Did I mention I hate him?

Chapter 11

Summary: He is my big brother's best friend. He's hot. Everybody just loves him. He's like 3 years older than me. He's always in our house since my parents and my brother practically treats him like family. He's also my greatest enemy. Not that I have many… actually he is my only enemy. Gosh, everything sounds cliché-ish.

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"Hey guys," I started enthusiastically, before sandwiching myself in between Sakura and science boy. "How's the project going?"

Sakura made a face of disgust before moving away from me. Obviously uncomfortable, Steven followed her lead and moved away as well.

"So, what are you talking about?" I questioned innocently. Sakura scowled.

"It doesn't concern you," she sneered.

A ray of sunshine, that girl.

"Of course it does, silly. I'm going to help you," I decided without thinking it through. I hate science, but for her, I'll learn to love it. That was painful to even think, I grimaced internally.

"No," she answered without any hesitation. Well that hurt. I raised my arms.

"Fine, fine, whatever," I snapped before standing up.

I went outside and sat on one of the benches. I sighed. This girl is making me lose it; and sappy to boot! I groaned. It's like all my efforts are getting flushed down the drain.

Just then, Sakura and the geeky dude came out the door. They were about to go out, but I snuck up behind them before they could even step one foot out the gate.

"And where do you think your going?" I asked them, eyes narrowed with my hands on my hips. I probably look like one of those nasty mean teachers everyone secretly hates. They both turned around, looking like deer caught in headlights.

Then Sakura said, "We're going out."

And, without warning, I shouted, "What?!"

She cringed a little at the sound of my roar. She frowned at me.

"Why are you shouting? My gosh! We're just going out to buy some materials that we need!"

Oh. I shook my head. "But it is still past six. You already violated one rule!"

She raised a brow. "And what is that? Hmm?"

I narrowed my eyes at Steven, and said through clenched teeth, "Bringing a guy over."

She heaved an exasperated sigh, rubbing her temples in irritation. I could practically hearthe complaints flooding her tiny auburn-head. "It's for a freaking project. Besides, no offense to you," she looked at Steven, shooting an apologetic look. "I'm not looking for a relationship."

That made my day better and worse at the same time. Better because it meant that Steven had no chance with her; and worse, well, because it meant I didn't have a chance either. The guy with my future dog's name and I are on the same boat.

Life is so unfair.

"Even though I find him slightly cute," she added. You could practically seethe stars in Steven's eyes. My face fell. Were they having another freaking moment?!

Life, and whatever twisted person constructed you, damn you both.

"Anyways," I changed the subject quickly, not liking the way things were progressing. "You're still not allowed to go out."

After giving me a flat look, she turned around, and dragged Steven with her, leaving me in my spot. My jaw dropped. Did she just walk away from me?

No way am I letting her leave without me when she's with her geeky science partner. But first, I need a disguise. I don't want her to know I'm stalking—no wait, wrong term—following(much better) her.


40 minutes later:

"Is this really necessary?"

"Of course it is!"

"People are looking at us! So much for being discreet," I snapped at her.

Here we were, Tomoyo and I, crouched down behind a bush, wearing matching trench coats and sunglasses waiting for Sakura and the nerdy kid to come out of the store. Trying hard to ignore the people looking at us as if we were some freak show—I could not even deny how bizarre we look.

She winced, then glared at me, angrily whispering, "Maybe because you are so freaking loud!"

I rolled my eyes. Seriously? Seriously? "Sure. It is definitely because of the volume of my voice, and not the ridiculous and suspicious costumes we both have on. They obviously have absolutely nothing to do with attracting attention," I muttered sarcastically, making a face.

"Shut up. You're the one who wanted my help."

I stuck my tongue at her and she shook her head almost looking at me as if I were hopeless. "Real mature."

I snapped out of it when I heard a loud 'jing!' and crouched down more. Albeit uncomfortable in my position, I whisper-yelled, "The target has been spotted! Over!"

Tomoyo blinked at me. "We're not even on walkie-talkies," she pointed out.

I let out an exasperated sigh. "You are missing the point! The target has been spotted!"

She scowled. "This isn't really a spy mission or a war, stupid!" She hit me in the back of my head, I yelped silently– yes, it's possible.

Whoever said that Tomoyo's nice lied. Even Sakura's not that violent!

Glaring at each other for a good two minutes, I broke eye contact remembering the task at hand. I looked for Sakura and when I realized she was gone, I face palmed myself.

"The target has been lost."

"You know, you can just say Sakurainstead of target," she pointed out.

I looked up to the sky, silently asking: why was I stuck with her again?


"The targets have emerged from a store… holding a bird," I told Tomoyo, looking at Sakura and Steven. A parrot. A freaking parrot. How much weirder can this day get?

"I'm getting tired of your 'reports'," she grumbled. "I'm right beside you, you nitwit."

I ignored her jibe. I was getting tired of her whining so I guess we were even. Instead, I said, "What would they need a parrot for? How does that relate to science?"

"Biology—you know, organisms, plants, animals and humans. Duh."

I shrugged, "I don't get it."


"Li! Ugly! Ugly! Ugly! Ugly Li!"

I've decided that I hate this bird. I'm naming it Steven B. (B—short for bird. Duh).

When Sakura arrived home without Steven—Hallelujah—twenty seconds after I did. I was sitting on her couch, acting like I never stalked, I mean followed, them.

"I hate that bird," I told her. "It's so stupid."

Sakura rolled her eyes, "Says the person reading a magazine upside down."

I turned beet red in embarrassment. "I-I was testing something I read on the internet once. And it's true! The human eyes can read upside down and understand it."

She looked like she believed the gibberish that I just spouted out, however unlikely that may sound. So gullible, my Sakura. She's adorable.

Yes. You did not read it wrong. I said MY Sakura. I'm possessive like that.

"So where's Steven? And what is it with this bird?" I poked my finger through its cage and the sneaky little demon bit me. "Ouch! You ungrateful little – how dare you! My father will hear about this!" I yelled at it.

Sakura laughed. "You just reprimanded a bird. How weird can this day get?"

I frowned. "What do you mean by that?"

She shrugged, plopping herself on the couch and turned on the TV. "It's just that… this evening, when I was out, I had this weird feeling that someone was, like, stalking me or something." She laughed again, looking at me. "Weird right?"

I laughed nervously in response. "Yup, uh, that is weird." I agreed. "Maybe they weren't stalking you…maybe they are just following you."

"Stalking and following are the same thing. They're synonyms." She deadpanned.


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