A/N: I figured that this would be a 3-part series. This is number 2. I'll be writing it within the next day or so ;D. It's going to get even dirtier.

Korra just stood, flabbergasted by the entire situation. She didn't understand what could possibly be going through his mind. She racked her brain for possible explanations. Had she been too harsh with her bending? Had she been patronizing as they practiced? Had she hurt his feelings in any way?

Her mind wandered to his situation, his life, his past. She was always kicking herself over how ignorant she is of the world and how she just tramples over Mako and Bolin's feelings constantly. Had she done that again?

She slammed the back of her head against the wall in frustration. She always does something to mess everything up. She let out an aggravated sigh and let her body slide down the training room wall. Strings of her dark wet hair hung from wraps, curling and knotting as they framed her heart shaped face. She scowled and ripped out the light blue wraps and threw them across the room. She ran her hands through her hair as the pieces of cloth dismally fell to the floor. She was going to fix this, she was going to swallow her pride and fix whatever it is she did.

Her mind flashed with the memories of monks calmly reprimanding her about freezing a boy she was playing with when she was allowed outside the compound. Then of a small dark haired avatar crying as she hugged Naga, the only friend that didn't eventually turn away from her. Then of a harsh teenager laughing it off as a group of girls shrunk back from her social interaction, but quietly grimacing as they walked away.

She quickly got to her feet, determined to rip herself from past mistakes. She had finally made some friends, but the deep recesses of her mind were preparing for getting hurt, just like she always had been. But this time she wouldn't, she wouldn't allow it.

She walked briskly through the golden hallways of the Pro-bending Arena, pushing some other pro-bending players out of her way as she hurried. Her eyes locked onto the Fire Ferret Changing/Wash Room and she burst in. She vaguely spotted Mako's figure and she walked up, nervously looking at her feet.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry for whatever I did to get you mad, I'm sorry. SORRY" She practically screamed, her hands slightly shaking. The words felt foreign on her tongue and she sighed before she looked up at her firebending team mate.

Mako just stared at Korra, frozen with shock. He was leaning up against the lockers, his left arm pushing up against the top locker, but his other hand was some place else entirely. He was almost completely naked except for some thin underwear falling low on his waist. His pale chest was glistening with his recent shower and his jet black hair pointed in every direction. Due to surprise entrance, he hadn't yet let go of his member, still hard from his interrupted lust.

Korra's face turned many shades of deep red as she slowly realized what she was seeing. Her thought process put the pieces together as she stared at Mako's naked body.

Korra blinked slowly and said, "Oh." And ran out of the room.