Did I mention I hate him?

Summary: He was my big brother's best friend. He's hot. Everybody just loves him. He's like 4 years older than me. He's always in our house since my parents and my brother practically treats him like family. He's also my greatest enemy. Not that I have many… actually he is my only enemy. Gosh, everything sounds cliché-ish.

Author's Notes: I know it's stupid of me to decide and start another story. But then again, who told you I make good decisions?

SOME CHARACTER'S WILL BE OOC! AND MIGHT BE CLICHÉ-ISH. 1st Chapter is always going to be short.

Age: Sakura-16

on with the story!

I pumped up the music, shaking my hips along with the song's beat. I took out the vacuum cleaner out and turned it on. I swayed the device all over the place as I continued to dance, hoping I actually cleaned something by using it recklessly.

"TAKE ME AWAY! A SECRET PLACE! A GREAT ESCAPE! …" I started singing my heart out. I saw Emma Stone singing this from a movie while I was surfing youtube and after watching that scene; I had raped the replay button.

I started hopping and making swaying my arms out like a lunatic would. I love this song. I have no shame.

I froze when a heard a faint 'click' (how I heard it over the loud music was beyond me). I turned to look at the door, which was slightly opened. I cautiously tip-toed to it before opening it widely.

My eyes widen when I saw my brother, Touya and his best friend, Li laughing hysterically. My face burned red with embarrassment.

"That- was- HA!- so freakin'- HA! Funny!" Syaoran panted between his obnoxious laughter.

"Did you got that on tape?" My brother asked, grinning like a madman. I felt my jaw drop. My own flesh and blood, betraying me!

Li grinned as well and holds up his phone and played the video. From where I stand, the angle really doesn't show much but still enough to see it was me dancing and singing like a maniac.

Without thinking I leapt at Li with my brother laughing in the back ground, to try and get the phone and delete that video. Who knows what he could do with it.

"Give it to me!." It was so unfair how tall he was and how, in my size, makes himself look like a giant compared to my height. He didn't even extend his arms too much yet I still couldn't get it. I need to start drinking more milk.

"Nu-uh. Shorty" He taunted in singsong voice.

Gah, I hate that nickname. Way to boost a girl's self esteem, Li.

I sighed and looked at my brother, with a pleading look. I pouted my lips at him. "Touya, Syaoran is bullying me again" I whimpered.

My brother looked at me before turning to look at Li, then back to me again before sighing. He ruffled my hair and this time I didn't argue with him about how he messed up my hair, since I know to the fact that

-He had already budges. Boo-yah. He couldn't resist my puppy dog look, even if he tried.

"Give her the phone, man" He ordered Li, whose face fell.

"The he-," My brother shot him a warning look, "-heck! You're falling for that?" He asked incredulously.

Touya gave him a flat look before opening his palm up; "Give it, Syaoran"

Li rolled his eyes before surrendering his phone to my brother. Touya gave it to me.

Looking through his files, I found the awfully embarrassing video of me and deleted it without hesitation.

I smiled smugly at Li. He returned it with a glare.

Touya patted his shoulder before he left us.

We never had a good relationship with each other, me and Li.

to be honest, the reason why is because everyone just love him. He had everyone wrapped around his finger. Everyone practically bow down to him. I'm a little jealous about it.

I don't blame them though.

He had this messy brown chest-nut hair that I must admit is sexy. His eyes were brown. No, Amber. Don't look at it directly! You'll be immediately drawn by it. He had this body of a model. How do I know? He likes to take off his shirt in the house.

He has no manners.

"I'm going to get you for that" He said cutting the silence.

I snorted. Did he actually threaten me? What's the worse thing he could do?

"Bring it on" I declared confidently.

He smirked at me cockily. "Don't tell me I didn't warn you" He drawled, making some of my confidence to falter. With that, he felt me in the hallway.

He only showed me his evil side. To others, he's a polite, generous, golden-boy.

That's why;

Girls fall for him.

Guys just want to be him.

My parent absolutely adores him.

He is my brother's best friend.

And I hate him.


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