Fix You is about how Katniss and Peeta regain their relationship and grow back together in the end of Mockingjay. This is my first published fanfiction so I would REALLY appreciate reviews. ENJOY and May the odds be ever in your favor!

Chapter 1- Dandelion

The gift of the primrose brush from Peeta was an act of semblance that held a twisted message. The primrose reminded me of how my sister was always near me even if I couldn't see her. The bush also reminded me every day that innocent Prim was murdered for my actions.

Every night I ponder the idea that I could have saved her life and I would be the one buried in the Meadow. I could have used all my strength to run over and put my body on top of hers but it all happened so fast. I will never forget the shimmer of hope in her eyes the moment she saw me. I will never forget the pure horror in her face just milliseconds after the parachutes exploded. Prim's swimming blue eyes haunt me in my dreams more than anything. I can never forgive myself.

After Peeta gave me the Primrose bush we did not see or speak to each other for over two weeks. It's not his fault that I'm crazy… But it is my fault that he is crazy. The capitol not only took away everything I loved but also took away the possibility of future love. Peeta will never remember the beautiful time we had and still has thoughts of wanting me dead. Who can blame him?

I awoke on a sunny Monday morning to a light knock on my bedroom door. I lay unmoving as the knocks become louder. "I'm just going to come in if you don't open the door" said Haymitch. More silence followed and then my door was opened wide.

"Really?" Haymitch's voice boomed. I struggled to get out of bed and I walked over to him, it's strange to not be bombarded by the smell of white liquor. "I'm sorry, I'm just so tir-" I stop mid-sentence at the sight of Peeta, leaning against the wall behind Haymitch. His blue eyes remind me so much of Prim's that I avoid them at all costs. Peeta notices my avoiding of his eyes and reaches out to cup my face. The sudden gesture sends my wincing and I slowly pull back.

"No… Please Katniss" The emotion in his words send tears to my eyes. He grabs my arm and pulls me into him, my face is pushed up against his chest. A minute of silence passes and I hear Haymitch's feet moving down the hall, down the stairs and out my door.

"Peeta I'm so sorry that I have been avoiding you. It's just… You are better than me" I begin to tear up again. "I cannot handle to absence of Prim and everyone else who died because of me". Silence again fills the room. I remove myself from his arms to stare into his eyes, waiting and wanting a response. But all I get is a small smirk on his face.

"I am no better of a person than you are." His voice cracked at the last word.

"That not true!" My voice began to rise. I look back into his eyes and I see the fear that was once in Prim's eyes. I lose control of myself and begin to run and cry. I run out my door and towards the woods. I never once looked back to see if he was following me but I knew he was. In all of my insanity I forget about a dip in the earth that is always in my path to the woods. I would normally walk around it but today I forget and my body was sent crashing into the ground. My head catches a branch on the way down and a gash is opened right above my eyebrow. I begin to taste the blood in my mouth.

"Katniss!" Peeta came running right to the spot were Iay. "What happened? Are you okay?"

"Im fine"

"No you are not. You cut yourself and you look like a mess. What has happened to you?" His words sting worse than my injury. He slowly starts to pull me up but my body has other plans. It acts as a dead weight and refuses to move. Peeta kneels beside me and looks into my eyes. He slowly starts to run his fingers through my hair. It must have been over an hour before I finished crying and my cut stopped bleeding. I slowly regain control over myself again as I pull my body from the earth.

"Your eyes looked so much like Prim's and I just lost it" I murmur. He grasps my hand

"I know but I promise that I will fix you. I will fix your hurt if you fix my hurt… Please give me a chance"

'Give me a chance' echoes in my head the whole way back to my house. When we arrive at my door I am unwilling to release his hand. I use all of my willpower to drop his hands and reach for the door knob.

"Don't you find it strange that you risked your life for me but you really do not know who I am as a person" Peeta spoke similar words to me before the Quarter Quell and the fact that he remember bring a smile to my face.

"I really do want to get to know you"

"And I really want to get to know you Katniss… Let's start now" Peeta sits on the steps outside of my door and I follow him. "What is your favorite color Katniss?"

"Green" I answer with a sorrowful tone. The old Peeta knew my favorite color, but I cannot continue to blame him. Peeta notices my sad tone and raps his arm around my arm.

"Ok your turn" He almost whispers to low for me to hear.

"What is your favorite meal?"

"That's easy! The soup you fed me in the cave." I stare at him in disbelief… That soup was disgusting. He continues after a few seconds of silence "You fed me when I was unable to survive on my own. That right there made it the best meal I have ever eaten."

"Oh ok Peeta, I hate to admit it but it was super gross" I giggle a little after my words

"Oh be quiet" I playfully punch him on the shoulder " What is your favorite flower?"

"Dandelion…" I stare into his blue eyes and a smile creeps onto his lips.

"Why Katniss?"

"They might be a weed but they are a reason why I picked you. They gave me hope the day after you gave me the bread" I pause gaging his reaction. His blue eyes are still lock on me and I continue " They show rebirth instead of destruction."

"That was beautiful Katniss"

"When is your birthday?"

"June 16th, Haymitch told me that I spent my birthday in both arenas."

"Oh I'm sorry Peeta" The night again fills with silence. The sun is just about to set and I look right into Peeta eyes. We stare at each other for what seems like hours but the gaze is disrupted by his hand. He places it on my face and rubs my check with is thumb. Tears begin to flow into my eyes in reaction to the romantic gesture. Embarrassed, I look away from him but he lightly pulls my face back to his.

This was our first kiss in 3 months, yet it feels like there was never a break in our love for each other. Peeta's lips are soft and I shudder at the thought of him kissing me. 'Peeta is kissing me!' My mind screams. Suddenly the sound of a snapping branch breaks our kiss and my hunter instincts come out. I rise slowly and grab Peeta's arm to help him up. I wish I had my bow to face whatever is coming towards me.

But all I see I Gale walking towards me… I do need my bow.