice was far calmer then she felt.

"Who is Eyes Only?" The question took the breath from Max's lungs, not that she wasn't expecting it, but a girl could hope.

"Don't tell Max!" Alec yelled out receiving a hit to his ribs for his trouble.

"Now, 452, who is Eyes Only?"

"I…don't know."

"Well that a lie and we both know it." White spat back turning on his heels and glaring down at her, "Tell me 452, why is it so difficult for you to tell me who Eyes Only is? It has to be something more than just his job."

Max hesitated for a minute until her eyes caught onto Alec and she saw blood leaking from the side of his mouth. His left eye was nearly swollen shut but his right eye was looking straight at her with a clear green. "I used to be in love with him."

"Used to?"

"Something came up." Max bit back, never removing her eyes from Alec's.

"Well this must be a difficult decision for you 452, between past and new loves, how heartbreaking." He cooed with a fake sympathy, "I'll tell you what 452, I am going to give you another option."

"What's that?" Max questioned with anticipation.

"Kill 494." The answer was matter of fact and it took the air from Max's lungs and caused her jaw to clench. She looked over to Alec's swollen features before answering back.

"And why on Earth would I do that?" She demanded through clenched teeth.

"Don't you see 452? It would make your life so much easier. All this transgenic has ever done is get in your way!" Tears began to well up in her eyes but not because of the statement, because now Alec wouldn't meet her pleading gaze. He believed it. "If you kill 494 then Manticore will have reason to trust you and you will no longer have to give up Eyes Only."

"I won't…"

"If you won't do it for that reason think about all the pain and suffering you will be eliminating from his future. Think of it as mercy if that helps."

"Can I just talk to him, please? Just for a minute." The pleading in her voice was very real and White flared his nostrils at the emotion but nodded consent. The two goons dropped Alec to the floor and White removed her restraints.

"Don't try anything 452, you will regret it." Then the three men left closing the door and clicking the deadbolt in place. Max leapt from her seat and knelt down beside Alec's crumpled form. She rolled his head in between her hands and brushed a gentle finger over the swelling of his face.

"Maxie…." Alec murmured looking up into her tearful brown eyes, she lifted his head onto her lap and let a tear slip. Alec brushed the tear off her face before continuing, "It's okay Max."

"No it isn't Alec. How could we go through all this and then you still die?"

"It's okay." He repeated, "Look at the bright side you won't have me around to bug you anymore."

"How could you say something like that?" Max cried out, clenching her petite hand in his hair and bringing a grimace across his lips.

"I'm just a pain in your side Max. You'll be better off without me."

"That isn't true…."

"Yes it is Maxie." His answer was quiet and resentful but rang true to him, "I love you so just, let me do this for you. Let me do one good thing."

"You are good Alec! You saved my life more than once, you put others before yourself, you protect everyone in terminal city…"

"But I only do that because of you! Don't you get it Max? You made me that person! You saved me! Now let me save you one last time."

"We will figure something out…"

"No, we won't, but you will. You will get out of here and go back to Eyes Only and find the cure…"

"When I said something came up, I didn't mean the virus."

"Or course you did Maxie."

"No Alec, I meant you."

"I don't…."

"I love you Alec! Can't you see that? I can't kill you because I love you, you idiot!" Alec looked taken aback by her outburst, but then in a rush of movement of darted forward and pressed his lips to hers. Warmth spread throughout her body like wild fire and she ran her linked her fingers behind his hair, pressing him closer. He dragged a hand up her back and the other twisted into her curls as his tongue dragged across her bottom lip and requested entrance. The kiss was slow and sweet but there was a fire and ferocity in it that could only be Max and Alec. Tears slipped over Max's cheeks and dripped down onto Alec's before he finally pulled away. Their lips were swollen and red as they stared at each other for a long moment.

"We will figure this out." She breathed out. Alec lifted himself closer to her with a twist of pain coming across his face. When his lips brushed her ear he finally spoke.

"Follow my lead Maxie." The usual cockiness in his voice caused a grin to break out over her face. Then he pulled back and allowed his eyes to flicker over to a countertop. Max looked over her shoulder to see a small glass vial. She stood slowly and moved soundlessly across the floor before picking it up and cradling it in her hands. It was a shot of adrenaline.

"But what if it doesn't work?" Her hands were shaking by the time she made it back to his side, the vial tucked safely in her pocket along with a syringe.

"Then you have an easier time getting out of here." Max dropped to her knees and dragged him up to her mouth, kissing him deeply before putting a hand on his heart and striking downward with all of the force she could muster. A gasp of air escaped his lips and brushed across her face as she lowered him back to the tile, his eyes staring upward and unseeing. Tears streamed down her face of their own accord and she had to use a hand to cover her mouth to muffle the sobs it tried to elect while the other hand clutched his cooling one with fierce determination. Then the door clicked open and White stepped back into the room. "It's done."